SillyVenture Gdansk 11/02-04/2018 ROLL CALL
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Yo! Time for my annual demoparty roll call, this time 300% beefier.

The big event this year is SillyVenture - an oldskool ATARI demoparty in Gdansk, Poland.
party link:

So far, there are 3 BotBrs going this year. It'd be great if more people joined, then we could really rep BotB-buh! (especially if we could beat the 2016 record of 5 BotBrs)

The great event organizer has plenty of things planned, and some of them are very cool if you're not too interested in watching chunk polygons fly around the screen
+ 1 vs 1 DOOM competition, playing on two networked Atari Jagaurs (the winner of the tournament takes home some rare game)
+ Music compos! Lots! TIA, SAP, Atari ST (.mod AND YM flavors), and Falcon!
+ Ultrasyd chip concert
+ A freaking limo!
+ Beer drinking!
+ Outdoor smoking!
+ ... and more!

If you're interested, but wary about where to stay, the organizer has negotiated discounts with many hotels in the vicinity of the party place, with some hotels as close as 500 m (1/3 mile)!

Here are a few below, including the hotel that I'll be at:

+ Dom Muzyka (Musician's House) - A hotel 500 meters (~1/3 mile) away from the party place. This is where I'll be. It's very affordable at 155 PLN/night (~$43/night). Dom Muzyka also offers taxi booking, for about 60 PLN (~$16). You can inquire about rooms at this address: biuro[at]dommuzyka[dot]pl

+ Old Town Hostel Gdańsk - A hostel that is also rather close to the party venue. Prices are around 40 PLN / night / bed (~$11 / night / bed), with rooms that hold 2, 4, or 8 beds. The reception email address is: hostel[at]hostel[dot]gda[dot]pl

+ You can find more listed in posts on the Silly Venture 2018 facebook event (or hit me up if you don't have one, or hate using your thumbs)

If you're still wary about a booking, and just want to show up, there's some space to crash with some of the BotBrs already going, or the possibility of sleeping rooms at the party place (for true demoscene experience).

Don't want to come, but still want that shot at sweet 1st place in TIA? Remote entries are accepted, more information here:

tl;dr : big atari scene event with some botbrs showing up, come hang out and crash with us!

Update: The event organizer has announced discounted taxi's under the NeptunTaxi company - there is a NeptunTaxi stall available outside of the airport(50PLN/$14 on 11/02+/18, or 70PLN/$19 on 11/01/18) The agreed upon route will take you right to the party place, just mention "ATARI" to the driver.

Update: A confectioner (Maly_swd) is bringing a popular Polish candy called "Krówka" that will be wrapped in SillyVenture 2018 wrappers. As far as I can tell from the description, they're somewhat like a mix between toffee, and a cowtaleTM
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post #104050 :: 2018.09.25 3:15am
this sounds great and is also more or less nearby.. but i dont have time in november ;-;
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post #104086 :: 2018.09.27 5:07pm
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as long as i don't booze away my wallet before i'll be going
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post #104104 :: 2018.09.28 12:59pm
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thinking about it
would be exciting to visit poland
would be scary to revisit maxymiser haha
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post #104106 :: 2018.09.28 6:44pm
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ugh... i wish i wasn't running for office because this is like 6 days before election day

otherwise i'd love to be there
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post #104108 :: 2018.09.29 9:04am
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you can come on a diplomatic trip tigheting up american-polish relations

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