K1ck 455 FM Tr4x
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post #108037 :: 2019.02.22 10:13am :: edit 2019.03.05 6:26pm
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Hi all, don't know if this is the right place to post about this so sorry if it isn't. I have a request. I'm looking for links to awesome scene-related "homebrew", and seldom heard vgm aka "deep cuts" FM tracks (but please, no rips from well known classics)simply for my own listening pleasure! Bonus points for tracks that program the FM synth in novel ways, creating sounds/instruments not typically associated with "FM". Links with streaming audio are preferred (post them if you can)but not absolutely necessary. Here's a few that impress me to start:

A cover of Kraftwerk--instrument/patch programming attempting to mimic their analog subtractor synths

Chiptune attempting to mimic a SID

90's dance music drums and bassline with PSG HSA and lead

good drums

SID-like filtered HSA's
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post #108038 :: 2019.02.22 10:14am
Everything in the Metal/Torben Hansen archive is good.
I can't remember where he put this up, so I'll just rehost it:

.d00 files open with AdPlug for winamp
.sid in SIDPlay of course
rest are s3xmodit so whatever you normally use
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post #108180 :: 2019.02.25 10:38am :: edit 2019.02.25 10:50am
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All of these files come among the example modules for Adlib Tracker 2.

You'll get these and a bunch more when downloading Adlib Tracker 2 (any version, SDL for modern systems or G3 DOS for MS-DOS/DOSBox) from adlibtracker.net; these files will be in the "MODULES" folder.

You'll need Adlib Tracker 2 to open these anyway as they are module files for specific OPL2 and OPL3 trackers - AT2 can import all of them. (quick guide: use Ctrl+L to load a file, F5 to play, F7 to stop)

About the dank patches, the OPL2 and OPL3 are pretty infamous for being able to make sounds that don't sound at all like FM synthesis - it's all due to their extra waveforms that aren't present in any other FM synthesis chip by Yamaha. In fact, I think not even the TX-series of high-end FM synths have these specific waveforms (which are just simple alterations of the basic sine wave)
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post #108207 :: 2019.02.26 3:29am :: edit 2019.02.26 8:03pm
Xyz, thanks for the link! I listened through all the Adlib tracks and while I'll say there's some nice patch programming in there, generally the tunes are a bit too a-tonal for my taste. Regardless, the tracks I enjoyed most were Brainbug Theme and Breaking Wind for programming, and Volly3 for composition. If you know anymore, feel free to post it here!

Kona, I'm quite aware of the sample songs and was hoping there might be more out there, either for the OPL series or other FM chips. The TX81Z though, is a badass rack mount synth! Unbelievably though, the DX11 was more powerful, even though it was a keyboard adaption. But yeah, you're right. The wave forms of the OPL2 & 3 surpassed the TX81Z/DX11, but that's just about where the improvements end.

Are you guys aware of this track for the YM2612?
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post #108749 :: 2019.03.06 9:25am
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post #108764 :: 2019.03.06 11:08am

I will just edit this to add other links!
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well, like I said before on the BotB "Discord", Chimeratio's FM stuff is actually really good too, especially if you are into weird avant-garde stuff; here are a few example tracks:

https://soundcloud.com/chimeratio/can-you-defeat-the-pain-crystal-ruins-defense-mechanism2-no (yes, he has also done a BotB entry too lol; this is the only one tho AFAIK)

if you want other tracks (and maybe something that's not as weird), look for ChiptunedRaijin's stuff; he's actually as good as Gecko IMO

oh, and please check out the FM tracks on BotB too, since a lot of them are actually really good, haha
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post #108885 :: 2019.03.08 4:19am
My god, you guys rock! I'll need more time to review all the tracks but be certain that I will return to give you all a proper response :-)
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post #115385 :: 2019.11.06 2:13am
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I am not certain he will return to give us all a proper response.

Also I just realized 455 is leetspeak for ass.
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post #115412 :: 2019.11.07 2:19am
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I wonder what 56 would be leet for

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