Why do some NSF songs turn into a neverending ship departing noise?
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post #97048 :: 2018.03.02 11:27am
  VirtualMan liēkd this
It's kinda amuses me.
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post #97054 :: 2018.03.02 1:48pm
Link examples.
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post #97072 :: 2018.03.02 9:06pm
some people just like using all the channels together at times to be a powerful, cute dickface.
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post #97077 :: 2018.03.02 10:25pm
Oh, I see.

I originally thought it might have been the player I was using.

Thanks for info!
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post #97197 :: 2018.03.03 7:13pm
well, what player are you using? it would help to also link the nsfs. may need to rule out something.
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post #97198 :: 2018.03.03 7:43pm :: edit 2018.03.06 9:22am
  VirtualMan hæitd this
I'm using VirtualNES as a player.

Here's a link to one of the NSF entries used as an example:
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post #97269 :: 2018.03.06 5:01am
  puke7 liēkd this
those two entries were troll submissions submitted into r famicompo mini 10, first one is a cover of https://fearofdark.bandcamp.com/track/23rd-century-life
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post #97274 :: 2018.03.06 9:18am
  puke7 and charlotte liēkd this
Thanks! I suppose that makes sense considering the several other trollish entries in that contest.

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