Feature request: 669 on s3xmodit format
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post #97996 :: 2018.03.27 6:43pm
hii! after the 669 topic that started in the Spring Tracks VII comment section probably lot's of botbr are wondering what's this format about

It is the first pc tracker that uses samples; it runs on MS-DOS

here's information about the trackers:
Composer 669
Unis 669

and about the format specs
669 Format
Extended 669 Format (Only possible to make with the Unis 669 tracker)

in the will of help to give this obscure, and afaik, the oldest pc sample-based tracker known the recognizion it deserves as the grandfather of pc modules, i though it would be a good idea to ask;

what do you think about it being part of the s3xmodit family?
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post #97997 :: 2018.03.27 7:56pm
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i have no problem with it as long as the format name doesn't change
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post #98003 :: 2018.03.27 10:58pm
im scared of the implications
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post #98004 :: 2018.03.27 11:57pm
How fair is it for limited k s3xmodit formats?
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post #98010 :: 2018.03.28 7:21am
@Sinc-X same, adding 669 to s3xmodit would make it more lewd than it is

@Ord which implications? o_O

@RazerBlue6 for being older, it actually is far less featured than other trackers; you have a maximum of 8 channels, 22kHZ samples (or 44kHZ using the Unis 669 Extended feature) and basic effects

it isn't at pair to the rest of the formats BUT has enough to make great music regardless, also cool points for entering a limited size compo with a even more limited format :D

i see it as a neat challenge for the brave, plus is a good format for those that aren't really used to set effect commands like me ;-;
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post #98012 :: 2018.03.28 8:01am
the 669 format has a place in my heart for making me giggle every time i pulled down the format list in MPT
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post #98015 :: 2018.03.28 9:06am
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my main problem with adding 669 to s3xmodit is that none of the existing s3xmodit trackers (most popularly openMPT, milkytracker, and schism tracker) play back 669 modules correctly, and the only trackers that do only run on DOS. the lyceum says that foobar plays 669 files, but (without having looked into it at all) i question its degree of accuracy in playback, and for voting purposes, playing a module in foobar isn't quite the same as playing it in a tracker.

imo there should be a place for 669 on botb. the official name for the s3xmodit format is "classic DOS module", which 669 modules certainly are, but i have practical concerns about including it and would rather split it into another format. maybe there could be an "obscure DOS module" format as a catch-all for all the other sample-based DOS trackers out there. we could call it farptmtm669etc, which rolls right off the tongue.
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post #98016 :: 2018.03.28 9:33am
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I remembered the s3xmodit incorrectly. I think it got changed at some point because I clearly remember it once saying under file formats something like "too many to list here", but that is no longer the case.

I thought xmplay supported .669, but I was wrong. OH BOY but you know what does? WINAMP
!! Really whipping the llamas ass there! Who knows how accurate it actually is though.I would guess, however, that it's a rather simple format compared to .xm/.it

I'm not against making this its own format, but I also agree with Jangler that the toolset is rather different and shouldn't be lumped in with s3xmodit.
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post #98018 :: 2018.03.28 9:59am
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Unless I'm horribly mistaken, Winamp uses an ancient version of libmodplug to play back obscure formats such as 669. So it's at least as broken as OpenMPT.

(I actually have no idea how good/bad OpenMPT is at playing back 669 files properly)

On the other hand, this means VLC media player can play them too. Yay?
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post #98084 :: 2018.03.29 10:18am
  Slimeball liēkd this
yes, VLC automatically associated .669 modules with it; you can try to open some yourself from modland's Composer 669 repository:

and expected it sounds quite different than on the tracker, so yea; i'd also advice not to playback there for accuracy means too :C

as for the idea of an Obscure DOS Module format, that sounds a better idea than adding it to s3xmodit actually; one hardly can compete with a module that plays 22kHZ samples unless you use the Unis 669's Extended 669 feature to modern tracker modules that actually can sound almost like streamed music lmao

so yea, i agree with you all!~ :D

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