Famiswap: March 17th, Sign-ups!!
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post #108620 :: 2019.03.04 3:26pm :: edit 2019.03.16 9:00pm
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ACTIVITY DATE: March 17th - ???
(Hopefully this doesn't overlap with S3XMODITMANIA too badly!)

Summary: We're gonna make a kickass famitracker collab album! All experience levels welcome!

Yung Gotenks

Signed up, but need *.fti's from:

nostalgia junkie

Make five (5) famitracker instrument files (.fti), and send em to famiswap@gmail.com (i know i got really lucky being able to snag that).
This will count as your signup.

We will be using the Monsquaz Swap website (generously provided by RAMPKORV)! Site is HERE: https://swap.monsquaz.org/events/famiswap-2019


0. If you are familiar with Monsquaz Swap, this is similar.

1. Before 3/16/2019, send your instrument files (any expansion is allowed, and DPCM is allowed).
1.1. Try to keep total filesize for your instruments below 40 kb. Every single instrument is going in the starter file, and we don't want too much bloat.
1.2. The starter file will include one "blank" instrument in each expansion type. (You can access the different VRC7 defaults with the VXX effect, so you won't need a different file for each of those).

2. CURRENT WINNER: 0CC-Famitracker

Please vote on which program we should all agree on using. I was originally going to suggest 0CC, but JonKaruzu pointed out that j0CC FT is available and a bit more stable. Our options are FT, 0CC-FT, or j0CC-FT. https://www.strawpoll.me/17550120

3. On the morning of March 17th at 7:00 AM EST (Noon GMT), you will receive your copy of the master file, and you will secretly be assigned a number. This number will only be used by me when determining which file goes to which person next. Write something awesome! Don't worry about polishing it (unless you wanna), just lay down the basic framework for a track.

4. By 6 AM EST (11 AM GMT) on March 18th, please send in what you have made. At 7 AM, you will receive what someone else has made with the very same instruments. It will then be your job to add onto that!

5. Some ground rules for adding on to songs:
5.1. Don't delete anyone else's hard work! Some things, like volume, can be adjusted. You can also slightly adjust rhythms and tones, too. But you can't delete what someone else has worked hard on. Improve, don't remove!
5.2. Don't add instruments! If you want to use something specific, then submit it when you're signing up.
5.3. Be bold! Don't be afraid to add something that drastically changes the mood of the piece. What makes this project so much fun is that you really have no idea what each song is going to end up sounding like by the end.

6. We repeat this until each song has been touched by each person. This is why I can't specify an end date, because the more people we get, the more days this will take (but the cooler the end result will be!).

7. Finally, each person will get the song file which they started on day 1 back, but with everyone else's contributions added on. This is when you polish it. You will have one week to turn that song into a finished product.

8. Up to that point, everything is anonymous! Think of it like the voting period in famicompo.

9. If you're not going to be able to contribute anything on a day or several days, and this comes up unexpectedly, please let me know in advance, so that I don't hold everything up waiting for a file that isn't coming. (I will try to be easy to reach).

10. After this is finished, we'll all listen to the final songs together! Then we can put the album up, and it will be glorious. Proceeds go to maintaining botb servers maybe? We can decide that later by vote.
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post #108621 :: 2019.03.04 4:44pm
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this looks neato
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post #108626 :: 2019.03.04 6:22pm
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Just a reminder.
The build of HertzDevil Still know bugs.
Please download J0cc-Famitracker.
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post #108647 :: 2019.03.05 3:56am
I personally do use j0CC-Famitracker, and it serves me very well while I was working on opus VII... If people are alright with switching to that, then I can change what we're using. http://www.strawpoll.me/17550120
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post #108659 :: 2019.03.05 10:42am
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What in the flying fuck is jock-tracker?
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post #108661 :: 2019.03.05 11:08am
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You may use https://swap.monsquaz.org/create-event for this if you want to. It will conceal the schedule even for you as an admin, handle uploads, swappings and fill-in-participants for skipped submissions.
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post #108678 :: 2019.03.05 3:52pm
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Yep, I'm in
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post #108692 :: 2019.03.05 8:06pm
Thanks for the offer, Rampkorv! I will use it! The event is created and I've added a link to the original post.
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post #108696 :: 2019.03.05 9:45pm
I'm adverse to joining because I don't know how to use those other trackers and my participation depends on the outcome of the vote.
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post #108699 :: 2019.03.05 11:36pm
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Cool. I'll watch over the event and help out if there are technical issues.
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post #108704 :: 2019.03.06 2:43am
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Exciting uwu
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post #108778 :: 2019.03.06 11:46am
@Xyz there is almost no functional difference between Famitracker and J-0CC Famitracker. The primary differences are that J-0CC supports all of the extra features which 0CC enables, it's got better multichip support than Vanilla, and it's more stable than 0CC. If you know how to use Famitracker, you know how to use 0CC and J-0CC. I've written >15 minute tracks in each of the three options, and I can tell you that the experience is nearly identical for all of them.
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post #108780 :: 2019.03.06 12:03pm
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workflow in 0cc is a lot smoother than in vanilla ft though
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post #108786 :: 2019.03.06 12:52pm
I know for damn sure that draging a selection down to the bottom of the frame does not work the same in FT and 0CC and it's fucking infuriating.
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post #108793 :: 2019.03.06 1:50pm
file -> configuration -> general settings

play around with things, it's probably just one setting that's different which you can change so it works the way you're used to
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post #108946 :: 2019.03.09 4:04pm
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post #108976 :: 2019.03.10 5:23pm
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post #108980 :: 2019.03.10 5:50pm :: edit 2019.03.10 5:59pm
You got me excited at first but you are specifically doing different behavior in the first window.
Vanilla - Mouse is held and then drug to the bottom of the screen and held there.
j0CC - Mouse is held and then drug to the next frame and held there.

[edit:benefit of doubt]
I'll dl j0cc and see if it's different from 0cc.

Nope, just as bad.
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post #108989 :: 2019.03.10 6:49pm :: edit 2019.03.10 6:49pm
I legitimately do not understand your apprehension. Why specifically do you need to select by dragging the selection with the mouse and then holding it at the bottom? What's wrong with using "shift"+"end"? This does exactly the thing you are doing in your recording, and specifically STOPS at the end of the frame, and it works exactly the same in both FT and 0CC-FT.

edit: j0CC, too.
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post #109012 :: 2019.03.10 7:47pm
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I enjoy the backpedal from "it can be done, you're just belligerent" to "why would you want to even do that?"

Because I mainly use that maneuver when highlighting a note column and ctrl+mousewheel or vol/fx and shift+mousewheel. Neither of which is a keyboard only command and it's a long standing behavior.

To be blunt, my apprehension is from a lot of people, nicetas included, pretending that behavior is the same between both programs when it is not.
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post #109028 :: 2019.03.11 2:25pm
Thank you for explaining. I definitely came off as extremely rude earlier, apologies for that.

On a different note we've got 30 .ftis so far, and they are quite good! Surprisingly only one DPCM instrument out of all of them so far, and only one VRC6 instrument. No FDS instruments whatsoever, so far.

If you have yet to submit instruments, or have held off on signing up because you want to submit the right instruments, consider what we are currently missing. This is only a suggestion.
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post #109079 :: 2019.03.13 5:11pm
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oh I'm signing up, i'll get a .fti soon
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post #109090 :: 2019.03.14 7:12am
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Just a few things, so you know how the site works.

- I'll be available in the monsquaz discord for any technical support and also monitor this closely as it progresses.

- When the event is started on the site, the schedule is generated. Every participant has to have joined to be in every round. Any person joining after schedule generation will be joining as a fill-in-participant in case someone skips a round. If someone has signed up via email but not joined on the site, I could add them manually before you click to start the event (let's avoid letting me have to do that, though :D)

- The schedule will generate as many rounds as participants. When you've done this, I will _manually_ add an additional round in the database so that a song will be swapped back to the original creator for finalization - This is normally not a feature monsquaz swap has, in monsquaz swap, the event ends without the file returning to the original creator.
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post #109092 :: 2019.03.14 10:35am
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we're swapping families now?

I'd love to do this but I won't be home until the 24th.

also, looks like you currently need a 3-way tie-breaker in yer strawpoll (7v7v7) :D
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post #109096 :: 2019.03.14 2:47pm
aw man aw jeez i'm gonna need a follow-up poll

Also rampkorv if that's too much work I can always remove that rule. It was kind of a spitball rule, but if it's creating extra work for you then I won't push it.
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post #109098 :: 2019.03.15 12:47am
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Adding the extra round is easy.

But just make sure that every ordinary participant has signed up before you click to start the event for them to be in the schedule.
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post #109102 :: 2019.03.15 1:14pm
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I'll be willing to submit some DPCM instruments, once I figure out how to convert a wav to a dpcm that is :D There is still time to sign up today right?
Level 24 Chipist
post #109105 :: 2019.03.15 2:00pm
Yes, there is. Thank you for your interest in joining!
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post #109106 :: 2019.03.15 6:47pm
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What expansion chips don't have instruments submitted for them? Right now I have 2 pcm instruments, 1 2a03 and i'm working on an n163 one so I still have 1 free instrument left
Level 24 Chipist
post #109111 :: 2019.03.16 5:56am
FDS is pretty underrepresented.

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