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After two years of wait and one year from that of hard, constant work - Melolignia2 is finally out. 20 music tracks. 20 track arts and 1 cover art. 21 artists and 13 musicians. Visually stunning and interactive website. This is easily the biggest project I have ever hosted. This album couldn't have been made if it weren't for people who commissioned me. Thank you all - you know who you are.
All 5 musicians from the first album (including me!) make a better than ever comeback into this sequel, but we also have 8 newcomers that really blew it out of the park. Not to mention all of the 21 artists who either helped concept 7 original characters for the project or who drew all the track art.
You can check out the full credits on the official Melolignia2 website: (desktop only)

All the links to the music album itself are also there, but if you just want to get straight to it, here they are:

Bandcamp - download here (NAME YOUR PRICE, donations are appreciated):


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post #104992 :: 2018.10.31 1:08pm
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I hope rule 34 of the characters is included
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post #105024 :: 2018.11.01 6:29pm
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plustek great for lettings us know. Man, I'm getting it. Fun fun music ahead.

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