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Can we get some appreciation for Keffie please? All I see is him being attacked and slandered. It would be good to remember what Keffie has done for our humble art. In fact his posts and music are both valid and we should celebrate this. Keffie is not only a genius, he is a Messiah; until he arrived, Posting and Chiptune were in their childhood and paved the way for his appearance; the greatest composers, Virt, Shnabubula, Blitz Lunar, were merely precursors. There is nothing left to do outside the path he has traced, because it is the path, the truth and the life; he has revealed the gospel of perfect Chiptune to the world.

Thank you and thumbs up to the thread if you agree.
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i agree with this thread
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i stand with keffie
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https://www. yotub .com/watch?v=rownNxajTps
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Keffie has the strongest musical personnality, I'm a total fan.
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Huh? I don't get it, where exactly have you seen anyone badmouthing and slandering her? From what i've experienced so far most people on botb seem to be in fairly good relations with her, including me. I don't like most of her music, because it's totally not my kind of style, but that has nothing to do with the fact i think she's a pretty chill and cool personality

EDIT: After rereadiing this, i'm not sure if your point was the alleged critique of her as a person, or just her music, because i don't agree with the latter parts of your post at all. Perfect chiptune is a very subjective thing, you know

Says someone to whom the perfect chiptune format is s3xmodit
banned for heresy
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that said i am kefs #1 fan and if it wasnt for her i would not be here ~~ <3
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i mean personally fuck keffiecore but as a person shes coo
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kf is extremely hit or miss individually on all tracks
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uhm, ... I like her avatar.
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keffie eats his own foot skin.
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I thought this was a joke thread, why are you guys guys kissing keffie's ass now :thinking:
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someone says shit and gets banned from the internet
here is where you gain internet immunity
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Time for the ritual.
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keffie's music is a lot like a sniper rifle

if it misses you just get a whiff of wind and that's it, unless you're advanced enough to see the bullet as it flies through the air, on which you notice there's a tiny picture of a cat drawn

when it hits though... oh, it HITS
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why do you guys love her so much ????????

keffie stole my bicycle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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(soft honk in the distance)
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On kfaraday, also known as keffie, keramon, charlotte, Piastol, charlotte ON WEB, lovelykeffie, based kefie, kerfluffie, klefie, usagi, razerek,
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keffie is a girl
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I have no idea what's going on but ys keffie is good and can stay <3 muchos loveos
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keffie's music is also a bunch of theoryfap mixed with mental illness and fun.
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we shall build a church to praise thee, keffie.
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you guys are all insane
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I remember the first time that I heard one of Keffie's NSFs on FamiTracker forums. Never before had my soul been so deluged with floods of sound and passion, never had my heart been consumed by such yearning and sublime bliss, never had I been transported from reality by such heavenly glory . I was no longer in this world.… My ecstasy kept singing within me through half the night, and when I awoke on the following morning, I knew that my life was changed. I simply created this thread to uncover the appreciation for Keffie and his radical music that I know we all feel within ourselves. Thank you, Keffie.
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>idolizes keffie
>doesn't use her pronouns

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Much to the dismay of "normies", keffie's music radically changed my tastes and the way I compose
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I remember the day I first heard Keffies Music, I knew back then that this illegal computer sound was gonna be my call. My Heart got hooked on four part counterpoint, when Chiptune took its journey with Weebfunk, Gamerlad and Esotericman. Now my Heart is hooked forever! I don't care if it's Charlotte, Kayfaraday, Keffie, Piastol or Keramon, I don't understand people who are satisfied with ordinary pop music, They just listen to whatever radio stations decide they should like, followed by an overkill of ringtonecommercials meant for kids, And my god, they like it... Some people even think Botb is for Weirdos only, Maybe they're right, Maybe we are weird, Maybe this music is weird, And maybe this site is overrated, But we're in this together! If you're in the Scene, Making chiptune seems like a natural path to follow, Huh, and back in the days, we were weird people who liked music in a weird way! Back then you would have to be a Nerd to make chiptune. Nowadays, everybody wants to make chiptune, Nowadays, everybody wants to be that Nerd. It sickens ME! I hate those smart asses who think chiptune is an easy way to get LAID, Well, get a LIFE! if you're not in it for the love of the Music, would you PLEASE fuck off
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sintel why you categorize all of chiptune as lsdj
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is kefie the one who makes the underdt,tale music
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why should anyone care about anyone's gender???
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comin from someone whose language literally has gendered words
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we added gender to every french noun just to piss the brits off and make sure they would never learn our language, and boy didn't it work!
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hon hon
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The fact that so many books still name kfaraday as "the greatest or most significant or most influential" chipist ever only tells you how far chiptune still is from becoming a serious art. NES critics have long recognized that the greatest NES musicians of all times are Tim Follin and Kazuo Sawa, who were not the most famous or richest or best sellers of their times, let alone of all times. C64 critics rank the highly controversial Hisayoshi Ogura over classical musicians who were highly popular in courts around Europe. chipists are still blinded by commercial success. kfaraday got more points than anyone else (not true, by the way), therefore they must have been the greatest. NES critics grow up listening to a lot of NES chiptunes of the past, c64 critics grow up listening to a lot of c64 modules of the past. chiptune critics are often totally ignorant of the chiptune music of the past, they barely know the highest levelss. No wonder they will think that kfaraday did anything worthy of being saved.
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slambing arpeggios into mouth until i am sick & throw up cool
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endless sequences
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Keffie smiles at you from above.
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to karmic: yes
to kleeder: also yes
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I would like to see what happens when Keffie and Zan Zan collab. It would probably be both incredible and also make me laugh pretty hard because my sense of humor is weird.
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there are "chiptune" books? why? is that a troll?
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@b00daw i'm reasonably certain that all posts in this thread longer than 50 words are slightly modified copypastas
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canada weed
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kfaraday is definitely NOT a messiah by any means. Only Jesus is.

However, kfaraday IS a very gifted and talented chiptune artist that I occasionally enjoy listening to. I still listen to Mechamotzart from time to time, in which she had involvement.

And I appreciate the tracks which get a bit advanced in theory, and gives no regards for traditional rules, while still maintaining a semblance of rhythm and order.

Also, I have not heard of any negative commentary on kfaraday/keffie. What is teh OP talking about?!?
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Jesus can suck my balls
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i dont know if he actually can, you know.
he's dead
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don't disrespect jesus in my christian website
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yes please no more battles on sundays, y'all better going to church
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jesus is worth 0.0000013 kf
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This thread is pretty weird.
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Who is keffie?
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keffiecore is the kind of stuff I used to hate, started liking ironically and nowadays can't live a day without listening to iT
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Crappe, Pedipanol has strayed away onto the wrong railway ;-;
also lmao, Delta
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post #104679 :: 2018.10.21 8:43pm
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@YQN: I'm not sure what your problem is, but I think the best response is for me to pray for you:

1 Corinthians 12:3 - Therefore I want you to know that no one who is speaking by the Spirit of God says, "Jesus be cursed," and no one can say, "Jesus is Lord," except by the Holy Spirit.

Luke 6:27-28 - But to those of you who will listen, I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

@RazerBlue6 - I do admit that there are some jokes I'm very slow to pick up on. And I will say that is the most complex and mathematically involved meme I think I've ever seen, used for explaining that to me.

I think I should feel honored! XD
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post #104681 :: 2018.10.21 8:49pm
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Keffie does the person thing well and musics hecking geniusly. She is all about real and it is a refreshment to hear it. If she weren't present to breathe innovativeness into the community i'm pretty sure a stagnation would hit us smack dab in the trackers.

But seriously you cannot and should not be followers. If you don't pave your own way creatively and make a voice and a soul for yourself then you are slapping everything Keffie has done for the community with, like, a brick.

long story short: Check Your Musical Privilege
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post #104682 :: 2018.10.21 8:58pm
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Check you Administrator Privilege
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@ marcb0t: I'm wondering if you're serious or trolling. In case you are actually serious, please realize that superstition isn't a solution to anything. Please understand that whatever claims sacredness deserves ridicule. It is in fact proven that prayer is useless (though I doubt you're interested in reality, are you? - rhetorical question, don't answer). If you wanna be a good person (and I do hope you want that), stop giving credit to claims that are not supported by any kind of evidence. Humanity needs progress, you are in the way. Religions are an insult to intelligence. How many more centuries will we have to deal with this idiotic nonsense?

If you were trolling, congrats, you WON! ^^
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@YQN and @marcb0t: for the sake of keeping everybody's friendship, let's not discuss such matters here. Sean_booth was only showing that they apreciate keffie's work, and calling kf a "messiah" isn't to be taken seriously by any means. Also, anyone's belief is to be respected, even if you consider it to not to be the truth. If it IS, it's another matter. Religion is NOT an offense to intelligence. Many important people in the history of science believed in a god above us (or many). Not to mention the cultural richness of many ancient civilizations in the past and how important the religion was in their construction.
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post #104695 :: 2018.10.22 10:22am
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@RigitatoMS: how is anyone's belief to be respected??? not all beliefs worth the same. To believe that people rise from the dead is ridiculous, I can do nothing about it!!! And on the cultural aspect, I strongly doubt Bach would have been a shit composer if he had been an atheist. Just because impressive works have been achieved with cult in mind doesn't mean religion was necessary to their achievement. Should I be wrong on that, it would still be very hard to believe that faith (that is to say believing in things on insufficient evidence) can be overall good for humanity on the scale of a couple of millenia. Abortion, homosexuality, racism, slavery... so many things would have been sorted out long ago if religion wasn't in the way. It is no trivial issue.
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do not
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Slavery was probably a bad example. That being said, carefreeness anyone?
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post #104698 :: 2018.10.22 11:44am
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i like keffies music, too :)
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sixty nine four twenty
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um wi al kno dat RAI is da lord an savir an raism iz VERI PROGRESIV an wi hav NO problums in sosiuti an da onli reasun wi ar her havin dis discushun is becuz of rai so fink abot DAT BICH NA O WO AN!!!!
Level 20 Chipist
post #104712 :: 2018.10.22 2:12pm
limkin park ass to sav teh dai
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YQN: I assure you, that I am very serious in what I post. It's funny that you suggest me as being the "troll" while you proceed to belittle the faith of many people with such blatant vulgarity and disregard.

This is something I have not done in this thread.

Also, a gentle rebuttal:

You said: "stop giving credit to claims that are not supported by any kind of evidence"

This contradicts a statement you made earlier:

"It is in fact proven that prayer is useless"

This statement is false, and in opposition even to the scientific method.

Absence of proof does not prove the non-existence thereof. Afterall, many scientists believe dark matter exists, yet they have no experiment that has yielded any solid physical proof of such a thing.

Does this mean dark matter does not exist, and we should "give up" on searching? Of course not! It simply means we have not found the right method in which to detect it. At least this is my understanding.

Let alone the fact that prayer has been proven to be effective many, many times.

If you need "evidence" then I have some right here:

The Holy Spirit lead my friends and I to pray over my sick friend with a congenital health condition. She was wheel chair bound, because she had a condition where her muscles would violently convulse and throw her to the ground. She was no longer able to live life normally, and we were not able to find any doctors who could really help us (though we tried). We seriously had lost hope as she was denied disability benefits, and living on a low income with 3 young children to raise.

After praying for her, she started walking again. It's been days and she has had no more symptoms.

I assure you, prayer is very effective... unless you choose to not have faith.

In closing, I have all the evidence I need... divine healing right before my eyes.

I love Jesus for healing my sick sister, and for many more reasons.

Moving on...

In terms of Keffie's music, I believe her composition skills are far better than my own. God has given her a special gift in that area.

In fact, God has given a special gift to many people who participate in Battle of the Bits, whether they know it or not.

One thing I enjoy about a lot of the music here is that people put their whole hearts and efforts into their talent. This makes it more genuine and enjoyable to listen to. They are not worried about trying to please everyone and make a bunch of money.

They simply do what they do best.
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what the fuck is wrong with all of you

jesus christ
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Here is an article giving scientific evidence from research:


Prayer has been scientifically proven useful and effective. This is reality.
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i'm honestly not surprised the thread took this direction, since keffie is basically a religious figure-lite anyway. she has an army of followers who listen to her word and make art inspired by her, she has mysterious intentions, and her insularness makes outsiders view her more as an abstract concept than a person
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I hope in a few years we will have exactly this thread again, except about pandavova. ^o^

And I hope it will end on a happier note too.............. -w-!!!!!!!
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post #104723 :: 2018.10.22 6:05pm
Why does this have 77 posts
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post #104724 :: 2018.10.22 6:12pm
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i come from the church of anti-keffie where one-winged composer angels reside to take refuge
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How much panda could a pandavova vova if a pandavova could panda vova?
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post #104732 :: 2018.10.23 4:17am
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@marcb0t: I didn't express myself well but my point remains valid. Let me rephrase : Prayer has been studied numerous times, and has never been proven to work (even though most studies were paid by religious groups). It is quite ironic that you refer to the scientific method. Just because you can't think (or rather don't want to think) of any possible explanation regarding the healing of your friend besides divine intervention, doesn't mean there is none. As Neil DeGrasse Tyson puts it, "God is an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance", yesterday rainbows were miracles, today they are natural processes, and the things we don't explain are just that: things we don't explain. The link with deities is yet to be made, but history shows that whenever science conflicts with religion, religion is proven wrong at some point, it is indeed a safer bet to consider that mysterious healings have natural causes we cannot understand for the time being, just like rainbows were unexplained to the writers of the old testament.

I appreciate the fact that your sister got better, but to love Jesus for healing her is, not only intellectually dishonest towards yourself (I am positive you can do better), but also selfishly obscene to others: Jesus could stop giving aids to fetuses, yet he doesn't. Are you and your family worth better than them? That is obscene, really. You're not as good as you think you are. You make me sad.
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"You're not as good as you think you are. You make me sad." you certainly do not know marcb0t, he's one of the best people i know (in terms of having a good heart, willingness to help others, etc), and that's coming from someone who's agnostic

just to clarify: my hæits aren't directed towards your opinion, but towards your disrespect to people that have a different religious belief than you

edit: changed "different belief" to "different religious belief". my point still stands
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@raphael I certainly don't know marcb0t personnally, I'm just saying that it is selfish to love anything (anyone) that does good to you if it's terrible to others. Jesus or God, if real, wouldn't deserve love.
Second, thanks for clarifying that you didn't get what I disrespect. it's not about differences in beliefs, I am interested in beliefs that are different from mine. It just so happens that I have thought about religion a fair amount, and religious beliefs specifically get no respect from me. I value differences, just not all of them.
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post #104740 :: 2018.10.23 2:13pm
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pls read this before any discussions on this sort of thing. thank u http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/130/pg130-images.html
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post #104743 :: 2018.10.23 8:10pm
i just realized kfaraday has enough points to reach level 30 woah
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post #104744 :: 2018.10.23 8:23pm
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i *think* i have the most points across my three main accounts now (214.8k); whats funny is that it is actually very close. strobe has 214.7k, chip champion has 214.5k. which is like the amount of points difference you get from a few ohbs lol
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post #104745 :: 2018.10.23 9:52pm :: edit 2018.10.23 9:52pm
i kinda wish you had kept posting on the kfaraday account. you could have had the most entries on one account as well
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post #104746 :: 2018.10.23 11:16pm
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keffie maybe not botbr #1

but botbr #1 of our hearts owo
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@Keffie - Thank you for sharing the link to the "Orthodoxy" book.

I will take some time to read through it. It seems to have some interesting thoughts, if nothing else.

Also, I would recommend to anyone out there this book here:


It is both stimulating on an intellectual and spiritual level.

YQN: These are my last words to you for now...

Your issues go far beyond the realm of logic or science. It really has nothing to do with those things at all. If it did, you would have:

a. Read the article I posted concerning prayer

b. Actually posted the research you claimed existed

c. Not made the assumption that I somehow believe I am "so good". This means there is an irrational emotional motive to your entire ranting, rendering you incapable of the intellectual reasoning you bolster. It also means you have no understanding of what Christianity actually is to begin with. (Read Romans chapter 3 for starters)

If you understood how I have struggled with guilt, regret, depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harming, and the abuse and loss I have suffered in life... you would understand how my faith has helped me overcome these things and saved me from really awful decisions.

In closing, I think you are just one of those people who are just mad at life and want to argue and complain. And I really don't want to debate with people like that. I have better things to do with my time.


Read the books that Keffie and I posted, and read the Bible from front to back... while asking God to open your mind to understand it.

IF, and ONLY IF, you do those things, then you can come back and talk with me about faith.
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Look: if I offended you, I am sorry, I probably shouldn't have used such harsh words as the conversation obviously didn't turn out well, I guess there was a better way. I do mean it.

I won't go into your points as they reveal you didn't read me right and/or probably don't want to approach religion with an honest mind, as I have (I was agnostic until I read the Bible). I won't suggest you any book since you don't seem to care, I'm obviously not the one that will open your mind. I have read the article you posted by the way.

You paint a picture of me that only shows how much you didn't get me, which is no surprise on an internet message board, and suggests I understood you about as wrong.

You're imposing conditions before I come talk to you about faith, I would like to remind you that you are the one who brought the topic, so please be as demanding with yourself as you are with me and read some books that confront your beliefs before you bring them up next time (I can give suggestions if you ask). I wont bring back the topic, but if you do, keep in mind that freedom of speech is not exclusive to one side. I'll only try not to be rude.

I hope we can just agree to disagree and be able to have better conversations.
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post #104756 :: 2018.10.24 4:25pm
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"her insularness makes outsiders view her more as an abstract concept than a person"

That's because people are normies and have no concept of true individualism
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post #104797 :: 2018.10.25 11:07pm :: edit 2018.10.25 11:32pm
[This n00b ashamed of what written. - BotB]
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post #104815 :: 2018.10.26 10:43am
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I don't understand, but I like keffie's music.
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post #105244 :: 2018.11.09 5:50pm :: edit 2018.11.10 3:42am
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long live keffie
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post #105314 :: 2018.11.13 9:10am
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post #105321 :: 2018.11.13 5:17pm
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keffiegang keffiegang keffiegang keffiegang keffiegang keffiegang keffiegang
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post #105323 :: 2018.11.14 7:03am
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Does Keffie's music have a dick? Cool music either way, I've only seen Keffie accounts slam on themselves never really others doing it.
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post #105334 :: 2018.11.14 7:53pm
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shut the fuck up
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post #105336 :: 2018.11.14 11:50pm
calm down
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post #105337 :: 2018.11.15 1:18am
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current state: calmed down
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post #105365 :: 2018.11.16 9:59am
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I call dibs on post 100!
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post #105381 :: 2018.11.16 4:42pm
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post #105555 :: 2018.11.23 3:02pm :: edit 2018.11.23 3:03pm
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