What's the best NSF player?
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post #104376 :: 2018.10.12 7:31am
Sorry to be a pain, but what is the best NSF player?

I currently use VirtualNSF. The problem with this player is that it has numerous issues.

- It can't play N106 very well. It tends to sound really mucky and produces a lot of static.
- Some music don't play at all. It's hard to say why this is the case.
- The GUI sometimes fails to render causing me to have to copy a new setting file over just to get it to work properly.
- The program's window takes priority even when the program is minimized.
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post #104378 :: 2018.10.12 8:20am
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check out this link
for a complete list.
as you can see, nsfplay 2.3 seems to be the best player, but since i'm not using anything else, i cant really compare any of these.
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post #104380 :: 2018.10.12 10:42am :: edit 2018.10.12 10:50am
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NSFPlay 2.4 latest beta

  • It supports extended/extra NSF data chunks
  • Is actively in development (unlike others which haven't really been updated in the last couple of years at all)
  • Has best/most accurate (sound) emulation compared to other NSFPlayers as far as I know.

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post #104383 :: 2018.10.12 11:56am
Alright, thanks guys! I'll try NSFPlay 2.4 beta and see how I find it.

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