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post #105585 :: 2018.11.25 6:20am
  brainfoam, lo zaffo Jj, YobaHere, MiDoRi, EdinhU, VinsCool, anewuser, MS, DCT Master, Yung Gotenks, kleeder, Apsarah and raphaelgoulart liēkd this

Haven't got a computer to try this out but this appears to be an tracker targeted towards the OPNA chip - potentially usable for pc9x stuff?
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post #105588 :: 2018.11.25 6:49am
  MiDoRi, EdinhU, anewuser, kleeder and Apsarah liēkd this
i did a quick test and its really usable, in general it's really reminiscent of Famitracker so i'd say it's even somewhat noob friendly (though some functions like Add instrument might not be obvious at first)

it exports a .vgm file and it works alright on VGMPlay (we just gotta make sure that .vgm is an accepted file format on BotB, it's easy enough to double-check whether a vgm file is a valid pc-98 song or not)

the only thing it seems to lack as of right now (that i noticed) is "Edit step" (as OpenMPT calls it), but it's not a major issue, and nothing one couldn't request

another issue is that you're unable to import .tfi or .opm files as FM instruments, so far it only accepts its own format (.bti). shouldn't be too hard to write a converter, i could do it myself at some point, but i believe that the program should support those natively so one can just load their existing FM instruments instead of painstakingly transcribing them into the program

but in general this is really really great for who's used to trackers and are too lazy to learn MML (or just can't get used to it), and as it is it's much more usable than other trackers out there imo. thanks for sharing!
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post #105592 :: 2018.11.25 7:07am :: edit 2018.11.25 7:13am
  Xyz, anewuser and Apsarah liēkd this
This tracker is really nice, I have a couple problems with it, but it shows a lot of promise (and it has more than I expected for the first early release tbh).

I'll probably be hated because of this, but I don't think VGM alone should be allowed for the PC-x801 format (yet) because there's no way to play all of those on the platform yet.

However, you could use it's VGM output on S98player
, which supports VGMs and outputs a floppy file, which you can just boot up on the PC88 or emulators. The only thing is that it only supports VGMs that are less than 128kb.
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post #105594 :: 2018.11.25 7:52am
But the issue failed on my old machine.

" The procedure entry point "CancelIoEx" could not located in the dynamic link library "Kernel32.dll" "

This issue can't resolved this new update.
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post #105595 :: 2018.11.25 7:59am
Supposedly that is an error Windows XP gives when it's running an application intended for a newer version of Windows.
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post #105596 :: 2018.11.25 8:02am
This is dope so far!! Famitracker was my first music tracker, So I like the UI!
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post #105597 :: 2018.11.25 8:08am
Yes B00daw. Now I hate windows XP. Also Great Program.
I will not tested yet for Winter Chip Compo
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post #105598 :: 2018.11.25 8:13am
well. it can't do noise+x combos yet
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post #105601 :: 2018.11.25 9:14am :: edit 2018.11.25 9:25am
  anewuser liēkd this
it actually _can_ do noise+tone combos, just create an SSG instrument and go to the second tab of the editor (if i recall correctly, i'm doing something else rn and cant double-check)
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post #105603 :: 2018.11.25 10:20am
it can do envelope+noise, not tone+noise
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post #105604 :: 2018.11.25 10:26am
awesome! now i have one more way to create incomprehensible FM farts! :D
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post #105605 :: 2018.11.25 3:06pm
  anewuser liēkd this
Zlew, please, look at the second tab in the instrument editor.


The bottom value is tone only, the next 32 above that are noise only, but the next 32 about that are T+N
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post #105606 :: 2018.11.25 3:06pm :: edit 2018.11.25 3:10pm
I wonder what the average filesize is for an OPNA target .vgm file, if you're not strobe
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post #105609 :: 2018.11.25 5:57pm
I wi'll don't spend my time to buy my pc.

Too bad. Some Guy and nobody worked fine?

I'm sad now
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post #105610 :: 2018.11.25 7:10pm
@gotoandplay just zip the vgm and then call it vgz ;P
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post #105612 :: 2018.11.25 8:52pm
  anewuser liēkd this
@Xyz oh, you can SCROLL that shit? it wouldve been more helpful if the scrollbar wasnt grayed out by default but gee thanks
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post #105613 :: 2018.11.26 4:23am
  anewuser and Flaminglog liēkd this
Solved the issue and reported to developer.

That means This app compiled with Qt and doesn't support for XP.
Next version maybe compile with minigw-32
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post #105614 :: 2018.11.26 6:00am
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
The source code IS available, so you might be able to compile it in minGW32 for yourself if you don't feel like waiting? I don't have an XP machine, so I can't test it for myself. But in theory if the source code is available you should be able to work around compatibility issues.
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post #105615 :: 2018.11.26 6:12am
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
Oh, right. I forgot to say something about the program itself. I screwed around with it for a few minutes. The new instrument function really shouldn't be hidden in a menu considering how vital it is to making a song.

But this is still far more user-friendly than the alternatives (imo). I'm probably going to end up using it next time PC-98 is an option for a major.
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post #105616 :: 2018.11.26 7:16am :: edit 2018.11.26 3:44pm
  gotoandplay liēkd this
@gotoandplay "I wonder what the average filesize is for an OPNA target .vgm file, if you're not strobe"

Considering it doesn't support ADPCM, from the pc98 VGMs I've logged, an average ~2min length track shouldn't go past 128kb after optimized with vgmtools (my last Summer Chip entry is 126kb when logged into VGM for an example). (of course, don't take my word for granted)
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post #105617 :: 2018.11.26 12:49pm
  Slimeball liēkd this
Yeah, everyone got working this program that becomes popular.
And I said on Twitter he worked fine.
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post #105619 :: 2018.11.26 3:46pm :: edit 2018.11.26 3:50pm
Oh forgot to add, @b00daw that player does not support .VGZ, so that's not an option. Maybe one could implement that into the source since it apparently is included in the download *wink* *wink*
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post #105620 :: 2018.11.26 3:55pm
well in_vgm supports VGZ so not sure why S98Player is necessary. :)
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post #105621 :: 2018.11.26 6:40pm :: edit 2018.11.26 6:43pm
  gotoandplay liēkd this
... because that's currently the only way to play those on pc-x801? and gtap was wondering about the filesize because I mentioned that limit lol
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post #105622 :: 2018.11.26 7:34pm :: edit 2018.11.26 7:34pm
Partially unrelated: Am I the only one that's slightly annoyed by how the tracker puts a note cut at the start of every note? It's not a MAAAAJOR issue, but I don't always want it.
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post #105623 :: 2018.11.26 7:39pm
  anewuser liēkd this
Gotenks, in FM instrument, go to 2nd tab, to the right is [] Reset Envelope before key on.

Uncheck it.
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post #105624 :: 2018.11.26 8:15pm :: edit 2018.11.27 5:45am
  anewuser liēkd this
@Xyz actually that just makes every note on the instrument legato

Here's a demo, first it's with the option checked, second is with the option unchecked and third is how it actually should sound without envelope reset (defectmask output)

I've already reported for the dev to fix that btw
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post #105664 :: 2018.11.28 5:34pm :: edit 2018.11.28 5:34pm
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post #105674 :: 2018.11.29 10:11pm
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post #105725 :: 2018.12.02 10:26am
  lo zaffo Jj, raphaelgoulart and kleeder liēkd this
There's a new release out now, the creator has added support for .dmp, .tfi and .vgi instrument files, and other things.
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post #105734 :: 2018.12.02 6:03pm
This is a real blessing for the month of Christmas lmao
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post #105735 :: 2018.12.03 1:11am
When's the inevitable PanadaTracker joke?
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post #105753 :: 2018.12.04 2:42am
  pedipanol liēkd this
I like BambooTracker a lot, but I would kindly report that there's already a commercial product with the very self name, even though it is not a chip-tune tracker.
Take a look at:
and also
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post #107013 :: 2019.01.27 7:16pm
That's some real nice stuff!

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