Where does your will to make music come from?
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Hi! sometimes good and bad things happens that affect your life, and you have to stand a bit to determine what's good or not for you

so there i am, realizing 80% of the communities i'm in are music related, while ironically having a not strong enough will to make them, since i deal with stuff that daily sucks my passion out

i can't help that BUT i want my long forgotten will to make music shine again, so i though it would be a good idea to ask botbrs so i may assimilate some of what moves you

what inspires you to make music?

any experience or ideal helps! thaanks a lot in advance!~ :D
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i used to just wake up and suddenly have musical ideas all the time but that's started to slow down bc of school and adult things, so now I mess around and jam on an instrument to get that first kernel of an idea. even if i still don't get any ideas for an actual song, making some noise on a piano or guitar or whatever just makes me feel better.

idk if you play an instrument already but if you don't you really really really really should, it makes everything so much easier if you have something you can just pull out and make noise on for 30 minutes

i still get out of the blue song ideas once in a while but i think those come from me thinking about a feeling or an image and then subconsciously trying to convert that into music. sometimes it's a simple feeling like seeing a cute bird in the park and other times it's a complex one like the feeling of living in an objectively better place but still longing for your shitty boring hometown
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"what inspires you to make music?"...

Beauty, Truth and Love...
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partly just because it's something to do. also because i like learning and trying out new things. Also if i want to hear music i like i can imitate stuff that i've heard before that i know i like and then I get something new that i like (unless my thing was really shit).

Also it's motivating to have people post OHBs because then there's more pressure to make something, and it's nice if it's something good but it's more about doing something first and assessing if it's good later.

Also I'm an attention whore.
winning ohbs
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Ok, serious answer. 'Will' is hard to pin-point for me. I hardly have the will to make music. Like I have inspiration and ideas, but not the will or motivation to actually learn how to make music. It is very demotivating to me that I can't formulate ideas I have or even copy things I like reliably.

I'm not sure whether competitions really help me. I enjoy them from time to time and I believe they are what makes this community great.

I feel the most "inspired" using a modular synth. Using it is very meditative to me. But I don't really make music with it :P
Maybe you can find a way to make music that is relaxing to you and not draining.
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post #97829 :: 2018.03.24 5:31pm
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my what now
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it comes and goes, the will. at first i was worried when it would go for a couple of months, until i got used to it being like a cyclical event. but when i _am_ motivated, it can be because of all manner of factors;

-new format/new tracker/workflow/technique
-new music theory practice/compositional improvement/genre/paradigm/response to cc
-because i just like the format
-ive done the format before but feel i havent done the format justice yet
-promotion for others to use a particular format/tracker/thing
-to dilute the amt of cutecore in compos :))))))
-therapy/process management
-because i know that some people might like it
-to feel less bad about stuff made in the past
-because channel f
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post #97831 :: 2018.03.24 6:02pm
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fickleness and proof of concept
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post #97832 :: 2018.03.24 6:05pm
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I think you need to sharpen your focus and filter out the things that don't ultimately help you make music and stay creative.
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I want to make music, but more importantly, I want to make good music. I see other people around me and think, "Wow, I really have a long ways to go." What inspired me to make music and the reason I still am is just listening to stuff I thought was really good and/or interesting. Maybe just look around at other artists or find one that you've never heard of before?

edit: to be honest though my willpower comes through eating sweet potatoes and peanut butter. ;D
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post #97834 :: 2018.03.24 8:03pm
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Internalizing my experiences.
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I always wanted to compose my own food but my music is one of the many many things that suck less than it.
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post #97838 :: 2018.03.24 10:15pm
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ohbs or neurosis
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post #97842 :: 2018.03.25 2:46am
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stress time limits, the like. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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post #97843 :: 2018.03.25 4:23am
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Habit. If your daily habit when you get home is launching a tracker and putting some notes in, it won't matter if you feel like doing it or not.
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post #97844 :: 2018.03.25 8:47am
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Fortifying and expressing myself as an animal with cognitive and creative abilities and spiritual needs B)) Bringing glory to Mama Helvetia, Mama Europa, Mama Gaia and bliss to those of its people who share the cause or at least appreciate the results aesthetically. Music is not enough though, as the man of the renaissance demands knowledge in "all" arts.. All glory and praise to Nature and only one wife and one piece of land and one house for me; that is if i live up to deserve it, or rather have the guts to take what the universe has to offer as a reward for bravery and/or endurance..
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post #97848 :: 2018.03.25 12:16pm
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I am new to this site, never really opened up before but here goes! Mainly videogame music composers like Nobuo Uematsu, Tommy Tallarico, Frederic Motte etc, the seasons (summer, autumn...), daily things in life like rain, snow, a passing storm, seeing a frog among some toadstools yadda yadda. I can't read or write music, bits of music just come to me and I play and record them so I can add to them later.

I love making music but I always feel insignificant compared to other peoples amazing compositions that I often get discouraged. Anything in life gives me inspiration but If I forget to record it, it is gone forever.

My will for music is infinitely stronger than the will of things I am actually qualified to do. I don't know where it came from but I am thankful it is there.
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post #97886 :: 2018.03.25 7:20pm
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I don't know.
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hey i don't wake up with inspiration or energy im too old for that fake shit. grow up if you have energy or are young tbh

^i write parody zanzan posts in my head like the above and then i get mad enough about imaginary responses in IRC that I write music about it

hey it's a really small effect to be told your music is nice when it came out of paranoid mania. you know when you are on twitter and someone posts about their life being in disarray and their avenues out of that life being incredibly limited and artificially blocked and you click Like on it out of support but robbed of context you just said "That's nice" to a cry of desperation

i wish my music was extreme in any way i listened to so much shit black metal and noise in my last.fm phase that i'd feel stupid to do it


http://www.uwosh.edu/coehs/cmagproject/ethnomath/legend/legend9.htm all my songs are about people who could find something in this story to question
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post #97942 :: 2018.03.26 4:52pm
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I've been making music since forever. I joined a marching band playing the trumpet at age 7, got a keyboard when I was 11, bought an electric guitar when I was 15. So making music was always something I was doing. After high school I studied sound engineering, which helped a lot with my production and recording skills.

I don't know where my desire to make music comes from, it's just something I've been doing for all my life. It seems weird to stop now :D
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post #97946 :: 2018.03.26 5:16pm
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It comes and goes, but it's a constant itch to feed the beast. FWIW, I was feeling particularly uninspired a few weeks ago and found this interview with a fellow musician inspiring:

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post #97956 :: 2018.03.26 7:45pm
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this isnt a joke, i make music cause i think people would forget i was there if i didnt make some kind of weird saw wave noises from time to time
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helps give exotic backstory for the social media cult i am raising like a tamagochi game in my spare time. also divine visions

edit: ok not really. it's just an excellent tool to reconcile stuff floating around in my head
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post #97974 :: 2018.03.27 8:30am
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it's worth noting that i feel almost no correlation between having ideas, wanting to make music, and feeling inspired. most of the time if i have an idea before i start, i have to force myself to sit down anyway. dunno why.

maybe transcription is draining to me. or trying to focus to keep tame the many branches of ideas that grow just intimidates me.

anyway, sometimes i write to chill out.

sometimes i write to beat you in an OHB. that's fun.

sometimes i write because it makes me feel immortal, like i can leave a mark on this world. an unjudged, well-examined mark. as though, somehow, i couldn't be taken as insincere through my music. like my spirit could just be preserved in some little tunes and maybe my great-great-grandkids could get to know me just by listening.

i'd say it's pretty much split even 3 ways between those modi operandi.
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post #98068 :: 2018.03.29 12:37am
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slicing meat at a deli
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post #98082 :: 2018.03.29 9:34am
Thaanks you so much, everyone! :D most advices really helped out! specially VinCMG one of playing a instrument; i instantly plugged the keyboard after a long while and jammed to it for hours, enjoyed it a lot and also gave me good ideas to write some music, it was really motivating and i actually encourage everyone to do so!~ x3

btw please don't talk about death that is the topic itself that sucks my vitality i have to deal with that everyday and the angst it produces me goes to the point my heart started to fail since months, and ultimately lose the passion to do anything thanks

i think music itself is a great way to recover from bad times, i now realize that's a good motivation enough to push oneself to do it
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post #98115 :: 2018.03.30 11:15pm
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For me, my will comes from my desire to tell a story in a multimedia fashion, and music is only a piece of that puzzle. I've gotten the majority of my inspiration from having a solid purpose and/or mood that I wanted to convey for a particular reason. I mostly got really into this kinda stuff when I started getting into rpg maker (and game maker, but not quite as much due to Effort).
I try to do stuff over here occasionally, but usually my personal projects tend to call my attention better.
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post #98121 :: 2018.03.31 7:23am
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post #98130 :: 2018.03.31 12:16pm
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mine ebbs and flows in congruence with how my life is generally going. I tend to get into 'flow' with music and feel driven to create more often when I'm generally feeling good/fit/energetic/healthy and am enabled to live more freely and experience life as I want to. I can create music without feeling inspired but I end up hating it

competition is a good driving factor too, but its heavily fueled by my ego and gets pretty exhausting after a while
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post #98262 :: 2018.04.04 11:56am
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absolutely nothing at this point and i wouldn't have it any other way. the music's just there and all that has to happen is just simply acknowledging it. it may be brilliance or it may be utter drivel, but that's life in a nutshell. :D
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post #98274 :: 2018.04.05 1:56am
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My relationship with music is constantly in flux. There is never a time when I don't love music, or do it as a career, and as a stress relief, a hobby, a meditative aid, a form of self-expression, and so on. However, my perspective on the role music "should" play in my current lifetime is always changing.

I was bitter for many years at the sorry state the music industry had gotten into, right about the time when I was beginning to gain the confidence and skill necessary to really do something "big". I've finally learned to accept that none of this was an accident and that there is a very good reason why I haven't "made it" (whatever that means today) yet, and may never.
My current perspective on the matter is that any sort of major commercial success that may cause a drastic change in lifestyle or attachments, at least for now, would derail all of my higher goals in life. I'm in the middle of a major test right now. Undergoing some profound changes in my consciousness as a result of the difficult things I've been facing. I know this probably sounds cryptic.
I'm writing a book about it.

Back on the subject more specifically, all I can really say is that, in hindsight, it appears that my lifelong compulsion to absorb and create music is tied to my lifelong compulsion to express and connect with Source/Creator/God. I do a lot of music for reasons other than that compulsion (such as my need to eat and pay bills), but that is the prime mover. That's what gets me out of bed every day. I'm so overjoyed to have reached my goal of making music my sole source of income. I certainly ain't rich, but I'm making it!

Sorry for the long-winded mystical whatever. This is me lately.
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post #98289 :: 2018.04.05 2:27pm
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i have the will to do music because fuck school.
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post #98339 :: 2018.04.08 3:46pm :: edit 2018.04.08 3:47pm
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Music isn't just one singular thing so I don't have one singular will, or reason, to make it or work on it. I could make music any day, in any style, and for any reason, but am I going to sit down and compose my Magnum Opus every time? Probably not, but I can take baby steps each day and slowly approach what I perceive as "good music". I might practice scales on guitar in the morning with some coffee, or get really high and fiddle with serum for a few hours late at night. Either way I'm staying creative and having fun!
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post #98348 :: 2018.04.09 7:41am
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procrastination of more important things, basically.. >:C
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post #104160 :: 2018.10.02 3:36pm
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a girl once broke up with me for a drummer
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post #104165 :: 2018.10.02 6:12pm
mostly just "oh hey, there's $INSERT_EVENT_HERE and I should enter!"
Like, after ages of not making any kind of game at all, the game jam got me to actually complete a game.

and I'll probably enter the metal compo
and that'll be all my media output until something else that seems interesting to enter shows up again
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post #104171 :: 2018.10.03 6:38am
when i feel like it
like, it's kind of like an urge to create something or work on a sketch
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post #104173 :: 2018.10.03 8:02am
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I just noodle around on a guitar until I come up with something that sounds alright, or just throw a couple of chords up on some daw and see what sticks. sunflower seeds tea bee heich
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post #104179 :: 2018.10.03 3:12pm :: edit 2018.10.03 3:12pm
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i just want to be remembered

someday i'm going to write a proper symphony, but i'm not good enough yet

so my motivation is to become good enough
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post #104215 :: 2018.10.05 4:25pm
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My will to make music comes at random, really. Sometimes an idea of a song pops up in my head, but unfortunately most of the time once I'm finally able to go on my PC to try and track it, i forget how it went or it just ends up sounding not the way I wanted it to, thus I scrap it.
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post #104219 :: 2018.10.05 6:32pm
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Tea inspires me so much. When I drink tea, and drink it a lot, I just get absorbed by the process of making art or music, the Flow, which gives me that ability to sit for hours staying concentrated on the art media i'm working with. It takes much time to get proficient with the media but as soon as I'm able to express at least a little bit of an image the Tea Flow brings into my mind - the process becomes a pure joy, and as I become more and more confident when I make something, the Joy of Creation also becomes stronger. So the process of creation is already a reward. Knowing that people also enjoy things you're making multiplies it significantly.
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post #104238 :: 2018.10.06 11:13am
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Hell yea, I love talking about myself, especially in a 7-month old thread.

The most productive and inspired I've ever been was when I made an alt account on 8bc and posted random shit. Incidentally, this spawned the best music I made to this date.

inhibitions r sux
life's too short to have ridiculous self-imposed standards
the world seems borked real gud
and yet I must be deeply in love with it
that's what inspires me

no talking death, you say?
oops, well, reminding myself of my own impermanence does put everything into perspective and makes me that much more courageous AND stops me from wasting time on what isn't important according to my deepest feelies. that said, there's no doubt i'd run to my mommy all scared all over again, should death decide to stare me in the face.

Sadly, nowadays, hacking away at computers = physical pain and I'm not hot enough at any instrument to live-record. Wanna get back into this shit, though. BotB is the perfect platform to forget your standards and be creative l0l. No hard feelings, always loved this place for the laidbackness.
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post #104240 :: 2018.10.06 11:51am
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I mostly just do it for fun. I'm not very good at it though :/

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