Spectronica - New ZX Beeper Album released
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post #105913 :: 2018.12.11 1:34am
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My new ZX Beeper album 'Spectronica' was released by Cow Tongue Taco Records yesterday.

59min 15track album recorded from real ZX Spectrum hardware.

They have produced a limited edition blood red cased cassette tape. If anyone is interested in getting one, they are here:

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post #105941 :: 2018.12.12 4:43am
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^nice! as one of those freaks with a "fetish" for obsolete physical formats, tape ordered as well :D
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post #105960 :: 2018.12.12 5:00pm :: edit 2018.12.14 4:15pm
Thanks a lot for the support :)

Hope you like the tape. I think Cow Tongue Taco Records did a great job.

The last 10 copies have now been added to my bandcamp site:

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post #106007 :: 2018.12.15 3:42am
Yes good.
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post #106163 :: 2018.12.22 5:40pm
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Spectronica is now on Spotify and Amazon Music if anyone wants to stream it.

Huge thanks to Cow Tongue Taco Records who produced the tapes and organised the streaming services.

If anyone is looking for a label to publish their album I can whole-heartedly recommend them, they've been fantastic with Spectronica :)
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post #106341 :: 2018.12.29 7:31am
I swear I've heard the samples in Rude House Beeps before
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post #106605 :: 2019.01.10 4:39am
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very good album!
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post #109870 :: 2019.04.21 11:35am
I've released a new version of the album called 'Raw Spectronica' without the overdubbed speech and some of the tracks remixed for purists if anyone is interested:

Free download here:
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post #116139 :: 2019.12.13 9:54am
Now on CD.

A lovely quality digipack with a vinyl-look disc

Also included in the bandcamp download are all the tunes to play on real hardware or emulators, now with added border FX


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