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post #98452 :: 2018.04.12 11:56pm :: edit 2018.04.12 11:57pm
  Slimeball and Cessor Safari liēkd this
at the moment, my experiences with this converter are not so good, this tool likes to be such a pane in the arse and always puts the compiled nsf in the wrong directory. most of the time I keep getting silent nsfs.
If you've used IT2NSF before and would like to share your experiences with it, please do.
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post #98456 :: 2018.04.13 8:10am
  djmaximum and Slimeball liēkd this
I usually start with one of my template IT files (which use samples that output the exact pitch the NES will output... well, within precision and resampling limitations and some other quirks not being there). I sometimes have a tendency to not think about volume and pitch envelopes outright, except for most commonly the triangle kick, mainly because I end up programming them using the built-in Impulse Tracker effects (and typing them in the message editor for instruments manually can be tedious... plus we have the line break problem that cuts off especially long cases, when I can correct by hacking the .it file with a hex editor). There are exceptions, though, especially if I realize I have memory constraints, which will cause me to replace some of those effects with envelopes if used commonly enough. I do have to manually set up the global volume of the sample to try to reproduce the volume balances of the NES (this gets ignored during conversion).

DPCM used to be a weak point for me not because of the conversion results, but because I used an inaccurate enough player that I overestimated the volume capabilities of the DPCM. The pitch envelope feature for the DPCM (limited though it may be due to hardware limitations) allows me to make cheap, powerful kicks with a sample that's a mere 17 bytes.

I do look up the manual mainly for the pitch information on noise and DPCM.

The biggest gotcha? You have to align your instruments and MML instruments together manually . I have to be conscious about this part (and making sure they're in the correct channel) to avoid potentially glitching out the playback.
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post #98457 :: 2018.04.13 10:23am :: edit 2018.04.13 10:27am
I just realized there is no clear explanation on how VRC7 works, or is there?
also I believe the 5B supports tone only, no support for noise or hardware envelopes.
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post #98459 :: 2018.04.13 12:08pm
Never used the 5B, and I'm pretty sure it's tone-only.

When I used the VRC7, I took samples from (I lost the original source), and then created a series of instruments that simply stated "VRC7" with "duty" values representing the patch ID. I have never attempted to create a custom patch using IT2NSF.
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post #98494 :: 2018.04.14 11:53pm
  RazerBlue6 liēkd this
why even use it2nsf anyways when better tools exist
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post #98497 :: 2018.04.15 7:04am
  goluigi liēkd this
cause I wanted to see how bad it was with the expansion chips, especially N163.
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post #98499 :: 2018.04.15 10:28am
I had no major problems with it. There was usually a tolerable change to the sound after it rendered, which was an interesting enough character to keep the song, but because I never learned the exact reasons for those changes and didn't want to rely on luck, I stopped using it.
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post #98549 :: 2018.04.18 7:10am
well, I'm slowly getting better with it, as I learn how the macros work in each expansion chip.
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post #98551 :: 2018.04.18 8:35am :: edit 2018.04.18 8:36am
Well make sure you got a good bug out location in case you chose to bug out. Prep those food rations and try being the Grey Man as long as you're inside the city, no matter if you chose to bug out or bug in. Did you make sure to properly align your EDC to the situation? Also, search through some houses for bleach - chances are you'll find some bleach in a former memelord's basement - it's a life assurance for water purification in an urban environment.

Wait, you wrote IT2NSF, not SHTF... Nevermind
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post #98565 :: 2018.04.18 6:35pm
also I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if its a bug in IT2NSF, but sometimes square 1 gets ignored by the compiler and I have to enter a shit tun of notes in order for square 1 to activate.
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post #98593 :: 2018.04.19 9:31pm
did the tool come with documentation? or a present it to use for composing?

the tool was intented, I guess, as a quick hack for people who didn't originally use...err, famitracker/mml/nerdtracker.

So transcoding an it to nsf it's somewhat prone to fail? Keep in mind the nsf format limitations when composing from it modules (effects to use, volume levels, panning) I guess you need to start with simple compositions.
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post #98598 :: 2018.04.20 5:00am
  anewuser, djmaximum and Slimeball liēkd this
Oh! I know that bug with the 2A03 square waveforms. I actually make a dummy pattern to force the issue at zero volume with two notes: a B-9 and a A-2. My instinct says this is either due to a failure to initialize the pitch or something else is going on, so I force the issue this way.
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post #98601 :: 2018.04.20 5:34pm
  KungFuFurby liēkd this
Yay I'm not the only one who's encountered this bug:-)

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