Post One ohb track you're most happy with
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post #101896 :: 2018.07.11 4:23pm :: edit 2018.07.11 4:28pm
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Have you ever made an ohb track so good that you wish other people would listen to it, but you think its been overlooked because we're too busy looking into your major tunes?

Post one overlooked ohb track of yours that you would have people remember you by.

And maybe give a description, thought process, reason why you like it.

Ps I havent decided on mine yet, before I get a 'you first fruity boy' ;)
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post #101897 :: 2018.07.11 4:35pm
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i really like this entry i made a few days ago about being sleepless:

the ohb was a spontaneous thing and i didn't expect anyone to join except me. i was just filled with a lot of motivation after i listened to Insomnia by Faithless and wanted a reason to create something.

i think the track captures my insomnia perfectly and i'm listening to it every night now when i'm getting extremely tired (like right now)

it's nothing very special overall, but i also like the chord progressions c:

(great thread-idea btw, i'm looking forward to see what other BotBrs will post!)
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post #101900 :: 2018.07.11 4:50pm
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probably this one

i guess its just one of those ohbs where you just get inspired. i also had the theme in mind because of the name of the .mod file, which surprised me that no one else did a theme around it.

its a subpar .mod, but pretty decent for what it is at one hour. i am currently planning a full release pretty soon (not on this site) and it's looking much more polished!
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post #101903 :: 2018.07.11 6:13pm
  gotoandplay, malmen and kleeder liēkd this this is the first one that came in my mind because i like the lead in the A section....
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post #101908 :: 2018.07.11 7:39pm
  gotoandplay, Robyn, kleeder and Karmic liēkd this this is still one of my absolute favorite songs ive made
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post #101910 :: 2018.07.11 9:46pm :: edit 2018.07.11 10:23pm
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For me it's still
It was my first time ever doing zx beeper and I tested out the different engines, learned the tracker, and squeezed out a gold.
This also continues to be a staple in my "listening to this makes me want to die" playlist, so it also holds a place dear to my heart.

I mean... you first fruity boy
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post #101912 :: 2018.07.11 10:46pm
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Persephone, by a large margin:

The lead melody line in this one is still the best thing I've ever managed to produce, IMO.
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post #101918 :: 2018.07.12 3:07am :: edit 2018.07.12 3:15am
  gotoandplay and kleeder liēkd this An incredible effort by me.

In all seriousness I quite like this one:

It's just nicely produced and quite amusing for something done in an hour
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post #101948 :: 2018.07.12 9:20pm
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jazz23.nsf, which is tied w another but i can only pick one.
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post #101949 :: 2018.07.12 10:09pm
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prolly this. I like pretty much everything about it.
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post #101951 :: 2018.07.13 12:42am :: edit 2018.07.13 12:42am
  gotoandplay and kleeder liēkd this probably this, atleast when it comes to the production/arrangement aspects
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post #101955 :: 2018.07.13 2:26am :: edit 2018.07.13 4:42am
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i really liked making this one, even though I hate almost all of my ohb things
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post #101957 :: 2018.07.13 2:53am
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I'm happy with the majority of my OHB entries. The most exciting one for me has to be this one.
I had nothing in mind but a video of somebody playing bass, so I cut it up and sampled some other videos I liked. A very nice and fun concept to try out, hopefully there can be more like this!
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post #102009 :: 2018.07.13 10:15pm :: edit 2018.07.13 10:18pm
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there's probably a few better songs of mine than this that have been overlooked
but I'm uncharacteristically fond of this one

it's got a neat groove from slicing that loop and I really like the pitch shifting thing I did at the end

on another note, looking back at my entries, I have no idea how I pulled this one off:
it does things melodically that I've never bothered with before or since lol
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post #102013 :: 2018.07.14 1:23am
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wow these entries are really humbling and amazing for the length of time given to make them. thanks for sharing

im still not over sure on mine but i dont do 'fast paced' stuff much so it could well be nonotonic even though its not rich in musical content

also it nods to the fabled road to golden amigamod and also gaining confidence in openmpt at the time so all cool things

also the results for this ohb were hilarious - sincx and i ended up getting the same score, right up to the thousandth of a point!
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post #102049 :: 2018.07.14 4:18pm
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post #102053 :: 2018.07.14 7:31pm
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this is hands down my best OHB

i've reused the motif in a few things since
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post #102054 :: 2018.07.14 8:11pm :: edit 2018.07.14 8:14pm
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i don't like any of my OHBs

well maybe this one:
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post #102058 :: 2018.07.14 11:09pm
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post #102063 :: 2018.07.15 7:19am
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I really like most of my midi OHB's, but I'd say 'Moonwalk' is probably my favourite, and the one I'm most amazed that I got done inside of an hour.
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post #102073 :: 2018.07.15 10:04am
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Not particularly proud of any of my OHB's, hopefully this is going to change sometime (?)

If i were to pick one from what there is as of now, i'd say this though
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post #102285 :: 2018.07.21 11:42pm
the length of my Songs is something which i always struggle with and regret....i often look back at my work and despair thinking "Ah. I stretched that motif out much too thinly", or "Oh, this one sounds cut off mid-sentence, terrible." my ohb entry "defeatist drink", however, is perhaps the only song i've submitted here which i'm very happy with and don't really see anything that i would truthfully change

if i may discuss the inverse for a moment though, the only good thing about my ohb Song "wii sports permadeath dlc" is the title and it really does not deserve 100+ plays at all
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post #102403 :: 2018.07.25 1:58pm :: edit 2018.07.25 2:00pm
this one was my best, too bad no one else joined the ohb and it ended up being a lonely stroll

afterwards I editted it and it's now my most popular track on soundcloud

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