Looking for collaborators for metal project !!!!
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post #98849 :: 2018.05.02 10:00pm
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I love you guys

I'm looking for a drummer, a vocalist, and maybe a guitarist. Bass and mixing are already covered.

Find me on the official botb irc and post in this thread if you're interested !!!!

You all need to be able to record as cleanly as is viable within your budget and current equipment!!!! For guitar, I need the non-distorted signal. Drummer should have at least four mics and a submic or a broken speaker (for kick), but I'll take what I can get.

Next time a metal compo happens, if I get botbrs on this project then I plan that we collab for metal compo, else I'll just submit my own thing for metal compo again.

Drums are the most needed, then vocals, then possibly guitar. I just can't write internally-unique drums anymore over long pieces, and vocals is less needed because if I can't find a vocalist I can do them myself.

If this is a bad post please remove it right away pukey!

not posting a clip link as I delete clips frequently and don't want to update a link constantly in this thread. Ask for one in the official botb irc, a great place to go chat with buddies and friends from botb! If my computer is on, I'll get your message (my computer is almost always on).
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post #98852 :: 2018.05.03 6:01am
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metal collab on BotB? YES another metal compo? HELL YES

i can't help with any of these right now BUT i'm here to say i'm really hyped for this!

looking forward for what you'll come with! :D

if anything, i can drop some vst

For drums: Addictive Drums 2 is what i use (since is light on resources enough to run on my low gamma laptop, and real enough to ever want any other tbh), though people also recommend Supreme Drummer (seems the most professional one, though some packs goes up to 20gb, if you can afford that)

For guitar/bass: Amplitube 3 is my to go to get all kind of cool effects, specifially metal ones, Guitar Rig 5 is a great choice too

though a fellow famous youtuber who play metal videogame arranges (idk if he's okay with me quoting on him so i'll just drop the vst names) told me he uses a recording interface called scarlet 2i2 and that for rhythms he uses the devin townsend crunch tone on metal guitar gods, that's apparently an expansion for EzMix 2, he also told me he uses a plugin called s-gear a lot too, he got one of the greatest metal riff sounding with them imo

good luck to you and all collaborators! :D i can't wait to hear you totally blasting it! x3

also i wish th4 D34D finds this thread lol
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post #98862 :: 2018.05.03 9:35am
I should forewarn that this project has commercial interest so it's possible you might not get to get the fruits of your excitement for the project to go through because, depending on deals, it might not be distributed in a free-listening digital way!!!! But the internally-produced demos will be 100% free and hosted on youtube and bandcamp when they're finished, and I will be updating along the writing process with occasional clips in various chats including the BotB Official IRC Chat, Where You Can Talk To Many Musical Friends From Across The Borders Of Space And Time!

Also, for the mixing side of things I'm covered for plenty of ways to get a good tone!!!!! All I lack is hardware, I've found and learned the good free stuff and it sounds heavy as hell. But you make a good point about the scarlett 2i2!!!! Also I definitely need to upgrade my drums lol, if I don't get a drummer I'll probably try out whatever the best free drum machine I can try is instead of continuing to use my unrandomed samplesets from 90s drum machines (which honestly sound really bad).
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post #98868 :: 2018.05.03 6:57pm
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i'll consider the risk if the fruit is an avocado
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post #98869 :: 2018.05.03 8:47pm
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post #98898 :: 2018.05.05 5:47pm
okay, so I'm getting better at screams so I might have to scratch the need of a vocalist!!!!

I would like one though, since I have to do male screams for this and I prefer doing female vocals!!!!!!!!!!!
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post #99471 :: 2018.05.10 5:40pm
No more need for this but people are interested so I'll give some perma demos in this thread, but the sound is changing very fast!!!!!!


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