System Beeps - a PC Speaker music album
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post #107014 :: 2019.01.27 7:19pm
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I'm back to spam you. Got some love for totally monophonic square wave?

PC Speaker was one of earliest and most primitive sound devices of personal computers, intended to produce very basic system beeps. It is only capable to play single voice of square wave without any volume or timbre control.This album reveals some hidden potential of this little device that remained pretty much unexplored due to rapid progress in the computer technology back in the day.

Besides the music itself, you can also have all the tools and project files to learn how it was made and to do something similar (follow links in the descriptions). In short, it is all done in a modern DAW, Reaper, using my custom VSTi's.
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post #107036 :: 2019.01.28 1:19pm
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cool idea and it sounds surprisingly good
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post #107042 :: 2019.01.28 2:49pm
Comeback of the year imo, nice to see you here again!
Awesome work. I was always thinking of making music for pc speaker, but never managed to get further writing simple synth in c. Can't wait to test it on my old pc!!
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post #107050 :: 2019.01.28 4:04pm
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Should also spam a bit about Planet X3 game by The 8-Bit Guy (also of The 8-Bit Keys fame). Helped him with sound code, and developed an actual MS-DOS tracker for PC Speaker with similar capabilities, as he preffered it to be the oldschool way rather than the modern DAW one. I don't know for sure, but hopefully he'll get it released to the public sometime. Here is a bit of old info (the game is out by now):
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post #107055 :: 2019.01.29 4:43am
it's suprisingly awesome. I knew it would be good but I'm enjoying it more than I thought.
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post #107231 :: 2019.02.07 3:16am
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Wrote an in-depth 'making of' article:
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post #107888 :: 2019.02.18 7:52pm
These are good songs!

Do you know much about the PC speaker in the Dell Latitude you're using? It sounds high-quality, almost like the emulated kind found in modern laptops.

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