Botb requested to perform Fri July 20th, Detroit Crash festival
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post #99510 :: 2018.05.11 12:05pm
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Hi gang!

The organizers of the Crash Music festival (diy Marching Bands) in Detroit asked us to perform for the bands on Fridday, July 20th.

Last year, the Baron and I, were the BOTB reps.

This year we will be the only performers. (-:

Therefore, I want to offer up slots and/or playlists. I'll be tt

Any Botb-er who makes it to Detroit may perform.

Also, if anyone has an awesome botb playist or suggested playlist, please feel free to send it my way.

Any questions, holler!



Crash Detroit info:

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post #99516 :: 2018.05.11 1:48pm
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post #99535 :: 2018.05.11 9:46pm :: edit 2018.05.11 9:48pm
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damn if only this was on saturday instead of friday. i'm moving to chicago at the beginning of july for a job but i don't think it'd look very good if i took a day off less than 2 weeks after i start the job

tfw no nationwide highspeed rail
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post #99600 :: 2018.05.12 6:01pm
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I instantly recommend nys in wiiland... for an intermission theme.
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post #99929 :: 2018.05.16 7:44pm
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i gotta look up plane tickets, i am serious about coming out for this. how long are our sets allowed to be?

i would absolutely love to perform Opus VI with live guitar accompaniment if that were possible.
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post #99945 :: 2018.05.17 9:37am
  anewuser and Flaminglog liēkd this
I have no idea how long the entire event would be. But I would figure your Opus VI is shorter than a set length. Also, I don't really see anyone signing up to play yet! :o
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post #100302 :: 2018.05.23 12:19pm
  anewuser liēkd this

So we can go pretty much as long or as short as we want. Figuring we'll have to fill 2-3 hours. I got space at my place for crashing.
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post #100324 :: 2018.05.24 6:31am
Do you know what instruments will be available? Like, if I wanted to play the drums for part of the set, would I be able to just borrow a house kit?
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post #100338 :: 2018.05.24 3:46pm
  blank liēkd this
What time is the show? Trying to figure out if I could get out there after work
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post #100359 :: 2018.05.25 7:03am
Hmmm... not sure about Drum kit availability... I have a buddy a few blocks down from the venue who will probably say yes...

Time-wise, I expect we will start around 9:30/10ish and wrap up around 1am. (-:
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post #100560 :: 2018.06.03 5:27pm
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seems like I'm gonna be there!
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post #100585 :: 2018.06.05 8:36am :: edit 2018.06.13 12:17pm
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@Flaminglog Yes to kit availability (-:
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post #100725 :: 2018.06.10 7:39am
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buying my ticket next weekend after I get paid

i've changed my mind about the drum kit though, but thanks for checking

so my plan is, i'm gonna write several auxilliary frames in a separate famitracker file and then use the "play frame" and "next frame" commands to like, semi-liveplay those patterns over parts of the track

kinda like a launchpad performance but less dexterity required

something about pressing play on the track and then standing there nodding my head for 16 minutes strikes me as off
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post #100854 :: 2018.06.13 12:25pm
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Cool beans!... @flaminglog sorry for the wrong @ usage lolz... Heads up, as we learned last year, expect no Internet in the performance room of the venue
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post #100856 :: 2018.06.13 2:48pm
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I will bring... a FLASH DRIVE...
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post #102235 :: 2018.07.20 1:10pm
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post #102264 :: 2018.07.21 4:56am
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how did it go ??
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post #102401 :: 2018.07.25 9:25am
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Twas fun but we should've started earlier lolz!

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