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canyon - new EP from Doxic~
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post #106266 :: 2018.12.25 2:31pm
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Hey everyone! I know I haven't been super active or writing much music lately, but I have been super busy!
Earlier this year I was in the Grand Canyon to film a documentary and I wrote two pieces for the film. Because I wanted to release them, I made a small EP to share with you all. I have been working on other musical projects though! I wrote a few backing tracks for a spoken word album and I produced, cowrote/arranged a Christmas album with some friends of mine. I can share those as well if people like (when they are released)!

It's been a good year! I have a goal to put out a new LP next year. Please keep me accountable to actually be writing music :)
Here is the link for my new EP in the meantime - https://doxic.bandcamp.com/album/canyon

Merry Christmas!!

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