we dropped a demo! (atari trilogy tie-in)
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i've just came back from sillyventure2k18 (a GREAT demoparty :D:D) during which we (AYCE) dropped a demo/invite for the atari trilogy!

i'll add a proper link later, but for now here's
the recording from the party courtesy of tfx (the partyversion is kinda borked because of n00b mistakez:D)

almost all of the code was done by pigu (he a madman), he also did gfx
supplementary code done by tfx (that static image? it was supposed to scroll; it took 3 people hello to ajcek, tebe and JAC! to figure out why it doesnt but it was way too late to fix it D:)
yuki-chan/slimeball made the end plotter (the one with smb starman)
doctor is responsible for the title art and some gfx
fox of tqa helped us get started on the right foot, and also made the SMALLEST mpt player
the music was made (well, arranged) by me - the originals are ATARI Religion by Tobikomi and let me tell you 'bout my neopet by zanzan

it's on pouet
in case you wanted to look at the source code (link supplied there)

so yeah, lets have a great compo!!!!
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post #105163 :: 2018.11.06 4:37pm
Awesome work, to all of you, i like it!
Also, a minor request.. If you don't mind.. Tell us a bit how it was! Takes me back to 2004 when forum reports after community meetings were a standard thing :D Just leave out all the self-incriminating details haha
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This shit it tight! Everybody shut up!


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