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I had a dream last night that I logged in to find the topic:

"puke7 releases album: "Serene Jean started to jerk."

The music was mainly him atonally soloing with banjos and synths.
from a dream log dated dec 29, 2013:

* metallica signs up to botb, submits mp3 to s3xmodit
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post #100428 :: 2018.05.28 10:12am
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I wish I had dream logs
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The most memorable BotB dream for me is when I got 8th place in an OHB.

There were only 7 participants.
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post #100433 :: 2018.05.28 11:40am
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post #100462 :: 2018.05.29 4:14pm :: edit 2018.05.29 4:15pm
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two years ago i had a dream a serial killer joined botb and each of his entries were the names of his victims (the songs all had him talking over them saying how much better he was than everyone else)
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post #100463 :: 2018.05.29 4:24pm
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i had a dream that a major battle was announced and the rules were "songs must be over 10 minutes" and despite being up for only like two days, there were already four entries and all of them were like, REALLY good

and i got scared and woke up

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