s3xmoditminia 1 finals - congrats Galgox!!!
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post #105713 :: 2018.12.01 10:23pm :: edit 2018.12.01 10:54pm
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r1 results http://s3m.it/compo/898

the top 8 (9 bc of the tie) advance to round 2

which is here http://arena.sincx.xyz/battle.php?id=4

due in approx 5 days but not super harsh dont worryyyy. pack is linked on the battle page have funnn

(sorry for the halfassed post but i have to type this from my phone lmao)
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post #105802 :: 2018.12.07 3:56am
vorting!!1!1!1!1!1! same link. due sunday 11pm et
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post #105888 :: 2018.12.09 9:22pm
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the results are out!! u can see them on the battle page :) congrats to galgox on the win!
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Thanks for hosting, Sinc-X! It was a lot of fun working with those samples. Thanks to everyone who voted, your feedback means a lot! And to anyone who's considered entering, you should definitely give it a shot!

s3xmoditmania was how I first found out about Battle of the Bits in the first place (from reading Jimmyoshi's Mod Archive uploads and then finding a thread here). I've wanted to try it for so long, and while this may not have been a "major" s3xmoditmania, I'm still happy to have had the opportunity to compete. I feel like I've come far in my tracking skills since I first started a year or two ago, and this win tells me that as long as I keep working hard and trying out new things, I'll be capable of so much more.
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post #105892 :: 2018.12.09 11:09pm
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congratz to galgox! :D/

for my part... haha yay, bronze in both rounds. guess my bronze-streak is never ending lol
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post #105900 :: 2018.12.10 9:44am :: edit 2018.12.10 9:45am
nah galgox, I'll maybe give it a shot in 1000 years

edit: And yes, congratz

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