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post #102413 :: 2018.07.26 7:59am :: edit 2018.07.27 11:11pm
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due to the influx of spambots in espernet, please join #botb with the key "nospamplz" without quotes. an example of this is:

/join #botb nospamplz


since adding +s (secret) mode to the channel the bots do not seem to be smart enough to log successful channel joins and spam them or whois other users to gain channel names. the key has now been removed.

thanks for your patience, n00bz :D/
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post #102414 :: 2018.07.26 10:14am :: edit 2018.07.26 5:57pm
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[This n00b ashamed of what written. - BotB]
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post #102416 :: 2018.07.26 10:49am
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buddy, love ya, please find an IRC client that works.

whenever these damn spambot script-kiddies are finished trying to smear freenode people and they target other people for lulz the key will be removed. a channel key is the most maintenance-free method of assuring the most amount of desired people can join the channel.

we don't have any bots that can do anything better and espernet's chanserv doesn't provide better options.

either sit tight or work around your tiny problem you have. nobody else seems to have it. thanks.

try irssi the client.
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post #102417 :: 2018.07.26 11:04am :: edit 2018.07.26 7:14pm
  ipi hæitd this
when I tried to connect on the web chat, i got "#botb: Cannot join channel (+k) - bad key (bad_channel_key)"
here is an image of what I was trying to do. https://imgur.com/QUPp6jh
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post #102419 :: 2018.07.26 11:34am
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keep trying. others who had that problem made sure to double-check that they were typing the key properly.
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post #102420 :: 2018.07.26 12:03pm
Yeah to me it looks like your IRC client is interpreting your command as "/join #botb and also join #nospampls" rather than "/join #botb with key 'nospampls' " so maybe there's a different method of using a key to join a chan that will work for you.
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post #102421 :: 2018.07.26 12:18pm :: edit 2018.07.27 10:23pm
it's nospamplz with a z not an s
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post #102422 :: 2018.07.26 12:54pm :: edit 2018.07.26 7:15pm
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I was starting to get mad. didn't know how you do keys in LimeChat or in the Webchat.
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post #102423 :: 2018.07.26 1:31pm :: edit 2018.07.26 1:32pm
i see people joining from the webchat all the time actually.

* TitanOfPlasma (webchat@xxxxxxx-dyn.prod-infinitum.com.mx) has joined
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post #102425 :: 2018.07.26 1:41pm :: edit 2018.07.26 7:15pm
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I was about to give up.
OK. it seems to only work in the shitty webchat and not LimeChat for some reason.
Update, Yesss! finally got it working in LimeChat after so many failed attempts!
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post #102426 :: 2018.07.26 1:59pm
works fine for me. this is how i did it

step 1. go to https://webchat.esper.net/ and set your nickname
step 2. click on the espernet button in the top left of the screen
step 3. in the text box, type /join #botb nospamplz
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post #102428 :: 2018.07.26 4:30pm :: edit 2018.07.26 4:30pm
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djmax: glad you got your shit straight, bro.

1.) breathe and accept change.
2.) plan for change.
3.) change happens.
4.) find ways to adapt to change while maintaining your comforts.
5.) you can't stop change.
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post #102445 :: 2018.07.26 7:01pm
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6.) RTFM
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post #102451 :: 2018.07.27 7:28am
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1. Improvise
2. Adapt
3. Overcome
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post #102454 :: 2018.07.27 6:14pm
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4. ???
5. Profit
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post #102455 :: 2018.07.27 10:21pm
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see top post.
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post #102497 :: 2018.07.30 5:19pm
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7: scratch your head wondering about the reason for such a change since almost all conversation (probably) is on discord anyway (in addition to a currently non working irc bridge)

8: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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post #102530 :: 2018.07.31 4:20pm
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When I first saw this I was too busy to react. Glad it was resolved with +s because I was seriously wondering how a noob would know what the passkey was w/o reading this thread. ;)
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post #102533 :: 2018.07.31 5:04pm
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the thread was on the main page so anyone that is a botbr would have read this thread. :D/; as they did. :) only certain (1-2) people had problems joining with the key; and even those people resolved the issue. i'm glad that the +s is effective. it's not entirely foolproof though. yay that +s works!
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post #102544 :: 2018.08.01 12:31pm
  b00daw liēkd this
I meant a fresh noob not just any noob ;)/

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