Come alpha test the KIXEL CREATOR! (pixel art tool for browsers)
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post #108691 :: 2019.03.05 8:06pm :: edit 2019.05.20 8:52pm
  MS, doctor and kleeder liēkd this
This thing is SUPER still in development, so it looks pretty ugly, but it's finally a working build!!!!!!! It's a Mario Paint-esque pixel art creator that lets you make 32x32 images using a selection of 16-color palettes.

Create an account, then hop into the Kixel Creator! When you submit your kixel, it'll appear randomly on the home page. Let's try to fill the whole thing up!!!

You can currently only create 6 kixels per person, but you'll be able to increase that number. eventually. Descriptions aren't viewable yet, but will be when the kixel viewer page is up. Click on the draw tool when it's already selected to change the brush size (up to 3).

Down the line, I'll be using kixels in all sorts of toys and video games.

Planned features:
- Soothing BGM
- LOTS of fun sounds and poppy visuals, as well as a better-looking UI in general
- Shape button won't just have closed rectangles; it'll have Line, Open Rectangle, Closed Rectangle, Open Ellipse, and Closed Ellipse
- A suite of selection tools, including magic wand, marquee, pointer, and copy/move
- Offset tool
✔ Ability to select two colors at once (left/right mouse)
- Symmetry drawing tools
✔ Viewer page for kixels
✔ A like system
✔ Ability to set one of your kixels as your avatar
✔ Ability to delete kixels :V
- Local save/load option
✔ Alternative uploader for kixels made in other programs like Aseprite
✔ Alternative control scheme for mobile
- COMPOS (give this one a while lol)
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post #108746 :: 2019.03.06 9:19am :: edit 2019.03.06 9:19am
do i have to register? i can't do anything
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post #108750 :: 2019.03.06 9:34am
time to do a kixel pixel ohb :D
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post #108753 :: 2019.03.06 9:49am
@sc00p, yeah, you have to register, then the creator link will be in the top-right.

@kleeder soon!! As soon as I make local saving/loading available, anyway.
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post #108808 :: 2019.03.06 3:37pm
  Tilde liēkd this
I like this a lot :)
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post #108809 :: 2019.03.06 3:46pm
  Tilde liēkd this
there's tons of features to be implemented, but atleast i made a good use
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post #109017 :: 2019.03.11 1:25am
  raphaelgoulart, Tilde, Jimmyoshi, argarak, Savestate and petet liēkd this
Quick question before I sign up, you're hashing and salting the passwords right?
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post #109027 :: 2019.03.11 1:51pm
  Tilde liēkd this
just a bit of paprika
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post #109042 :: 2019.03.11 6:32pm :: edit 2019.03.12 2:54am
  Jimmyoshi, doctor, petet and kfaraday liēkd this
@minerscale: yes. in fact, when I did the Hardmode Orders test way back, people here were quick to give me the basic rundown on keeping things secure and I really appreciate it.

EDIT: WAIT HOLD UP, big mistake here. They're hashed, but not salted yet. I directly transferred the registry from hardmode orders rather than designing it all over again, so it has the same methods from before. I'm gonna add the salt in the next update. really glad you mentioned something. To maintain accounts, I'm going to make a copy of the database as is for safety, add a salt to every existing user, and then change the login/registry algorithm.
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post #109044 :: 2019.03.12 12:44am :: edit 2019.03.12 12:45am
  Jimmyoshi liēkd this
Aight I got it. Anyway we FILLED THE FRONT PAGE! Thank you so much guys!! ;-; KEEP IT COMING! More kixels is good for everyone, and by everyone I mean me

Last update:
- New passwords are now salted. Passwords that were previously unsalted will become salted if you go through the password reset process (even if you keep the same password). Everything about the login process is just fixed in general, although there's still some improvements I want to make, especially if people lose the confirmation email.
- Kixel viewer page is complete, and pages for your own kixels now have an Operations board for setting one as your avatar, editing the title/description, and deleting it.

User page is next.
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post #109045 :: 2019.03.12 3:23am
Great work! I had the same concerns with Minerscale about security. Glad you addressed this issue :)
Level 22 Chipist
post #109233 :: 2019.03.20 4:50am
FINALLY done with this updaet holy eff.

- User pages are now up. You can update your contact info or write a bio.
- TONS of major backend and security patches.
- every user that previously had a broken image for their avatar has been reset to the default avatar except for keffie.
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post #109252 :: 2019.03.21 4:07pm :: edit 2019.03.22 3:39pm
  flewkey liēkd this
by the everyone able to log in right away after creating an account, or do they have to reset their password first?

If anyone was having that problem before, it should be fixed now. If you haven't been able to log in, reset your password. I forgot that string appendage is done with . in php and not + because php is php
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post #109262 :: 2019.03.22 10:16am
  Tilde liēkd this
just submitted 2 kixels. one is what i'd like to describe myself as, and the other is a final version of my entry of kixel ohb by kleeder, which placed 7th.
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post #109305 :: 2019.03.25 5:40am
Here's the external uploader. I dunno where to link it to yet because my website doesn't really have effective navigation yet
Level 5 Chipist
post #109396 :: 2019.03.29 3:10pm
Made a couple things, pretty neat tool. Any chance of a NES pallette?
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post #109513 :: 2019.04.04 9:59am
New palettes probably aren't happening for a little while. The eight I have right now are the ones I want this to hit 1.0 with. I'm totes open to suggestions though.
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post #110705 :: 2019.05.20 8:52pm :: edit 2019.05.20 10:56pm
  kleeder liēkd this
*heavy breathing*


- Website lets you browse stuff better
- Massive overhaul to...everything
- Desktop users can now use foreground and background colors simultaneously
- Special keyboard-only controls for desktop users
- Mobile users can now create kixels using a new control method (more reliable in portrait mode than landscape right now; this might change if I buy an SSL certificate)



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post #110709 :: 2019.05.21 1:31am :: edit 2019.05.21 1:33am
so many options regarding websites and social media links when editing your profile, but botb isnt there, i have to use "other" :((((

edit: which is not working because character limit
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post #110710 :: 2019.05.21 1:37am
  kleeder liēkd this
Don't use the http part of URLs, you won't be able to use the : symbol anyway. I'll probably see if I can increase the character limit

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