the next battle?
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post #102927 :: 2018.08.13 1:09pm
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hey look I'm a total nub

who's really paying attention?

any ideas for next major? :D/
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post #102928 :: 2018.08.13 1:11pm
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cheese dance #2!
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post #102929 :: 2018.08.13 1:11pm
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winter chip but only the formats that nobody likes
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post #102930 :: 2018.08.13 1:18pm
Gameboy Major!
SMS Major with both PSG and FM!
And for kinkinkijkin: Metal Major!
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post #102931 :: 2018.08.13 1:41pm :: edit 2018.08.13 1:45pm
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post #102933 :: 2018.08.13 2:48pm
some ideas

atari trilogy (tia, ay, sap)
classical music major
nes-major (nsf, nsfc, nsf+, 0cc, ftm, ntrq)
3x theme chip
autumn tracks
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post #102934 :: 2018.08.13 3:01pm
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3x theme chip requires a bunch of code :(
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post #102935 :: 2018.08.13 3:08pm
okay, no 3x theme chip then. was just an idea c:
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post #102936 :: 2018.08.13 3:13pm
Maybe FM vs Sampling?
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post #102949 :: 2018.08.13 7:27pm
atari berzerk #1

tia, ym, pokey, mikey, wildatari.
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post #102953 :: 2018.08.13 10:39pm
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get your new developer slaves to reimplement 3xtheme chip for you!!!!
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post #102962 :: 2018.08.14 1:54am :: edit 2018.08.14 1:55am
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collab only major, xenharmonic major, chamber music major,

edit: ART MAJOR IS GOOD we have a shit ton of formats for that too
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post #102965 :: 2018.08.14 6:14am
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> xenharmonic major
yes yes yes
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post #102967 :: 2018.08.14 6:40am
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A major where you have to use only 12 tet
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post #102968 :: 2018.08.14 6:55am
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Orchestral 2?

that way you can also do chamber music imo
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post #102969 :: 2018.08.14 10:03am
^Above idea or Fairlight CMI II maybe
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post #102970 :: 2018.08.14 10:45am
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another game jam?
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post #102991 :: 2018.08.14 2:46pm :: edit 2018.08.14 2:58pm
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ok i know this is terttaly unfeasable because noobs wil lstill enter regardless of stated rules; but heres my idea anyways;

PUBLIC TOILET COMPO - only public toilet is allowed to enter, but ALL formats are available only once. See how many formats get done ... . . . . .

no resubs
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post #102997 :: 2018.08.14 4:21pm :: edit 2020.01.16 7:02am
[This n00b ashamed of what written. - BotB]
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post #103051 :: 2018.08.15 11:58am
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sounds cool to me too, but I'm not too sure how you keep people from sniping a format and then finishing their work later (before the entry period ends)
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post #103057 :: 2018.08.15 2:13pm
C64 and Amiga Madness
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post #103060 :: 2018.08.15 3:06pm
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post #103090 :: 2018.08.16 10:02am
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Why not let it happen again??? AMIGAAAAA!!!
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post #103113 :: 2018.08.17 3:14pm
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a major where i can submit 40 amigamods on this account to get my gold badge
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post #103119 :: 2018.08.17 5:52pm
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Atari Trilogy, or Berserk is excellent in my book (Maybe some Falcon/AceTracker music? :))

Or gamejam would be fun
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post #103178 :: 2018.08.19 1:43am :: edit 2019.11.03 3:35pm
  Oli liēkd this
A few ideas:

-A s3xmodit major where only 8k is available and larger xk formats are progressively unlocked (or other way around?)
-Samples vs Synthesis
-SN76489 Chip
-Sine Wave Only
-DOS Sound Formats
-Strobecore Major
-Atari Trilogy
-ST-01 Remix Battle
-Long Tracks (for longcatislong entries)
-Famicompost (nature-themed battle using NES formats)

EDIT: Thought I'd throw in a few more ideas if this thread is referenced again.
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post #103241 :: 2018.08.19 6:54pm
another idea i had: "remix and extend your own OHB-submissions"-major :thinking:
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post #103244 :: 2018.08.19 8:14pm
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off the top of my brainholes

-Autumn Jams (like spring trax... but smoother... jazzier......)
-Metal Chip
-Micro Trax (less than 30/10/15/whatever seconds only)

2nded art major and cheese dance. collabs only would be a lot of fun too.
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post #103262 :: 2018.08.20 12:18pm
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Thanks for all the good ideas, gang. I'll be trying to synthesize a lot of these into a fall calendar! :D/
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post #103269 :: 2018.08.20 2:31pm
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i'm just going to go ahead and second the idea of another game jam
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post #103879 :: 2018.09.16 5:17pm
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i have 5 new music battles lined up

gonna be starting each one every sunday for a few
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post #103888 :: 2018.09.17 1:36am :: edit 2018.09.19 3:02am
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post #113174 :: 2019.08.02 6:15pm :: edit 2019.08.02 6:17pm
bump, in case this is getting relevant again after summer chipz!
major ideas i still really like are:
- Art Major with all the grafix/pixel-formats
- sexmodit-madness aka Limited mod-Major (8k, 12k, 16k, 24k, 32k, 48k, 64k)

- add the Super Mario World Mappist Format and do a SMW-Hack Major
- [new mappist formats in general]-major
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post #113177 :: 2019.08.03 12:15am :: edit 2019.08.07 12:22pm
  Oli liēkd this
Oh hey it's this thread again!

Out of all my previous suggestions, I still wanna see a s3xmodit gauntlet major where we start at 64k and work our way down, unlocking progressively smaller xk formats.

A Micro Tracks major also sounds like a fun challenge, probably more manageable than my suggestion for Long Tracks, hehe.

More mixist battles would also be good. -w-
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post #115350 :: 2019.11.03 2:55pm
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a battle called "F Major" and the only two formats are Channel F and fSound
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post #115366 :: 2019.11.04 5:37am :: edit 2019.11.04 5:37am
Let's have a battle all about being thankful, like a Collabs only or remix battle, for thanksgiving!!!

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