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post #99835 :: 2018.05.16 2:37pm
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A few days ago Coda told me that the single entry player for non-logged-in users was not working on iPhone. I wasn't certain if this was new, but I'm pretty sure that those players used to work. So I did some research anyways...

For Safari on iOS it's been a long known thing that a window/tab will not allow audio to play until there is some form of user interaction. If you open the a playlist player / botb radio in iOS Safari you'll see a big play button which kicks this all off. But now google chrome is apparently adopting this practice for the desktop browser. This breaks audio for countless sites and online html5 games. I am guessing the playlist player / botb radio is working for me because I already have my Media Engagement Index
up to where it needs to be to allow this. I have no idea what anyone else's experience is here, but I'm guessing a fix is necessary. I'll try an incognito window when I get home from work. Also, given that Safari for desktop is built off webkit and chrome develops webkit, more shit is broken.

P.S. -- while working on my VIXXEN20 VIC20 simulation environment and music tracker about 6 weeks ago the graphical display suddenly started taking 4x the CPU it used to. And now this. I have to make a clicky thing instead of it being keyboard only on startup. Fuck this.
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post #99836 :: 2018.05.16 2:49pm
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can we blame news sites for thinking that autoplay videos on every single page were a good idea
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post #99864 :: 2018.05.16 3:17pm
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It would seem so. They claim this enhances user experience. One of the comments suggested a better idea where the browser itself says "This site wants to autoplay (audio/video). Is this ok?" like it does for using your mic or webcam or allowing notifications. This shit is so stupid.
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post #99865 :: 2018.05.16 3:17pm
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Doing anything with audio on mobile in a browser really kinda sucks.
actually, doing webdev for mobile in general really kinda sucks
Desktop Chrome's policy change seems really fucking awful, too.
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post #99928 :: 2018.05.16 7:05pm
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currently everyone is yelling at google and they responded by reverting and then delaying the same bad decision a few months instead of doing something sensible:
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post #99931 :: 2018.05.16 10:38pm
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post #99933 :: 2018.05.17 5:43am
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This has broken/will break a lot of stuff I work on at my job, and it's pretty cool how instead of actually coming up with a better idea, they're just offloading all the un-fucking on developers.

Good luck with your un-fuck efforts :\
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post #99944 :: 2018.05.17 9:33am
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oh guess what?

youtube is allowed to autoplay sound despite these changes!
thanks, google, you fucktards

I'm glad to hear they've reverted the change even if its temporary -- also the rollback didn't include <audio> tags apparently?

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