Spring Tracks VII synclisten time with A-zu-ra!
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You can watch the stream here.
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May 12

Starting at

11:00AM PST

I will be hosting the Spring Tracks VII synclisten on YouTube! Featuring some of the usual traditions such as:
- Playing all of the entries!
- Reading all of the description (even if it makes absolutely no sense to!)
- Reading all of the tags!

As well as some new things to spice things up a bit such as:
- TRACKER VIEW for all tracker formats (that's basically everything but allgear, mixbattle_art, midi, and mt32)
- MIDI VIEW for all MIDI-based formats (midi and mt32)
- WEB VIEW for all JS-based bytebeat entries (sorry Jimmy :v)
- ART GALLERY VIEW for mix battle art!
- During tag readings, me being super quiet, almost to the point of ASMR on smaller tags and me BEING HELLA LOUD TO THE POINT OF YELLING on larger tags
- Uhhh...I'll figure something out for the allgear stuff!

This time around, I'm going to be playing all of the entries by format instead of the usual submission order; what this means is that I'll be playing all the entries in one format before moving on to the next format. The synclisten will be split into two days, each covering a half of all of the submissions, giving us this schedule:

Saturday (May 12)
0cc, allgear, bytebeat, deflemask, klystrack, lgpt
(100 entries total)

Sunday (May 13)
midi, mixbattle_art, mod12k, mod24k, mptm, mt32, ntrq, panda, renoise, s3xmodit, snibbetracker, sunvox
(99 entries total)

Links to the YouTube live pages at the top of this post! Look forward to it!
Level 23 Chipist
post #99136 :: 2018.05.07 4:51am
  GudPiggeh, Apsarah, VirtualMan, VinCMG, petet and A-zu-ra liēkd this
okay here's what you gotta do for the allgear


you gotta make him do the dance

if you don't wanna do that, there's always "Alchemy" visuals from windows media player
Level 14 Mixist
post #99147 :: 2018.05.07 9:27am
  Apsarah liēkd this
If you insist on doing the synclisten IN tracker, I want to petition a moderator to resubmit my 0cc entry with the speed set to 5 since that's how it was when I rendered it for submission, and in a moment of stupidity I put the speed to 10 and didn't change it back to 5 when I submitted the .0cc.
Level 25 Mixist
post #99150 :: 2018.05.07 9:44am :: edit 2018.05.11 1:01pm
  MandraSigma, Apsarah, goluigi and petet liēkd this
Important things to note for synclisten prep
Tracker file modifications
- Set "stand together complex" speed from 10 to 5

Stream prep
[ x ] Make graphics for pre-playback screen
[ x ] Make graphics for battle art screen
[ x ] Make graphics for intro and intermission screens
[ ] Make scenes for each different tracker
[ ] Get different background videos for each different tracker
[ x ] Figure out something for the allgear display

Laundry list
- Vote and comment on all entries
- Roast Jimmyoshi on his bytebeat entry
- Spice up my golgi impersonations (which basically just amounts to saying "gay", "i love coding in ++c" and "fuck california")
Level 27 Mixist
post #99152 :: 2018.05.07 10:23am
  pigdevil2010 liēkd this
>Roast Jimmyoshi on his bytebeat entry
Come on I get enough of that from pigdevil already... :c

(Also you'll be playing the renders of those that you can't play with other tools right?)
Level 25 Mixist
post #99157 :: 2018.05.07 1:06pm :: edit 2018.05.07 5:02pm
Yeah, I'll be playing all of allgear and stuff that I can't play on their respective tools as renders (that means your bytebeat will be a render)

Also I have a special scene for rendered entries tagged with a certain something....
Level 27 Chipist
post #99161 :: 2018.05.07 1:23pm
  ctrnr, RazerBlue6 and Jimmyoshi liēkd this
format order hype!!!!!!! this is for me the easiest way to vote and compare. except when it gets to allgear. allgear voting is straight up hard in whatever way it is approached ;(

for sexmodit/ompt stuff it may be worth asking individual entrants what type of interpolation they want (or not want), if and only if it is not obvious from the entry descriptions. modxks are kinda redundant in the asking since most if not all will be no interp.
Level 24 Chipist
post #99164 :: 2018.05.07 1:41pm
I will try to attend, this sounds awesome :).
Level 25 Mixist
post #99280 :: 2018.05.08 10:58pm
  charlotte liēkd this
So far, my current idea was to show a screen like this
during pre-entry playback, but I've also learned that "showing the entry webpage" is also a thing that is commonly done during a synclisten :o

What do you guys think? Shall I do my own thing or should I shimmy in the entry page as well? (or at least more information than just "title and artist for the next and previous entry"?)
Level 8 Playa
post #99283 :: 2018.05.08 11:26pm
  Apsarah liēkd this
Hell yeah. Thanks for doing this, A-zu-ra.

Savestate++ kicked ass with the winter chip sync. Maybe he has thoughts concerning entry pages.
Level 23 Mixist
post #99310 :: 2018.05.09 3:44am
  RazerBlue6, Jimmyoshi, Flaminglog and Apsarah liēkd this
Level 27 Mixist
post #99322 :: 2018.05.09 11:23am
  goluigi, Flaminglog and A-zu-ra liēkd this
++A-zu-ra (golgistyle)
Level 25 Mixist
post #99394 :: 2018.05.09 9:01pm
  Titan of Plasma, Apsarah, petet, RazerBlue6, kleeder, Sintel and Robyn liēkd this
Ladies and gentlemen, we have ART VIEW
Level 28 Chipist
post #99438 :: 2018.05.10 6:02am
  Apsarah and A-zu-ra liēkd this
i'm really looking forward to this
Level 17 Chipist
post #99448 :: 2018.05.10 9:54am
  Slimeball, A-zu-ra, Jimmyoshi and pigdevil2010 liēkd this
fuck california
Level 29 Chipist
post #99450 :: 2018.05.10 10:45am
  Jimmyoshi and A-zu-ra liēkd this
very nice everything going on here, i'll hopefully be able to tune in !!!
Level 25 Mixist
post #99469 :: 2018.05.10 5:25pm
  goluigi, kleeder, pigdevil2010 and Jimmyoshi liēkd this
So I forgot that May 13th was mommy's day, so guess what? I'm gonna be a crazy sonovabitch and TRY TO DO IT ALL IN ONE DAY.

Stream starts at 11AM PDT/GMT-7 and only happens on May 12 now DDDDD:
Level 27 Mixist
post #99470 :: 2018.05.10 5:31pm

RIP A-zu-ra.
Level 17 Chipist
post #99472 :: 2018.05.10 6:13pm
  charlotte liēkd this
Mother's day is weird. Here in my country Mother's day is today. It's always May 10th no matter what weekday it is.

In France it is the last Sunday of May, iirc.

And this is the first time I hear of it on May 13th (or the 2nd Sunday).

Weird holiday.

Anyway, thanks for the synclisten, A-zu-ra-san. Hope you have a nice Mother's Day.
Level 25 Mixist
post #99528 :: 2018.05.11 6:05pm :: edit 2018.05.12 1:44am
Did I mention that I'm a procrastinator? Here's my remaining laundry list of junk to prep for the stream ( ;゚Д゚)

[ o ] download 0CC-FamiTracker
[ o ] set up 0CC-FamiTracker tracker view
[ o ] set up allgear visualizer views
- [ o ] VLC Media Player visualizer
- [ o ] Webcam view so you can see me dance like a dumbass
- [ o ] Anime slideshow view
- [ o ] Special view for Jimmyoshi's bytebeat + allgear entries with a specific tag
[ o ] download deflemask
[ o ] set up deflemask tracker view
[ o ] download klystrack
[ o ] set up klystrack tracker view
[ o ] set up LittleGPTracker tracker view
[ o ] set up miditrail view
[ o ] reinstall Munt MIDI drivers
[ o ] set up OpenMPT mptm/mod12-24k/s3xmodit tracker view
[ o ] download NTRQ
[ o ] set up NTRQ tracker view
[ o ] set up PandaTracker tracker view
[ o ] set up Renoise tracker view
[ o ] set up snibbetracker tracker view
[ o ] set up SunVox view
Level 19 Criticist
post #99530 :: 2018.05.11 7:24pm
  Slimeball and kleeder liēkd this
  Jimmyoshi hæitd this
needs more "drink water" and "install linux" tbh
Level 25 Mixist
post #99532 :: 2018.05.11 8:16pm
  Flaminglog, Slimeball, kleeder, pigdevil2010 and goluigi liēkd this
[ ] Invite golgi over to my house so I don't have to do golgi impersonations
Level 28 Chipist
post #99536 :: 2018.05.11 10:04pm
  Flaminglog and Jimmyoshi liēkd this
Level 27 Mixist
post #99537 :: 2018.05.11 10:18pm :: edit 2018.05.11 10:18pm
  goluigi and A-zu-ra liēkd this
A-zu-ra, just because you both live in the same area doesn't mean he's going to come over to your house...
Level 24 Chipist
post #99544 :: 2018.05.12 7:11am
  goluigi, A-zu-ra and Slimeball liēkd this
Hmmm, A-zu-ra's picture looks like a cat being held by an anime girl while goluigi is a realistic dog. Interesting contrast. Would there be a fight if he came over, or would opposites attract? More on this story at 11!
Level 23 Chipist
post #99546 :: 2018.05.12 7:51am
  Slimeball liēkd this
petition to have golgi go over to a-zu-ra's place for the stream
Level 25 Mixist
post #99549 :: 2018.05.12 8:55am
Stream is up!

Also stream start may or may not be late depending on when I get back from the gym and potentially breakfast + lunch.
Level 25 Mixist
post #99605 :: 2018.05.13 3:30am :: edit 2018.05.13 3:43am
  Savestate, Titan of Plasma, GudPiggeh, Jimmyoshi, pigdevil2010 and kleeder liēkd this
So uhhhh I pulled a golgi and fell asleep on stream D:

Will continue with the last 3 formats when I'm free tomorrow (I'll announce it beforehand on here) which means there is gonna be a day 2 after all wow

Itinerary for tomorrow's gonna be a messy one, but it basically boils down to:
- Redoing Renoise and finishing the last 3 formats
- Replaying all of the Allgears that were played in mono today
- Maybe replaying from mod12k to panda for those that tuned out late
Level 28 Chipist
post #99606 :: 2018.05.13 4:22am
would be cool, if you could redo mod12k to panda c: /
Level 10 Chipist
post #99660 :: 2018.05.13 8:22am
  Flaminglog liēkd this
aw man, youtube ate the stream before the 4th hour ;;
Level 28 Chipist
post #99663 :: 2018.05.13 8:55am
they're not able to save streams properly, when they're longer than 12 hours. dont ask me why
Level 25 Mixist
post #99672 :: 2018.05.13 10:59am
  kleeder liēkd this
luckily i have a local copy of basically everything except the first 2-3 entries of ACH! famitracker because i was a dumdum and didn't hit record when the sink started
Level 25 Mixist
post #99678 :: 2018.05.13 1:49pm
  kleeder liēkd this

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