New original 8-bit album honoring Kondo's Zelda music!
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post #99498 :: 2018.05.11 9:32am
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Hero of Legend is a series of three original albums honoring the legendary music of Hyrule and its godfather, Koji Kondo.
This is Volume 1 - an 8-bit adventure into the land of Hyroica...
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post #99819 :: 2018.05.16 9:07am
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Every tune is solid. I started listening without reading your introduction and thought the album was a remake of a bunch of classics I didn't recognize.
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post #99820 :: 2018.05.16 10:29am
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Oh that's awesome. Thanks man!
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post #99937 :: 2018.05.17 6:53am
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Oh hey, Marcato Bros! I enjoy your podcast, good stuff
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post #100252 :: 2018.05.22 2:53am

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