BotB Now Has HTTPS
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post #101052 :: 2018.06.21 12:23pm
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Not everything has switched over completely, but we're at least at 95% done getting all site URLs updated. The original http should still be working for people who don't want https for whatever reason. Please post any breakage you find here and I'll get it fixed.
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post #101055 :: 2018.06.21 12:45pm :: edit 2018.06.21 12:46pm
thank you. is this adding toward cost?
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post #101056 :: 2018.06.21 12:53pm :: edit 2018.06.21 1:45pm
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Nope. I was digging through dreamhost's control panel trying to find info about the lag we've been experiencing and saw `https` as an option. There was a payable version and two free versions. I'm in a holding pattern at work so I thought I'd give it a go!
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post #101059 :: 2018.06.21 2:12pm
wow, the site is noticeably faster now! is this why?
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post #101063 :: 2018.06.21 3:02pm
i honestly have no idea :shrug:
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post #101087 :: 2018.06.22 6:27am :: edit 2018.06.22 6:51am
  anewuser liēkd this
gotta find a way to add https to links. when you travel around the site, it defaults to http links from https. kthx.

funny thing is that i'm even using HTTPS Everywhere

edit: really strange. seems like some sections of botb will give http links and some will give https; and it doesn't really make a pattern as to which.

sometimes when you visit an https link the images won't be linked with https.
Level 27 Hostist
post #101094 :: 2018.06.22 11:13am
  anewuser liēkd this
Can you give me specific examples?

The only http inside https for images I know of right now are the sprite characters that count ohb trophies on profile pages.
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post #101095 :: 2018.06.22 11:22am
don't know how sites like google, yahoo, youtube and bing are handling https, but they are still able to load on older browsers.
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post #101096 :: 2018.06.22 12:25pm :: edit 2018.06.22 12:45pm
is there a way to use a CA that browsers trust?

even if you get https to work correctly everywhere, i'd assume people would think the self signed "unsafe" certificate would give off the impression that it still doesn't work.

but i guess letsencrypt (or the likes) hasn't been chosen for a good reason. so maybe nvm this.

edit: maybe this was due to my own cache. or me being on crack or w/e. suddenly seems to be no issues anymore (and the cert is trusted)
Level 26 Renderist
post #101097 :: 2018.06.22 12:30pm :: edit 2018.06.22 9:31pm
Things seem to change time to time. Assume that I'm always using HTTPS.


- "Recent Activity..." links from homepage
- "Bulletins, News, and Development..." from the homepage.
- User surveillance links from Admin page.
- "Help" link at bottom of page.
- Certain BotB links in the Lyceum, "Glossary"

That's a start for now.
Level 27 Hostist
post #101103 :: 2018.06.22 2:02pm
Thanks. I'll try to knock those out today.
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post #101105 :: 2018.06.22 3:22pm
HTTPS :ZUNgasm: :ZUN_nut:
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post #101121 :: 2018.06.23 12:22am :: edit 2018.06.23 3:41pm
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These things fixed --

thread links on homebunk
creative commons links/images
`help` link in footer
lyceum glossary article links
botbr profile trophy case links
sprite text counters for ohb tropiez
user surveillance links from Admin page

Pretty sure the above cover all cached templates. The goal is to make sure links don't accidentally flipflop botbrs between unsecure and secure browsing. Possible to force a redirect from http to https in the future.

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