Renoise : use left shift to insert chords?!?!
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post #98354 :: 2018.04.09 10:32am
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I've been using renoise for over 10 years and I've always found dealing with chords a bit of a pain the arse. The other night I remembered that when I do chords with a MIDI controller they simply cascade to the right inside the current track (adding columns if necessary), and I was like "WTF WHY CANT I DO THIS NAO WITH KEYBOARD?!?!" So I did a search and found this left-shift trick buried in the manual. Too bad it won't work for putting in OFFs, but you can copypasta that shit.

So any renoise users already know about this or find this useful?
My next allgear ohb gonna be chord heavy!
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post #98355 :: 2018.04.09 10:33am
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woah, ill have to try this after work
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post #98356 :: 2018.04.09 11:03am
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I think that's inherited from "keyjazz" in FT2.
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post #98372 :: 2018.04.09 6:26pm
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I remember finding out about this a few years ago and it was a life saver back when i used renoise. This is why you should always read the manual!!!
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post #98375 :: 2018.04.10 12:16am
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schismtracker can do this too, i was pleasantly surprised to find out it works in renoise. very handy

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