please remove my taggist points
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post #101864 :: 2018.07.11 8:05am
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i didn't want to bring this topic up to the front page at first, but recent events have made me think a lot about it.
most of you should've noticed by now, that i'm about to listen to >every< entry on this site. initially, i only wanted to listen to some of the first OHCs, because i was curious about the origins of BotB, but then i noticed some (good) entries without any tags at all and tought, i could also add some, if i'm on the site anyway. so i've startet to tag every entry i'd come across to improve their discoverability. (and the taggist points were also tempting, i won't deny that).

at first, i especially tagged entries mainly with their format though, and rarely added other tags. this was before i realized that there is already a feature on the site to filter entries by their format and i will update those redundant tags asap!
i'm now listening to every entry in detail and thinking about suitable tags (e.g. genre or feeling (happy, sad, atmospheric and so on..)) as well as tagging ohb-entries with their theme sometimes (if there is one provided by the bit pack). i'm not even doing this for points anymore, i just want to enhance the discoverability of entries and create some kind of fitting subgroups while i'm listening to past stuff, because i want to contribute something to BotB as well as to the BotBrs and their music as far as i can.

i am aware, that some people are annoyed by the alerts but there is nothing i can do about it except tagging battle after battle and not user after user to reduce the alert-spam :/
i'm also aware of me getting thousands of taggist-points and leveling up very fast and i can understand if some people don't like the idea of me grabbing points with spamming tags (which is not what i intend though!) or respectively getting that much points in general.
and i don't want that either, because i feel kinda bad for BotBrs like Sintel, Robyn, petet etc. if i'm on a similar level like them altough i don't do anything else except tagging their stuff, which feels like i'm pulling myself up on their work .-.
but i don't want to renounce the tagging-feature, because i really like the idea of contributing something or even make some tags bigger than other ;D

thats why, if it is somehow possible, i'd like to
1. have all my taggist points removed and
2. no longer allow my acc to earn taggist points (without disabling the tagging feature itself though ;-;)
because it shouldn't look like i'm going to force tags only to get those damn points.

also i feel kinda anxient right now to continue tagging, because i don't want to look like a greedy scrub, so please let me know, if i should stop tagging old entries at all.

thanks for reading at least!
TAG EM ALL kid, ur doin a good job imo, and ur sincere (and constructive) passion shld be encouraged. there are a couple botbrs that have done tagging stuff in the past and i've always appreciated it, because the "tag" list page is easier to listen to music on than the browser lol
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post #101866 :: 2018.07.11 8:47am :: edit 2018.07.11 8:51am
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Think of this site as an RPG. If you fucked up your save file you can always start a new character. Hell some people on this site have like 5 alts.

[edit: actually read the post]
I'm not sure it's even really valid to get mad at your level since taggists aren't even given any visibility on the barracks page. You are what you do and it's not a big deal. And if you think it is, again, start a new char

Fuck the haters, be the taggist no one else ever bothered to aspire to.

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post #101867 :: 2018.07.11 8:47am
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maybe what this really calls for is an option to toggle tag alerts (off by default). ive done tagging sprees in the past but i always feel bad when i know im giving ppl alerts they don't necessarily care about (and admittedly find it rather annoying personally as well to get those alerts). heck maybe thisd encourage even more people to tag entries
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post #101872 :: 2018.07.11 10:00am
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kleeder and i have a back-n-forth going on his profile which has my response to the situation (and what is likely the reason he wrote this)
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post #101874 :: 2018.07.11 10:58am
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Everyone has the option to look at the alerts and decide if they want to look at the tagged entry or not. Participation gets you points. You're not stealing all the points, anyone can tag all the entries if they really feel like it. :)
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post #101875 :: 2018.07.11 11:16am :: edit 2018.07.11 11:17am
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I'm shocked people would be irritated to know that someone listened to their music intently enough to provide feedback and that anger would be directed toward someone participating in a constructive fashion for the community. Tagging is good! I'm personally not any more bothered by alerts about tags than I am by teh double headed pony (teh double headed pony is good). KLEEDER FOR TAGGIST BOSS 2018.
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I personally love tag alerts. It means people are listening. That's all I could ever ask for as an artist!
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post #101879 :: 2018.07.11 12:43pm
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Honestly, I really enjoy getting any kind of alert, tag updates, favorites, criticism or whatever - it feels good when people listen to your stuff and have some sort of input.

Keep on tagging!
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post #101880 :: 2018.07.11 12:57pm
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Go for it !
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post #101885 :: 2018.07.11 2:20pm
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As long as the tags are useful and effectively group up similarly themed tracks, I don't have a problem with it.
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post #101887 :: 2018.07.11 2:55pm
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Go forth and tag! Tagging is a worthwhile contribution to a song and to the community in general. You earn taggist pnts. You don't get them for no reason! You spend some of your personal time listening to an entry, and reflecting on its qualities, and then you leave a little mark on the world. You deserve the pnt you earn for that.
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post #101892 :: 2018.07.11 4:00pm :: edit 2018.07.11 4:03pm
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A one word judgement on a song leaves too much interpretation issues to understand where the tagger is coming from. Take the moody tag that a lot of entries of mine get - is this to say other entries are not giving off a mood? Any mood at all? Am I making grumpy tunes? I prefer a little bit more context than what a one word tag provides. A comment on an entry is most of the time a better way to convey what you think of a track, and for the maker a better way to understand other peoples takes on it. Comments are also a better gauge on whether or not to take a judgement on your song seriously or not at all

Tldr I prefer comments, less room for misunderstanding, more quality filter options
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post #101894 :: 2018.07.11 4:15pm :: edit 2018.07.11 4:27pm
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This is the kind of an issue i personally wouldn't ever have thought that it might be considered an issue. Tags are there exactly for the purpose of tagging, and as long as you're not slapping completely bullshit ones on entries (well, memey exceptions happen, and it's good as long as we abstain from going over the top), everything's fine.

BTW, i prefer comments too, GTAP, except i think they both have own merits and serve different purposes, with tags being more of a convenient kind of hyperlinks that, when used properly can be really helpful for quickly finding other songs belonging to the same subsets (like, say a dong in 17EDO, or pentatonic, ect, etc....)

>because it shouldn't look like i'm going to force tags only to get those damn points.

FWIW, i fail to see why anyone would pursue tagging stuff for the sake of getting the points themselves - those mean nothing to me personally, because of how effortless they are, dunno how others see it

The one thing i agree with though, is that i think tag alerts should be disabled by default, given their minuscule relevance
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post #101906 :: 2018.07.11 7:03pm
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Tags, when defined by the history of its usage on BotB, are basically anonymous, tiny comments, to say something that isn't really as important as a comment, or a little funny word that kind of relates to the entry. But that isn't the intention; That's not what a tag really is.

A tag should be a generic category applying to many entries. They shouldn't just apply to a specific entry, because that's how comments are supposed to be used, rather than tags.

Kleeder's tags aren't "one word judgements" meant to be short comments but categories that can be used in BotB's tag search function, which I always found a little unhelpful as most entries had no tags at all, and most existing tags weren't exactly useful for this purpose.
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post #101907 :: 2018.07.11 7:06pm
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Go for it!!! You are the tagging master! I am proud of you.
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post #101911 :: 2018.07.11 9:54pm
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Personally, I like to recieve alerts when one of my entries gets a tag. However, I agree it should be a toggleable option.

Keep tagging, Kleeder.
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post #101919 :: 2018.07.12 3:25am :: edit 2018.07.16 1:17pm
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Defeatistcore whining to receive praise from the whole community.. I'm taking notes :D
Jokes aside, tagging is halal, it's a feature of the site. Just don't overspam format tags :P
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post #101980 :: 2018.07.13 12:44pm
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@everyone thanks for all your feedback and all the kind words! it really cheered me up and motivated me to keep tagging :o

@xyz i dislike creating new or alt accounts, and i really like my username rn, but you're right, it is an option and i'll keep it in mind c:

@sinc-x an option to toggle tag-alerts would be great, so that everyone could decide individually, if they want an alert or not!

@savestate you're right, your comments were the reason why i wrote this, but they've also made me think if other people might feel disturbed by the tagging or don't like what i'm doing overall. so thank you for pointing me out!

@gotoandplay thats a valid point you're giving, but like Midori said: the tagging is a hyperlink directly to other, similar entries. whether you understand the tag or not, i'm trying to only give those tags to entries, that sounds similar or carry the same feelings to me.
but i understand that it could be kind of unsatisfying, if you're not knowing excactly why i tagged an entry with a specific word, that's why i made a list on my profile, where i explain the tags i'm using the most.
also keep in mind, that sometimes i don't know what to write as a comment, because there's only a feeling i have and not a whole sentence. i'm also commentating a lot on entries i'm listening to though!
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post #101991 :: 2018.07.13 4:54pm
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I see nothing wrong with tagging if done on the best of the intentions.

If a bot ever shows up just for tagging and grabbing points that's an instaban.

Tagging is the first way to categorize a song around a theme being it techinical...because of the instruments, a mood. More elaborate way to give the botber feedback is the comments of course, will people find the entry first not everyone will listen 10k ohc entries one after another.

The alerts could be annoying but hey, if you are an artist...that's what you get by the exposure :P
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post #102108 :: 2018.07.16 8:17am
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At first I was a bit weirded out by the amount of alerts for tags, but I don't really care about it now. And I myself have thought of the fact that most tunes really didn't have that good tags, so it's -very- nice to have those!

About the levels you get from tagging, you'll be a taggist and that'll set you apart from those who actually composed for their points, and that's enough of separation in my mind. You don't seem at all like you'd be "pulling yourself" via others entries.
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post #102202 :: 2018.07.19 4:31am
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Truth of the matter is, you're supposed to earn points for helping to curate, so thank you.
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post #102219 :: 2018.07.19 7:09pm
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Just tag. It's not much of a big deal.
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post #103201 :: 2018.08.19 10:26am
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I admire your taggism, I wish you'd keep your points
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post #103211 :: 2018.08.19 1:03pm
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removing points is more effort than its worth
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post #103242 :: 2018.08.19 7:02pm
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can't you just give him the Alertist class? :P

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