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The story behind BotBrs nicknames
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post #96943 :: 2018.02.28 9:53pm
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hii! though it would be neat to know more about the community so i decided to ask this; what do your BotBr username means?/why do you choose it?

i'm really curious about most if not all BotBr nicknames!~ :D
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post #96946 :: 2018.02.28 10:05pm
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you first fruity boy
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post #96947 :: 2018.02.28 10:07pm
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just kidding
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post #96948 :: 2018.02.28 10:09pm
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mine has the most interesting story

i picked random letters and put a dash in it
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i think is fair lol

ViL came originally from Mick Trancy's Vilous book, since i liked the creatures she made many years ago, specially Sergals

X was took from, probably a mix between many MSN Messenger nick formatting my friends and contacts had lol, and Toxicxeternity since he used to be my favorite guitarrist on youtube since about 10 years ago now i can't really choose a favorite, mostly because i enjoy a lot of different styles now

Dryad i don't really have a solid memory of why BUT that was the name of a hero i invented in the time i played with toys, maybe when i was 5, despite it isn't in my native language words, many years laters i found out they were spirit of nature, and since i love nature i decided to bring it to my artistic name as well

the casing? demoscene! on old-school intros was styled to use upper-case letters except for the i, because upper-case I is similar to lower-case l in some fonts lol so this decision was in tribute to them!~ =' 3
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post #96950 :: 2018.02.28 11:28pm
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My username was originally my Minecraft name. Miner-scale ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I know it's stupid but it's stuck so whatever
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post #96961 :: 2018.03.01 1:51am
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WoW name generator. (vanilla y'all)
tbh it sux tho idk why i still use it.
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post #96962 :: 2018.03.01 2:40am
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Mine was a tour motto from a few years ago. It was my band Hailgun and a band from new Zealand called Master Blaster touring Europe. "growley" was some word my band mates mum used when he was a kid but he couldn't remember the context, so it became the word we used to describe when anything remotely good happened:)
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post #96963 :: 2018.03.01 2:50am
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its my name. my previous names were 1) a digimon and 2) a phoenix wright girl
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post #96964 :: 2018.03.01 4:12am
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i used flash like 16 years ago, haha
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post #96968 :: 2018.03.01 4:33am
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D&D half-orc barbarian
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post #96970 :: 2018.03.01 5:54am
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footprints comes from "Whose footprints are these?" (Metal Gear Solid), and 420 is a giant shitpost number :^)
it seemed like a good idea at the time
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post #96975 :: 2018.03.01 6:47am :: edit 2018.03.01 6:50am
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My cousin would always enter his initials in NES games as ACE and I had heard that the reason was because they're really close to each other and easy to input. Xyz does the same.

If you ever see me with 39808 appended to my name on sites where you need something like catlover69 to differentiate between the other 68 catlovers on the site, then that was my old school ID#.

If you see me with Ylem in it, that's one of my oldest friends' record label's name and whenever the fuck I actually get around to making a non-chip album, it'll be on there. I technically have a release or two on there already
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post #96976 :: 2018.03.01 7:04am :: edit 2018.03.01 7:07am
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Mine was from when I tried to sign up for an Apple developer account (I was like 13 or 14 at the time lmao). Originally it was capitalized as "devEd", but eventually i signed up for a (now dead) forum under the name "DevEd2" and (after removing the 2) the name stuck. Other names I've used include EdTheGreat* (this predates DevEd) and UburL33TUzerNam (created for essentially a shitposting forum).

Note 1: The Ed part comes from my real life name.

Note 2: I was not aware of the whole "palindrome" thing when I first created my nick. Nowadays, it's probably the main reason why I still keep the name.

*I hate this so badly that I actually had to fight the urge to not include it in this post.
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post #96977 :: 2018.03.01 7:32am
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I had a t-shirt when I was a teenager with a fat Buddha on it. It was my favorite. When I started getting into ROMs and dumping I used the name Buddha. On IRC on the Vertigo 2099 and Outlawz communities (at around 2000) I met MickoZ. He called me B00daW because l33tsp34k was new at that time.
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post #96979 :: 2018.03.01 8:13am
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I've been through a lot of usernames before settling with Savestate
McNuggets (Smash Exclusive lmao)

when i was signing up for botb, i saw it as a fresh start. i wanted something that didn't have numbers, didn't have more than one word, and straight up didn't suck lol (unlike all my other names). iirc i figured a list of code/game/tech related names that were relevant to me at the time and did some research to see which ones weren't taken and Savestate ended up being the one. (SAVESTATES exists but just barely)
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post #96985 :: 2018.03.01 9:35am :: edit 2018.03.01 9:53am
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I was on newgrounds in 2013 or so and I saw some guy called "Razoric" and I really liked that name but I didn't want to steal it so I changed two vowels and a consonant

That's just how I made up this name in general though. I went by Razerek everywhere else by 2015 so I just decided to use it for botb too
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post #96989 :: 2018.03.01 10:25am
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When I was in a group chat, my friends decided to use names of cartoon characters, so I picked "Pé de Pano" which is the brazilian name for Sugarfoot from The Woody Woodpecker Show, and I liked being called that.

After a while, I started trying to use "pedepano" on forums and etc, but on most of them the username would be already taken, so I started using "pedipano" and "pdpano". But then when I tried creating an account on some website, when I tried "pedipano", it was already in use and it suggested me to use "pedipanol" and I kinda liked how it sounded, so I stuck with it for years.

Only much later on, when I started hanging out here on BotB I found out my nickname can sound like a medicine name.
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post #96990 :: 2018.03.01 10:39am
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Ok I will tell you the tale of the name H_mister. It all began on a cold November evening, I came across this mysterious forum known as the famitracker forum. Amazed at what I heard, I wanted to through my hat into the ring, and so I signed up.As a 17 year old I thought that H-meister was a cool ass name as you do when you're a teenager, but I missplet it and it has been Mister ever since.
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post #96994 :: 2018.03.01 11:15am
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I've used so many different names in the past, but when I was active on Anther's Ladder, I played under the name Galaga, because I was obsessed with that game at the time. But I wanted something more original to use, and I came up with Galgox. Now, I use it for pretty much everything.
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post #96997 :: 2018.03.01 11:34am
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Mine comes from an old username which had the initials "TF" - I won't post it as I'm still not so accepting of my 13 year old self ;)

At some point I invented a 'cooler' sounding alias by appending an X to the end (X's are cool, aren't they?) and arrived at TFX. About two years ago I transitioned to a lower case name that feels more like a word and less like a set of initials.
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post #97000 :: 2018.03.01 11:48am
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i'm an elephant and i like rainbows
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post #97003 :: 2018.03.01 12:39pm :: edit 2018.03.04 2:02pm
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Bubblegum Octopus (with a space) is basically my main music project. I had previously been mostly making fucked up noise, grind, and ambient/spoken word stuff but had started making melodic music. After the first batch of Bubblegum Octopus songs, I wanted to show my friends from jazz band in high school, but AIM file transfer wouldnt work. In 2005, as you might recall, sharing audio was best done via myspace, so I made a myspace and needed a name. Because of extreme sleep deprivation, I had been hallucinating while writing, and kept looking down at my desk and seeing this pink, chewy looking octops pulsating in time with the music, so I grabbed that name.
My closest music friend at the time was going by Peppermint Pony, which I didn't even consider until I showed him.

It was not meant to be a primary project, as I was prone to just making new names every couple months back then (and while I was super proud of myself, I'm very shy and sensitive, so I didn't even want many people to hear it). That said, not long after, with absolutely no amount of self-promotion of my own, the goofy shit I was doing as a 16/17 year old made me myspace famous (no joke!) and I was kinda stuck with it. (To this day, I still feel hounded by and obligated to play at least one MySpace era "hit" almost every show).

In 2013 I made a BotB profile (which i hardly remember), and I grabbed the name just out of habit. When I rediscovered the site in 2016, I didn't want to stick with this, since it has almost nothing to do with BgO the project (other than some of my core principles about composing music for myself and other unfiltered, personal tendencies) but then I did an OHB, had to upload it somewhere... you get the idea. STUCK AGAIN.
Just like.... bubblegum...

ETA fixed some typos and made some things a little easier to understand
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post #97011 :: 2018.03.01 1:18pm
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[real name]
[shortening of real name]
Aru (+ Azumaya)
Aru Azumaya (- maya)
Aru Azu (flip positions)
Azu Aru (reverse Aru)
Azu urA (lowercase urA)
Azu ura (- u in ura)
Azu ra (combine)
Azura (add dashes)
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post #97012 :: 2018.03.01 1:22pm
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I'm a Godzilla fan. Enough said.
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post #97013 :: 2018.03.01 2:19pm :: edit 2018.03.01 2:19pm
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My username was originally created for an online browser-based game called Kung Fu Madness, which is where the "Kung Fu" part came from. The furby part (or Kirby under some circumstances, although I have never officially used KungFuKirby as a username... the one time it was used, it was because I wasn't the one that set it up) has existed for longer, and was my favorite toy (well... at least the editions going from 1998 to 2012.). Helps that I became aware of their infamy to some extent... and I chose both sides.

This username stuck because I came up with a game idea with KungFuFurby as a character. The game idea, which I named Kung Fu Furby: The Game (and dates back to 2005)... has at least two surviving prototypes. One of them is playable via the Stencyl website. I also have abandoned the prototype and the game idea, citing its origin: it was based off of an image I previously used as an avatar, called War Furby by Georgette Tan (the original website is long gone). I even made a sprite of it (the sword is still there, but I didn't keep the other one). Citing ethical reasons, I have decided not to continue to pursue the idea.
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post #97014 :: 2018.03.01 2:53pm :: edit 2018.03.02 5:44am
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My first original nickname was the one I made for runescape back in the day and I won't ever want to talk about that ...

Then eventually around 2010 a PlayStation 3 showed up in this house and I needed an online name for PSN. At that time I liked Razer's products, which had blue lightning such as the Lycosa I had, I decided for RazerBlue (not really orignal, I was young okay). That was taken so PSN suggested me adding a 6 behind it. That's still the name I use here :P

I also maintain the nickname ToastIsMyName on a few sites, the main ones being Reddit, Twitch and PowerUnlimited, being more of a general forum handle ish. How I came to that name, I don't remember anymore, but it's a funny name so I'll take it.

Then also around a year ago (I think), I didn't really like the name RazerBlue6 anymore since if I ever wanted to have some online reputation, such stupid name with a brand in it wouldn't feel right for me, and something such as ToastIsMyName sounded a bit too silly in my taste. I also hated the fact that I had a number in it since that felt like such old and cheap thing to have in nicknames back in the day.
After a very long period of thinking I came up with DeltaRazero:
Delta came from the cool deltablues band "Black River Delta" I listened some tracks of at that time and it has a sort of double meaning in that it's meant as a river that splits (and so the blues connection, cause I like blues a lot). Append that with razer because I liked being called that, add an 'o', change the accent to zero (so ra-zero), et voila; DeltaRazero.

And besides that I also sometimes use the nickname Trash Binnerino on messaging platforms (not meant as something negative, I just like the nick lmao)
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post #97017 :: 2018.03.01 4:34pm :: edit 2018.03.01 4:38pm
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I've had two names before and both these and what I use currently involve my nickname: "Mota".
From the time I was a child I was called "Motinha" (little Mota) for being advanced in school and being the smallest in age and size among all others in the class. The "Motinha" grew (which would be strange if it did not happen) and now my friends call me "Mota". The "Marmota" came up in a conversation, when the maestro of the orchestra that I participate said about adding "Omar" between "Pedro" and "Mota" of my name and that sounded like "Marmota" (or grondhog in English) for my friends from there, then from so they all call me "Marmota". I put together a nickname and another and formed my new nickname: "Mota O Marmota" :D (Or Mota the groundhog).
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post #97019 :: 2018.03.01 5:27pm
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petet is a typo of my first name that a friend made in a groupchat and it stuck!

my other nickname, dxeyes, is phonetically equivalent to the acronym for DirectX instruments, which I used to use before vsts
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post #97022 :: 2018.03.01 5:51pm :: edit 2018.03.01 7:44pm
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I didn't take the pro out of processor. Also, what is alliteration?
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post #97023 :: 2018.03.01 6:10pm :: edit 2018.03.05 3:57pm
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My name came from Wreck-it Ralph, and I got hooked to it ever since.

When I was younger and getting into online gaming I took my online name very seriously. I was talking about ideas for usernames with my parents and my dad said "Why not Toxic Gaser because your farts smell so bad?" (They really did).
I thought that was hilarious because I was 12 years old and so I kept it. I later joined a gamer clan that used the tag Dr., So I became Dr. Toxic Gaser. Then I shortened it to Dr. Toxic to distance myself from my smelly past and then when I left that group I changed it to Doxic.

You did ask.
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post #97026 :: 2018.03.01 7:13pm :: edit 2018.03.01 7:19pm
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Back in 2010 my IRL friend called me a pig devil.
Then in around 2013 my Chinese friend shortened it to Pigu. (I didn't know that it means butt until few years later)

But I don't care. It just sounds cool to me.
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post #97027 :: 2018.03.01 7:20pm
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I forgot the origin my name, but i probably came up with this stupid username when i was obsessed with DBZ.
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post #97029 :: 2018.03.01 8:18pm
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little babby mm1 age 10 decides to make a youtube channel and nicks himself moviemovies1

thats literally it
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post #97031 :: 2018.03.01 10:21pm :: edit 2018.03.01 10:23pm
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back in 2008 a friend of mine came up with a name for himself - DJ Klozet (DJ toilet in polish). I wanted it as well but he came up with another one for me - DJ Umywalka (DJ sink)

Fast forward to 2010, i'm playing osu!. Been there for a few months now, and one day my friend gifts me a supporter tag (which among many perks grants a nickname change) and was like "Change your name to Zlew, please."

Marysia is a less engaging story.
A guy I know used "Marysia Mżawka" (rough translation of Marisa Kirisame) in some places of the Internet. As a good friend, I stole it off of him and started using it. Then I cut out the "Mżawka" part because it proved impossible to read for foreigners (and that stuck as my IRC name). Like a year later I was watching Joel from Vinesauce play some bootlegs (I believe it was from the Grand Dad video), and there was a Mario Bros. version called "Mr. Mary". Then little baby realized that it's a perfect name (people confused me for a girl based entirely on the name) that would hopefully clear out ambiguity it didn't

Also there's TheMaskarad - my OG youtube name - which has a story similar to MM1's. It was just that Bakugan was big at the time and "Maskarad" was taken.
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post #97032 :: 2018.03.01 10:32pm
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called myself 'MG' on this tiny tiny tiny bzpower splinter forum that had like 6 people on it at most and later i mashed it up with my initials and it became my default username

didn't feel like using my 'official' musician name when i first registered for this site in 2013 so i used that instead
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post #97036 :: 2018.03.02 1:13am :: edit 2018.03.02 3:20am
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Mine came from a portmanteau and mutant of the planet names Uranus and Neptune, in earlier form as "Utaperina", a name I thought I'd give if I were to create an operating system (I never started the project; I realized how hard it'd be to create one, even for designing the logo of it.). I don't know why specifically those two planets but it just sounded cool to my 13 year old mind.

Years passed, I was thinking of having a musician name for myself that I'd stick for a long period because I don't want to use my usual nickname (comprising of my real name), because my parents detest the idea of me being a musician due to some religious bull. Yeah Uteprin sounds stupid but it personally does the job.
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post #97037 :: 2018.03.02 2:05am :: edit 2018.03.02 2:11am
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Here goes the boring, unoriginal story of my nickname
//Any info on past or irrelevant, shitty nicks purposefully omitted, send your complaints about lack of thereof to iamoffended@triggur.me

At some point i was like

>>I want a nickname that i genuinely like, and isn't a crappy, throwaway one, aka something i could be using as my main one, suitable for any purpose<<

It came to me somewhat randomly, when i was watching an anime, where one of characters went by the same nick, which i liked, plus that also made me come to realisation that

>It doesn't seem to be as alarmingly overused by weebs i mean anime fans, as other Japanese-originating ones [✓]
>I like green more than other colors [✓]
>My eyes are green (poopy shade of, but still) [✓]
>I like cute names [✓]

The casing itself isn't an important part of it anymore, but i first used it in the current form as my nickname in Xonotic IIRC. Later i learned about the demoscene casing, which my nick happened to almost fit, but i didn't like MiDORi as much as MiDoRi, so it's stuck.

Only recently added Mizuno, to further minimize the possible ambiguity, effectively reducing it to near zero
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post #97039 :: 2018.03.02 5:29am
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My nickname is just "Moop" but predictably that username was not available when I was registering for Neopets back in the day. I just added my initials to the front and continued using it as a username all over the place.

As for the moop part, my dad started calling me "the moop" when i was very young and he tells me it's a reference to this Seinfeld clip
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post #97041 :: 2018.03.02 8:27am
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man, my story is lame.... simply my last name lolz Although, Baron/Puke will attest to the fact that in the small red-neck town we grew up in, going by last name was pretty normal.
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post #97044 :: 2018.03.02 9:29am
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I'm going to quote my own profile description :) -->

"My name is taken from a Pac-Man clone I made, called MS-BUBA."
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post #97046 :: 2018.03.02 10:05am
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Someone at my work pronounced my network login like a word, and then I looked it up and found out it really is one.
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post #97047 :: 2018.03.02 10:40am
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I thought that was a good idea to take some random nickname typical for russian counterstrike 1.6 community and to make some chipmusic using it.
But then i thought it was just too dumb so I've diminished it into mk777 and then just into mk7.
I'm pretty happy with it even if it didn't have any sense from the beginning :)
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post #97050 :: 2018.03.02 1:00pm
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I got my name by looking at other names and trying to think of a name that would 1.) not be a reference to a fictional character, 2.) be remembered easily, and 3.) Not be stupid sounding to say out loud. I had just drawn a cool feather and wanted to use it as my avatar, so I chose a bird name. As for the L right after the F (that nobody acknowledges at first), I thought it would make me stand out and be really funny.
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post #97065 :: 2018.03.02 4:58pm

Haha you got me. I was about to ask where's the F in your name, but only after a brief moment in the loo I realized it's the only one that's capitalized. I so smurt.
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post #97067 :: 2018.03.02 6:23pm
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My username was always pretty simple:
Za from zach
alan from my middle name
3 from needing a number and also being a weeb ( 3 = san )
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post #97068 :: 2018.03.02 6:39pm
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q plus kirby plus 64
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post #97069 :: 2018.03.02 6:46pm
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My original username, from when I was five or six, made for roblox (it was 2008) and flash game sites, was "goodpoopie," the first thing that came up in my head.

Obviously this was not a good username, so when I was 11 I changed it to GudPiggeh. Pig because I played minecraft at the time, even though I couldn't change my username (though I used the /nick command to fake change it.) The misspelling was because I was 11 and thought it was cool.

I have a new username, exylic, which is basically my last name but jiggled a little bit with I and C replacing an E, though I didn't make a new botb account yet because i barely have a badge on this account yet and am not good enough to get another .-.
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post #97070 :: 2018.03.02 9:03pm
wicka wicka; slim shady
Level 29 Chipist
Cool thread. So I might as well "chip in":

I had became a total metalhead in my early teen years. I had also gotten a copy of Scream Tracker III, Cubic Player and bunch of mods a friend, who had downloaded them from local BBSes, and I started playing around with these occasionally (didn't probably have much of clue what I was doing, but it was still pretty fun).

A bit later we discovered with another friend that there was a thing called "tracked metalscene" in dark depth of the interwebs, which instantly caught out attention. We wanted to start our own metal tracker group and naturally the one of the first questions was: "what artist handles should we use?".

I released couple of (crummy) tunes under the nick "Gargoyle", but then somehow discovered there was already another tracker using that nick (from probably a website like TraxInSpace or something), so I ended up changing my nick to "Warlord".

Biggest influence for the nick probably came from too many hours of playing "Warlords II Deluxe" (it says "Greetings Warlord!" when you start a game), but in the mind of a teenage kid, the nick seemed also "badass" enough for the tracked metalscene thing and, and also LAN/online gaming. I had managed to also purchase my first own modem at this point.

See below link for the Warlords II Deluxe reference:


In hindsight, I could have made _a little bit_ more original pick (there's e.g. quite a few bands using the same name) and have thought several during the years, that should I change it something else, but the thought-process usually ends with "nah".

In unrelated story, the other guy quit the tracking scene after couple of years, but I kept the tracking group going for several additional years and it eventually became one of the longest standing group in that small/obscure sub-scene, until the whole thing gradually faded away. :P

Btw. "Funnily" enough, I started my computing career with C64, moved to Amiga 500 and only after Commodore as a company had gotten bust, wanted to get my first PC (this was at turn of 486/Pentium era). Amiga is the origin of trackers, and growing up I admired the cool musics of Amiga games, but didn't really know yet that trackers were even a thing.
me name
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Mine is super boring, really.

Nerd, because I'm a nerd. Boon, because I like video games, but I'm horribly bad at most of them.
The Mc just ties that shit together.

Amazing story.
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My favorite pokemon is mudkip and my favorite number is 12, so i wanted the name mudkip12 when i was like 10 or something, but it was taken. themudkip12 was available on minecraft so i used that. Then i made a youtube acc and themudkip12 was taken, so I threw in Master for some reason and TheMudkipMaster12 was born. Then i realized that name is stupid so i just shortened it to TMM12 and it sounds and looks cool i think idk. 'das it
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This name is short for Johto Kenjimara, one of three random "Japanese-sounding" names that I made up when I was in elementary school.

...yeah, the origin story for A-zu-ra is way more interesting (´・ω・`)
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My usual internet username is Cat_of_Ananke, which I think I first used in Minecraft when I was 11. I liked cats a lot, and I wanted my name to sound cool and powerful, but I didn't want something too plebian or mainstream sounding like "Cat_of_Doom" or "Cat_of_Eternity" or some shit like that so I named myself after goddess Ananke.

Melon is just my real name Melony but cuter lol
I initially signed up to BotB as Cat_of_Ananke, but then I thought to check if Melon was still available and most evidently it was.

Usually I'd prefer my username to be Cat_of_Ananke on most websites, but BotB is such a friendly and informal community I'm happier to use my real name like this (-:
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I picked up a Martin "DJ lighting and sound equipment" brochure at Guitar Center back in the late 90's when I was still a vinyl DJ. On the cover there was this cool looking DJ spinning records with a bunch of crazy lighting and at the top it said "DJ Catalogue"

I cut out the picture and put it on my wall with a bunch of other posters and random ok looking free things I found as a teenager in record stores. Then a friend came over and saw it and asked me "Who the hell names himself DJ Catalogue? that's got to be the worst DJ name I've ever heard".

I laughed because it was just a cover for a DJ equipment catalogue, but after thinking about it, I thought it sounded cool. I went with the oldschool "Selector" instead of "DJ". When the site was new I was at Puke's apartment and Selector Catalogue didn't fit within the name length requirements. I remember him saying "I can change that" as I typed sc and hit enter, registering the name. Having the name sc takes away the worry of releasing under the full name and as a result I make and upload way more stuff, it's better this way.
One time when I was really tired and a friend of mine asked what my middle name was I meant to say Jared but it came out slurred like "Jred" then I added another D to it because it looked and sounded cool to me.

When I was in high school a group of anime drawing friends had made characters for themselves and asked what I would name mine if I made one. I replied with Jredd, and I told them what he would look like. (Think a mixture of Seperoth and Future Trunks from DBZ but give him green hair and put him in a Jedi style cloak and give him a magical staff similar to Goku's power poll) *Yeah I know lol*

But anyway when I started going online and posting music in my late teens I took this name with me at first just for video game remixes and had the name Mystro88 for remixing non video game things and some electronic original music.

I quickly ditched the Mystro88 name when I was getting way more attention on sites like VGmix and OCremix for my video game stuff and decided that I should go with Jredd for everything and it has stuck ever since.

I would say these days just by the sheer volume of original tracks I have posted around the web compared to remixes that I am finally more known for my original chip music compared to my remixes and I am extremely happy about that.

I have had the name Jredd for music in some capacity online since roughly 2003/2004 and I have been going strong until now and I do not expect to stop making music any time soon :D.

I do have some music sitting around that predates my online days that is just under my real name "Trevin" back when I had a Sega Saturn and Dezamon 2. (I also have some old Mario Paint stuff recorded on VCR tape from when I was really young somewhere) But the majority of my stuff can be found online in various places under the name Jredd.

So if it's music, is under the name Jredd or in rare cases Mystro88 and it sounds kind of like me chances are it probably is :).

Thank you for reading this unnecessarily long explanation.

I love you guys lol <3.
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you have no idea how long i have pronounced your name as "Jay Redd"................
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Judge Jredd
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I was in university when Google first started Gmail. I wanted to sign up for it, and I wanted a cool username that would be halfway decent and respectable. Up until that time, I had been using a few different corny video game-inspired names online (I think my first online username when I was a kid was "LockeColeVI"), but I wanted to move past that and settle on something that was a little geeky but also not something that a typical video game fanboy would use.

I had just finished a logic course, which I absolutely loved (and I still love logic), so I thought it would be fun to use one of those cool Latin-named rules of inference as my name. Modus ponendo ponens ("the way that affirms by affirming"), typically shortened to just modus ponens, is the rule that states that when you know that P logically implies Q, and you know P, then you know Q. For example, "if people are bored by my post, then some of them will stop reading it." I'm sure some people are bored, so some of them have stopped reading, Q.E.D.
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Is it bad I find "Jay Redd" sound super awesome and therefor use that instead all the time?
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Oh why not? Everyone else does ha ha ha. Although someone might mistake me for some black rapping thug. Someone on facebook thought I was "J-Redd" or something and I looked him up and could not stop laughing just because of wildly different we are.
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Jredd is pronounced 'dread' n that's pretty thug ngl 🤘🏿
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I just use my real life first name, almost unknown on the internet haha

I always pronoune Jredd as J. Red, even though I know I'm supposed to say "shred" or so lol
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Diagamblic is my old name.

Diagamblic comes from an AOL screen name my brother came up with when I was 10. Literally smashing two words together in a portamantaeu - Diabetic and Gambler. As I've been a type 1 diabetic most of my life.

Dya is my newer name I write all music under. It's a shortened and MUCH easier to pronounce name and also apparently the name of a romanian pop princess. So there's that!
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YQN could stand for Yoots Queendom Nullified, but it doesn't.

When I was a kid I had an Atari ST, with an azerty keyboard. Unfortunately some games were not designed to work properly with all keyboards and very often when I typed my name in the hall of fame (actually I rarely made it to the top scores), it would spell YQN instead of YAN (my name's Yann).
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I chose this (grammatically incorrect because of botb not allowing 'special' characters) nickname to honor these great halfgod-women in the hindu/bhuddist traditions

Uncultured SJWs 0 - 1 Actually literate WAYCIS OMG NUTZY
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So back in 2004, i played RuneScape a lot.

My first dude died with all of his stuff on him, and i decided it would be faster to make a new character for the starting items instead of trying to work my way back up.

Since i was already familiar with the game, i decided to come up with a name based on the firemaking skill. The fact that i didn't need to put any numbers on it led me to use the same name on a bunch of other sites, most notably YouTube and Newgrounds.

So at this point I've had the name flaminglog for more than half of my life. I even have a domain registered under it, flaminglog.net

Anyway that's my story
I think it was 1998 and I needed a free email account. I went to hotmail and everything I typed in was taken and I didn't like the numbers they added in their suggestions. Out of frustration I typed in "vomit" and, again, a bunch of numbers added that made no sense. I moved on to "puke" and there it was! "puke7" had me laughing out loud. Lucky Vomit!! Yes, that's who I am.
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I think around '93 I came up with the hacker alias "aneurySm". This was used for some really silly demo animations and metal/rock covers for the PC speaker which were on AOL before it was connected to the internet. Moving forward to about '98 when I finally discovered trackers I was using it for music too. Somewhere around '04 I got tired of all the other aneurysm bands/performers ("Aneurysm X", "DJ Aneurysm", etc.) and decided to change my name to Knoxburry which was a moniker I had used around '99-'01 for selling bootleg CD-R's to friends (my list was online under trilobyte records [which I think someone else used for a netlabel about a decade later]). A friend told me it was a horrible name, but maybe if I put a title in front of it then it could work so Baron Knoxburry was born. Also it was poor timing as selector catalog (aka "sc") had just sent out proofs for a split vinyl release I was on. Several years passed and I realized it is a horrible name because it's long and heavily prone to being remember incorrectly. Now all my gigs and newer media accounts are "b-knox" which steps on the toes of some Florida MC named Brandon Knox or "b.knox" but I think I won out with web presence! \o/
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TFW when i'm also on the same boat with those pronouncing "jredd" as "jay red" lol
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i've always pronounced Flaminglog like flamingo with extra consonants jammed in :3
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I watched Scarface the other day and laughed when Tony Montana was calling the flamingos pelicans.
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uuni means oven in finnish

uni means sea urchin in japanese
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I actually made this account a long time ago as a throwaway account cause I wanted to peek at some modules but needed an account to DL, so I somehow came up with this random name. 'Bout a year and a half later, I decided to start writing and submitting tracks, so I reused this account I made earlier.

I don't actually remember how I came up with this name though...
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Hahah, yeah, too bad I ended up staying around, huh :D
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so that was you!!! (edit: wait, probably not. who was that guy tho)
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Heh, no I'm not signup2dl--jerks, I made not a sound when I donloaded what I was looking for!!

Think only puke7 would have the power to unravel the mystery behind signup2dl--jerks.
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Interestingly enough, funute, I was partially influenced to sign up... to download as many of the SPC files I could find off of here after I found one via YouTube.
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So, the Xbox name generator gave me the username "GaucheCoder64" and I used it until about 2015 when I changed it to "Gauched" out of embarrassment.
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I have quite a few lingering names floating around the web..... 6mariot6, gymleaderjoe ---- even just "droctogonapus" from an old old old and very bad newgrounds joke... brainfoam is relatively new. The joke came from me calling a friend "bonedead" instead of "braindead" or "bonehead," kind of stemmed from there somehow
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I had this terrible headache for about a year or so in 2011/2012 , and created out of it a character who had "Noisy" for his nickname. I started using it as a signature for my drawings and shit, and ultimately my alias in most websites. NNOIZZ is a cool looking derivative.
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When I was in middle and high school, I really liked Mega Man Zero.

The alias at the time I was using was "Zero V2" for all the forums and games I was playing. I figured I'd use it for my artistry, too.

If I could change my name here, I would update it to the current alias I use, "Gyridion" .

It's also a name I came up with in high school, but I couldn't decide if I wanted to save it for a character name in a story for (mediocre) concept music I was writing at the time, or use it as an alias. It's just something I threw together because I really liked the suffix "gyro" as in a circle or something that rotates.
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you ain't no square, daddio.
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1024 because it's an important number (eg, 1kB is 1024B, 1MB is 1024kB, 1GB is 1024MB, etc, etc).
Null because it sounded cool, and was used in programming.

the end
my previous name was too lame to repeat
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im a goose
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yes i saw u pick a fight with cows when i was in canada
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i picked two random words and put them next to each other
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R, M and S are my initials. 'atoM' is my second name reversed. Atoms aren't indivisible(rigid). There you have it.
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When I first got on Xbox, I started using LittleDoc9, then it evolved to Doc2211. Of course, both of these names sounded idiotic so I decided on my next signup I use a different one. When I signed up for Soundcloud, I needed a new nickname. At the time, I was using a lot of random DPCM voice clips and samples that had nothing to do with the actual song, so I was just sort of "Syncing Sounds", which is what led to my nickname. Granted, I don't really do that type of thing anymore, but I liked the name so I kept it.
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I Joined This Site On Of China New Year 2015
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Cryptovolans is a defunct dinosaur genus and is now considered to be the same thing as Microraptor which what I AM. >v<

But Cryptovolans sounds more like an artist name. It all works out via SYMBOLISM because Cryptovolans is essentially a 'fake' old fossil, and I make fake old music.
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I bastardized my classmates' names back in elementary, and there was this one guy whose name is Giro so I spelled it as "Jiro" instead. For some reason, it stuck with me until today. Somewhere around 2014-15(ish), I decided to make that name look "unique" as an internet moniker, hence it is stylized as "JIR-0". I'm still very surprised some people would mispronounce it completely as "Jir-oh" or individually say out each syllable, lmao.
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I like rain a lot. When I was a kid the Ultimate Warrior was my favourite wrestler. I think that's pretty much it. I picked this name for my internet handle around 1996 when I was 13 and will probably never change it.
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my name was because my 6 y/o self liked it.

2013 passed and i already made a minecraft account with xracecar, so i had to make a new one because my sister was being a dumbo and bought it for the wrong email address. EccentricMatrix came into play and is now my auxiliary username.
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Interesting tidbit, my first choice for my minecraft name was actually tacos. So if it wasn't already taken, you could have been looking at tacos.
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Mine is fairly straightfoward. The Producer-san aspect, at least. But yeah, if any of you know Idolm@ster/IM@S, it's stemming from there. In the anime, the standard one with 765 Pro as a studio, the Producer-san there is portrayed as a calm guy with glasses that is into arcade games 'n such.

Friend of mine I fit the desc. fairly well, looks and hobby-wise, so I embraced the username.
Little after came the alternation to Puddy, which a friend that I used to have a crush for gave me. Originally was a little embarrassing to me, but I accidentally leaked the nickname by sharing a pic of a high-score into a different community. Using Puddy instead of Producer-san, it raised a lot of questions and spread like a wildfire since, making me embrace that aswell.
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@JIR-0, how can it be mispronounced as "jir-oh" if it, i quote, is stylized as "JIR-0", to make that name look "unique" as an internet moniker? =O
I'm prety sure the general consensus is jir0 = jiro and not jirzero, t33333333hd4dddd = the dead, not tee three three three three three three three
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"tennisers" comes from years ago when my parents used to make me play tennis. I never really cared much about it and was never actually good at it because I didn't practice on my own. However, I liked it enough to try to get on the team in middle school. It also gave me something to build my ego when I played against someone less experienced. I had little other identity back then besides that I liked reading books and playing runescape.

i haven't played tennis in years and I probably never will again unless someone makes me do it. It would still probably be fun-ish, just not my sort of thing anymore.
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i used to be "pi-rate" because i like bad math puns, but at some point i thought it made me sound like i was doing some shady shit, so i changed it to "sen-pi" because i also like anime

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