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post #101141 :: 2018.06.23 5:22pm :: edit 2018.06.23 5:28pm
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We've been having serious lag issues with page loads for a couple of weeks or so. I've been tailing my custom page load benchmarker log for a few days now (screenshot tweet
). It's not good. Most requests load in under 2 seconds but then... The mysql calls don't seem to be the culprit; it's the php runtime. This is most likely caused by other users on BotB's shared host account. My present theory is that some new site in this space is doing dumbs. But...

I've been with Dreamhost for about 15 years now. I have received, over the past couple years, on occasion, an email stating my user has exceeded memory limits over a thousand times. These emails give me options i.e. 1) ignore it; 2) optimize yer shit; 3) upgrade to VPS! and, so, maybe it's time for BotB to put its big boy pants on (sheesh the kid is 13 already PUT ON SOME PANTS!! :U) and move to a more isolated space.

I'm looking at Dreamhost's Basic VPS
plan. Plenty of RAM! W0W!~!! Not really info on the CPU power (and some understateed info about CPU minutes
wtf are those? what if i want websockets w/ node?). The real problem is the storage: BotB's battle/entry media is 100gb in size and said Basic Plan only offers 30gb. Boo. So I took a look at their Dream Objects
which is 2.5¢/gb/month so about $2.50/month. But then there's the bandwidth cost of 5¢/gb/month where BotB seems to average around 4.7 TERABYTES/month so $235/month. SERIOUS BOO. The VPS has unlimited bandwidth so let's go back there
: Pro VPS would hold everything but could be outgrown in a couple years. Enterprise VPS is $110/month so fuck that.

BEST CHEAPER SOLUTION?: go with the Business VPS which has 60gb of space and then cache commonly accessed media there copied from the archive cloudy guy. This sucks. It'd be awesome if it works! When will I have time? How long will the site be down while this is figured out? How much could I have finished before a switch over? How long would it take in the player to start if the VPS has to grab the media from the archive cloudy guy? Oh, and managing uploads of new media to the archive cloudy guy! D:
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post #101142 :: 2018.06.23 5:28pm :: edit 2018.06.23 5:30pm
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so it doesn't seem to be an option. crowdsourcing was a fail last time. botb crowdsourcing was like "occupy" movement. no real clear, concise point and goal. n00bz again won't have the money. sorry, bro. i can't give you shit this year; i'm buying a house.

just ride this bullshit out. keep optimizing the code. make more of it burdening client-side. unless you wanna ride electron00b's horse a few times.
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post #101146 :: 2018.06.23 8:07pm
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if the 4.7 TB/mo figure is correct it's probably going outweigh all other considerations, without doing some major caching/storage overhauls like you said.
digitalocean's VPSs have bandwidth prices at least 5 times cheaper than that (e.g. $20 for 4TB + 1 cent/gb)

on the other hand, AWS bandwidth is almost 10 cents/gb/mo regardless of which fancy cache guy you use (?!)
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post #101147 :: 2018.06.23 8:13pm :: edit 2018.06.23 9:05pm
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a suggestion worth looking at (given that changing providers is an option):

scaleway isn't going to carve a hole in whoever's wallet is paying. storage wise (if you use a baremetal instance), it's just a matter of adding more disks to it, if you want to avoid rewriting code to work with the archive cloudy guy.

this solution would (at its very cheapest) be €1.99 + €2.99 + (€1 x 50gb storage)

i used digital ocean before but even that was overpriced, given the alternatives where one doesn't have to worry about any bandwidth figures.

if you want i can give you a C1 with 150gb to test it out for 3 months (or for forever, there's virtually no costs worth mentioning, regardless of how much the data transfer will be)
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post #101160 :: 2018.06.24 8:46am
what's your internet speed at home? if it's a lot, you could maybe try hosting from home and allocating bandwidth for your server so your home computer doesn't get bogged down when it's Churnin Bits
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post #101174 :: 2018.06.24 3:55pm :: edit 2018.06.24 3:56pm
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lets switch to messenger pigeons

huge packet loss but if data arrives it arrives in HUGE quantities
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post #101177 :: 2018.06.24 6:34pm :: edit 2018.06.24 6:36pm
4.7 Terabytes/month? having a media database of 100GB makes this quite possible I suppose. Is that for streaming radio or file downloads?

Nothing unlimited online (paid or free) is ever real. The torrent guys know best.

offtopic on topic, this year I spent 10$ buying food when crossing the border, and after I ate I literally shat...not a good investment...I'd rather donate to botb but what I have available it's too little to help with the costs (around 10$ which would be send via paypal/venmo)

Otherwise enjoy the logs to help ride this one out. Fun if you are into data analysis and figuring out where optimize ;D/
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post #101188 :: 2018.06.25 8:22am :: edit 2018.06.25 10:02am
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I think its interesting that most of the lag happens during USA business/office hours. :thinking:
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post #101190 :: 2018.06.25 9:07am
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That's called "white collar productivity."

Someone came forward with a free hosting solution for us with all the resources BotB needs and more! This was about two months ago, and I was a bit too busy to really deal with the move. Since I have a 3 day weekend coming up with no plans I will start working on this migration. No promises we'll be on the new space by Tuesday, but that is presently the goal. :D/
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post #103614 :: 2018.08.31 5:22pm
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So like do I need to pack or something...?
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post #103616 :: 2018.08.31 6:50pm
Oh no I hope this doesn't fail like did.
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post #103617 :: 2018.08.31 9:59pm
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well, puke7 is an certified expert with duck tape.

On the other hand, nothing is forever and if he moves on he moves on. Enjoy the ride while it lasts o/

I'm glad he's doing the migration, more for his cv.
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post #103618 :: 2018.09.01 4:18am
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good luck with the move : ) id say 'have fun' but that is a tad optimistic
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post #103671 :: 2018.09.05 4:55pm :: edit 2018.09.05 4:56pm
would be very useful with this new move that botbrs at specific levels can upload dev/code related materials without prejudice. i keep seeing rainwarrior's posts time to time on nesdev being hosted on mediafire, etc. in relation to audio recordings and development thereof. plus it gives good publicity.
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post #103673 :: 2018.09.05 5:30pm
whatever happened to
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post #103676 :: 2018.09.05 6:17pm
i still have mine.
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post #103694 :: 2018.09.06 3:11pm
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that's awesome news! kudos to the unmentioned hero
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post #103696 :: 2018.09.06 5:23pm
is it electronoob?
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post #103819 :: 2018.09.13 5:34am :: edit 2018.09.13 5:34am
R3M is the host. I haven't been able to get in contact however, if someone else could then that would be great!
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post #103820 :: 2018.09.13 7:39am
R3M is the host of*
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post #103827 :: 2018.09.13 12:50pm
Electronoob took it over
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post #103828 :: 2018.09.13 1:19pm
I have been spending time here and there working on this. Still sorting some details out with the host. For example, if I restart a VM then it seems to fail hooking up to the network. I could try relying on the linux vm never going down, but that seems pretty dumb. ;)

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