What do i use to create music
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post #107083 :: 2019.01.30 3:01pm :: edit 2019.01.30 3:16pm
  tennisers liēkd this
I know what software I could get to make music but Botb specific, is there a recommended or default music making program just for Botb?
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post #107084 :: 2019.01.30 3:21pm
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huh would be cool to have an allrounder tool for every format, but since there are so many different formats on here, you should just refer to the format-specific lyceum page to get more information about good tools
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post #108029 :: 2019.02.22 5:44am
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This might be too little too late (it's been almost a month since this thread was posted), but If you're looking for a modern s3xmodit tracker, you'd be hard pressed not to go with Open ModPlug Tracker. A lot of work has gone into it over the past couple years and it's surprisingly good. So unless you're more of a traditionalist looking for a more classic mod editing experience, OpenMPT is a good bet. Otherwise there's MilkyTracker amongst others for a more traditional but still cross-platform experience.

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