Anyone familiar with C700 Snes vst?
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post #105185 :: 2018.11.07 3:00pm
  anewuser liēkd this
Hey guys I'm toying around with C700 vst to create to get a snes sound. I have almost got everything figured out except the FIR part.

I have already checked this tutorial

And everything is good except FIR, I mean I already get that I need to convert Hex to decimal. But the thing is that when I get to the FIR part it does not add up, I mean sometimes I get a value over what the actual vst can do, I think max is 127 on the FIR and least -127.

Sometimes I get values over 127, maybe I'm doing something wrong?

I would really love to get this sorted since it's the last thing I need to do before I get my hands dirty and compose.

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post #105199 :: 2018.11.07 8:28pm :: edit 2018.11.07 8:28pm
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Positive is 00-7F = 0-127
Negative is 80-FF = -128 to -1
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post #105250 :: 2018.11.10 6:53am
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Thanks :)

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