Survey about Chiptune for Research Study
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post #97334 :: 2018.03.09 11:53am
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Hello! I am a researcher at James Madison University, and I am studying chiptune for my thesis project. I am trying to learn about how chiptune musicians learn about making music and what kinds of things they do as chiptune community members. I would really appreciate it if you took a couple of minutes to fill out the survey below. Thank you in advance for your help! Feel free to contact me at my institutional email (found in the form within the survey) if you have any questions.
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post #97340 :: 2018.03.09 7:14pm :: edit 2018.03.09 7:23pm
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Ooh cool!

Because this was submitted in n00b soz, nobody can actually see this post unless they go looking for it soooo. I'll post a bulletin containing this.:D

Have fun with extracting even qualitative data from it though, text boxes are impossible to parse other than by hand :/
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post #97452 :: 2018.03.12 4:15pm
Your college must be cool to allow research on chiptune
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post #97517 :: 2018.03.14 3:00am
I wonder what the span of surveying users is.

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