The Greatest Live Performance In Recent Memory
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The Ohio Players - Fire

Post the greatest live performance you can think of. Let's try to keep it bite sized but no reason not to.
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this one is really long but it immediately came to mind

charles mingus sextet w/ eric dolphy - take the a-train

edit: thanks to rainwarrior for introducing me to this
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i've listened to a lot of different performances of this piece but i haven't found one that I like more than this: Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians

there's a really ugly skip where there used to be a commercial break in the middle but it seems the recordings are out of print

edit: oh, bite sized. whoops (the entire piece is really good though)
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post #97782 :: 2018.03.23 3:30am
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Sting - Bring on the Night
If it's not bite-sized enough skip to the funky part in the middle.
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post #97783 :: 2018.03.23 4:58am
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Snarky Puppy - Lingus
The whole album is amazing, and everything was recorded live. Definitely check it out, if you don't know it already

Not really "recent" but one of my fav live performances on the tubez:
Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing
Simply groovy as fuck. I love Knopfler's guitar skills.

Neither recent, nor bite sized:
Emerson, Lake and Palmer Live in Zurich 1970
Basically Keith Emerson going nuts - the movie. I love it.

Just to change things up a bit:
James Cigler - Only A Test
Just a eurorack performance from the tubez that I really like.
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post #97818 :: 2018.03.24 2:54pm
We analysed Lingus in music class because our music teacher is freaking awesome. Great song.
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Cardiacs at Salisbury Arts Centre 30th June 1990
One of my favorite bands doing an insane punk/prog/etc show with a large band (before they'd pair down to a 4 piece). Majestic, powerful, life changing.
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post #97914 :: 2018.03.26 5:41am
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NerdMcBoon: ELP, hell yeah! Too bad 2/3 of them have left the planet already...
Also, suicide teh best
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post #98097 :: 2018.03.29 7:27pm
oh yeah this whole concert was amazing
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I've really been raking my brain on this one. I've seen some epic shows but most of them were a very long time ago. Then it hit me!

I went and saw Primus just for fun about 3 years ago. The ticket said Primus & The Chocolate Factory on it and I thought nothing of it. Primus hadn't put out an album I really liked since the mid 90's. Then they hit the stage and start doing their own weird rendition of the entire Charlie and The Chocolate Factory soundtrack. They even had full size people with giant oompa loompa heads come out on stage for those songs. I was literally in tears multiple times throughout the set. This crusty old band that has 5 or 6 albums I adore from decades ago was finally delivering again. You could say its sad it wasn't completely original material, but the concept was a marriage right out of heaven for me. I bought the studio recording vinyl of that set at that show and I've listened to it at least 20 times.

[edit] oh I guess I misunderstood the title of this thread -- thought we were supposed to talk about live performances we were actually at xD
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post #98103 :: 2018.03.30 2:39pm
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Actually attended:

M Ward droned through an unaccompanied set in open D, because all the songs were in the same key it was getting a little old, until he was ending with a long harmonica jam, which was nice but also running on quite a bit, until the harmonica fell out of the holder. He finished up by scat singing with barely a little skip while he adjusted. He got a standing ovation.

Bono of U2 led the arena in singing Amazing Grace, the wireless box on The Edge's acoustic guitar wasn't working.

Video or whatever:

Too many to mention, honestly.
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I saw Les Claypool live with some friends and a leader of the youth group at our church when i was a freshman in highschool. We all liked weird music and we had never done a drug in our lives, and all the youth leader knew was that Primus was some rad band from the 90s. All of a sudden everyone started doing drugs and smoking bongs (yes a guy pulled a bong out from under his shirt and started smoking it) and the youth leader got really upset and i could tell he wanted to commit suicide in the name of christ. He literally fell asleep halfway thru the show right before the guitarist of Phish randomly showed up on stage and rocked out for the rest of the show. This actually happened, and it was a pretty good show!

edit:only slightly edited
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Actually attended (not the one in the video tho):
Bob Rutman

Dude's in his mid 80s and he sounds as if his spaceship just landed on Earth yesterday.
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post #98150 :: 2018.03.31 11:45pm
that's actually kinda cute! Here's another solid show
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this cornelius performance
is a thing I saw recently, thought it was pretty good. I'm impressed with how carefully executed the live sound is, it's a good result

also found something funny(I'm onto you, corn
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post #98518 :: 2018.04.16 9:13am
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haha nice! I've been listening to a lot of prefab sprout lately. From Langley Park is one of the best albums I've heard in a very long while
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post #98519 :: 2018.04.16 9:29am
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oh yea that's a goodun. I really vibe with how paddy writes, plus they worked with some really great producers for a few albums so their music is an all around treat. I like that steve mcqueen album a lot too
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post #98521 :: 2018.04.16 10:38am
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yeah it's crazy some of the people they've worked with. i just discovered them like 4 days ago lol so I'm still trying to get through their discography.
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How could I forget this! Very thrilling performance. NSFW Guitar Porn!!
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everything else pales in comparison to this virtuoso
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post #98654 :: 2018.04.24 1:20am
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@Cessor's nice
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post #98669 :: 2018.04.24 12:30pm
What a time to be alive
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I'm surprised nobody has posted this yet

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