I lost the compo from WC14 :-(
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I saw their results yesterday, and I see it's nothing there, but my score was less than 20pts. And I see, I can't learned my drawings and music, even I got worse happens. Next time, I'll do my best in drawing chip art and music that I focus on my mind. So I keep it up! Always remember that I try and try until I succeed.
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post #108631 :: 2019.03.04 7:42pm
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That's the spirit! Keep it up and do your best! ^o^
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post #108644 :: 2019.03.05 2:46am
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just a small reminder, that almost everything i made in ST7 and SC8 scored very bad, but i kept trying and got two gold medals and a lot of higher scores this time.

... just make sure to read the rules correctly, because half of your entries were downvoted just because they were illegal lol
apart from that: keep trying! :D
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post #108649 :: 2019.03.05 5:15am
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git gud
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post #108651 :: 2019.03.05 6:28am
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Thank you dear my friend! I'll do my everything that I want to make. Talent is my inspiration. My dream has become an artist as well. I hope, pray, wish and dreams do come true for sure.
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post #108654 :: 2019.03.05 7:16am
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I think one of the most important things you should keep in mind when submitting in a major is: don't expect to get a medal or win.

When I first started submitting in WCXIII last year, I had just registered by account a few days or a week before it started. I was new, so I wasn't expecting to win anything, but I still tried my hardest. Now fast forward to this year. I got the Silver PC98 medal. I know it's only one medal, but it means a lot to me because it's like I redeemed myself.

So yeah, just do what others have said; just keep trying.

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