s3xmoditMINIa the first! first round over
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post #105529 :: 2018.11.21 9:25pm :: edit 2018.11.29 6:04pm
  Carajeej, Flaminglog, YQN, raphaelgoulart, Galgox, kleeder, zygrunt and Yung Gotenks liēkd this
vote https://s3m.it/pack/898

oh yeah. its happening.

i introduce to you

s3xmoditMINIa! a mini s3xmoditmania style compo to hold everyone over until the next one!! ;) it will be pretty much the same as a regular s3xmoditmania in terms of functionality but it will only last 2 rounds, one initial round and then some percentage of the top performers for a "final".

the official chatz s the same discord as before: https://discord.gg/jp743yv
and if ur extreme anti discord for some reason you can use the bridged irc channel #s3xmoditmania6 on irc.esper.net

RULES AND INFO again lazily copied:

- S3XMODITMINIA is a tournament-style compo where each week competitors write a module (.it, .xm, .s3m, .mod) in 5 days.
- You may only use samples from the pack provided for each round.
- The last two days of each week are reserved for voting. We will actually have the arena back for this one, hopefully!! more info on that later!

ROUND 1 PACK: http://sincx.xyz/pub/minia1/s3xmoditminia%201%20r1.it

due nov 29 9pm ET
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post #105530 :: 2018.11.21 9:56pm
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post #105582 :: 2018.11.24 4:42pm
nice, i'll try to do something for it
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post #105584 :: 2018.11.25 6:19am
  Slimeball and kleeder liēkd this
Would it be about time to put the arena site up, now that we're less than 2 days away from the deadline?
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post #105589 :: 2018.11.25 7:03am
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
wait what why am i only seeing this now WHAT
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post #105611 :: 2018.11.25 8:08pm
as i said on the discord, i would be extending by 24 hours if the site wasnt ready by midnight tonight-- and it won't be, so have your extension y'all
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post #105631 :: 2018.11.27 1:43pm
  Lia liēkd this
since my life is a mess rn, im just opening a s3m.it compo for this round and hoping ill have time to get the arena working for round 2. you can submit your entries here https://s3m.it/join/898 and have 24 hours from this post to submit, just to make sure everyone has enough time. deeply sorry for this whole disaster
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post #105637 :: 2018.11.28 1:40am
  Lia liēkd this
cant submit, because my file is TOO SMALL
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post #105647 :: 2018.11.28 6:01am
fill it with pointless effects and things idunno, lmao.
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post #105649 :: 2018.11.28 6:32am :: edit 2018.11.28 6:42am
if this is the only way, i might do it but it sucks

edit: okay, this is definetly a bug, because i just added pointless, large samples to the file and it still says its too small, even if its nearly 10MB

edit2: tried with another name, still the same error
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post #105651 :: 2018.11.28 8:20am
  kleeder and Lia liēkd this
at least 3 people have encountered this error--so the site is broken. i havent gotten a response from saga yet so just hold tight while i try to come up with an alternative solution. dont worry about missing the deadline, ill give 24 hours from whenever things are fully working to get entries in
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post #105656 :: 2018.11.28 10:13am
  kleeder liēkd this
turns out s3m.it had the server hard disk fill up and thats the source of the errors. im gonna work my ass off in between schoolwork to get the arena ready ASAP, really sorry again for literally everything that could possibly go wrong going wrong. ill give another update when i have more news, whether it be the arena working or s3m.it working, but for now feel free to continue working on your entries, updating them, whatever you like, until then
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post #105657 :: 2018.11.28 10:50am
  kleeder liēkd this
ok!! it appears s3m.it is fixed!! so you have until 2pm ET tomorrow to get submissions in!
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post #105663 :: 2018.11.28 5:28pm
  Slimeball liēkd this
oh sorry, i was inactive for 3 days.... can you extend it?
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post #105667 :: 2018.11.29 5:03am :: edit 2018.11.29 5:04am
for the sake of consistency and not having weird hours ill give until 9pm ET tonight, but absolutely no later than that

i forgot I have class at 2pm ET anyway lolol
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post #105672 :: 2018.11.29 6:03pm :: edit 2018.11.29 6:04pm
voting! https://s3m.it/pack/898 send votes best 2 worst

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