DYA - FALL DAMAGE 33 Song Album Out On Bandcamp <3
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post #103681 :: 2018.09.05 10:33pm :: edit 2018.09.05 10:55pm
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Hi Botbrs - my new album FALL DAMAGE is out and features many of my songs from Chiptunes = Win, Chiptunes4Autism, BOTB and demoscene stuff + covers and collabs. Sega Genesis / NES / TG-16 / C64 / AY / GB / SMS / WILDCHIP ITS ALL THERE. It's also pay what you want - so feel free to grab it!
The best way I can describe the music is..... fusion, funk, prog, electro, synthpop, hip dad rock, orchestral, kawaii bass for hot moms, vgm, and an NES cover of Believe it Or Not (Greatest American Hero) because of course. Also copious amounts of Jredd. That guy gets around.
FALL DAMAGE Bandcamp Link
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post #103685 :: 2018.09.06 4:51am
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"no post"
"mastered by"

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post #103689 :: 2018.09.06 12:12pm
Not sure I follow. Sorry if I missed something. Mastering was done by Game Genie Sokolov, Toni Leys, Viking Guitar and then myself for the remaining tracks. Let me know if I misssd some protocol in posting. <3
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post #103690 :: 2018.09.06 12:29pm
No post processing* which is in the notes for at least the first track.
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post #103691 :: 2018.09.06 12:35pm
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What I meant to say was - no additional effects were added outside of deflemask. It was mastered for Chiptunes = Win though. You can argue semantics if you want on mastering though. I honestly just want people to enjoy the music.
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post #103695 :: 2018.09.06 3:26pm
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this is pretty cool! i wish i could throw some money your way but i only have brazilian currency in my paypal rn and not dollars (i tried)
anyways great job on the album!
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post #103697 :: 2018.09.06 5:24pm
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is it a 33 song album because you are trying to be balanced with mind, body, and spirit and then add up to 6 as materialism? are you a mason? are you into numerology?
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post #103699 :: 2018.09.06 6:26pm
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Thanks <3 Raphael - that's ok! I understand. b00daw - I love these theories!


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