hey guys sorry for the notif storm
BotB Academy Bulletins
ive been listening to botb radio on stream and favouriting almost every song

only a canadian would apologize for this
Level 13 Chipist
post #103693 :: 2018.09.06 12:54pm
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canadians suck
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post #103708 :: 2018.09.07 3:53pm
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Superior Mentality
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post #103709 :: 2018.09.07 6:04pm
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I have a difficult time deciding if i should liek or haeit Karmic's post... :^3
^~^ n_n
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post #103711 :: 2018.09.07 6:16pm
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To Apsarah: yes
To Midori: also yes
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post #103716 :: 2018.09.07 9:27pm
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Karmic is some kind of shinigami who is beyond good and evil, beyond liëking or hæiting, so I won't do either.
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post #103718 :: 2018.09.08 1:01am
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i lie in the center of all spectra, i can turn binaries into spectra and lie in the center of the resulting spectra
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post #103724 :: 2018.09.08 6:45am
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enjoy the radio \o
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post #103725 :: 2018.09.08 10:32am
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storm me
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post #103726 :: 2018.09.08 12:02pm
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post #103745 :: 2018.09.08 7:56pm
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Karmic is just parodying another political crypto-ethnomasochist. We live and die for the sorry. Get real men.

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