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Where should I start?
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post #101914 :: 2018.07.12 1:00am
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I've never made my own music, any advice? What program should I try? My dad used to use Qbase and reason but I'm not really familiar with anything else.
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post #101923 :: 2018.07.12 7:32am
a lot of people here start with trackers. 0cc-Famitracker might be a good starting point. Stop in around the IRC channel for some points. :)
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post #101941 :: 2018.07.12 3:41pm
One of those questions with no definitive answers. I'd say depends on your ultimate goals, if you just want to make music in general, rather than aiming for compatibility with specific vintage hardware, i'd say use any DAW (be it more or less modern, i personally love FL Studio, and you can also make a semi-competent MIDI with it).

You might also want to try with any sample-based tracker, like OpenMPT if you feel like you might like it more than piano-roll interfaces

In case of authentic music for old systems it's p much almost entirely a tracker-based workflow, most of the time though
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post #101944 :: 2018.07.12 3:56pm
sample-based trackers are great, but then you have to have samples. synthesized, chip-based trackers are great since you don't have to hunt for samples and then potentially then convert them.

so let us ask you some questions:

do you want to make music or a specific type of music?

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