tuplet swing rhythm exploration
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so I saw some video of this dude named Scott (who had kidnapped Adam Neely and his drummer friend) and it's all about exploiting working musicians to make them learn things which is wrong

but i digress...

here's a vid I spent 10+ hours on exploring tuplet swang
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Watched the video. Very good :D
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Now that was both entertaining and informative one!
You got some fookin dank groves there ;D
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swang that thang
srlsly, this is great! 10+ hours well spent, puke.
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i am glad someone is evangelizing pentuplet swang because i want it to become the new standard
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also don't dare underestimate triskaidekaphobia. that track has been kicking thirteen kinds of ass for a decade
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I'm not knocking the tune per se. But I do remember Chunter Warlord (I think it was) calling me out for getting wanky towards the end which struck a chord with me because I really didn't know how to add to the song at the point where that started. I discovered a "jazzy/bebop" scale on accident and had no idea how to change it and still sound good.
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....uh.... eh... if anyone wants to help me promote on facebook I'll accept all like-type-reactions
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wow that 13 song is so good :x

solid ending! wow you didn't shit the bed on the ending of that song too!

glad you had some fun learning some things with beats. yer puss is too danky with memes though. O:/ (great renoisetrackthatyouwillfinishtoo!!)
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Why wear gloves? It takes away all the feeling.
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You need to explore euclidean rhythms next!
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isn't this just F06/F04...? its good that music theory youtube made a whole video on that for some reason
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imo the difference is that F06/F04 is usually treated as lopsided triplets instead of actual pentuplets; you can't even write full pentuplets in four rows of an IT module channel, which is how swing is usually spaced

edit although i haven't watched the original video and baron does seem to be doing the F06/F04 type of thing
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Cessor -- that's a good idea! I can use my modular for that.

charlotte -- typically I use F08/F04 which averages out to F06 and keeps your BPM accurate; that's considered a hard triplet swing. But this video focuses on a lot of different tuplet divisions based on 5, 7, 11 and 13 note-lengthed tuplets. How hard you want that swang, baby?
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Like J-Dilla would say: "just play it like you're drunk"

I love how musicians trying to systematize this "drunk" J-Dilla feel have come up with all sorts of ways to emulate it and build upon it so much that it's become a trend in modern jazz, neo soul and other close genres. There's many people achieving this sound, and resources explaining how to get it ranging from "just play it wrong", hearkening back to the famous "just play it like you're drunk" J-Dilla saying, to people like Jacob Collier and Arthur Buckner (and Adam Neely in the original video of course) who are very cerebral and methodical about it and who have insane execution to actually perform those rhythms and other complex ones.

Love this Jacob Collier interview where he talks about it
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I want to say it was MF Doom (not totally sure) that said "always play your hats" on the MPC because straight hats make it boring.
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miles davis - boplicity

^ light swing

wayne shorter - witch hunt

^ triplet swing

oscar peterson - night train

^ hard swing

eric dolphy - hat and beard

^ no gods, no masters

related ideas: playing slightly behind and ahead of the beat (common in jazz; extremely rare in tracker music), different parts playing in different swing ratios (common in jazz; absolute madness in tracker music)

edit: to be clear, the head of boplicity does also employ actual triplets, but over two beats instead of over one.
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Jangler thanks for posting these!
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interesting vibeo
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weird https://youtu.be/4OxST7pVcAU

edit: moonchild - the truth
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Interesting stuff =)) Also, thank you for sharing these cool tunes, Jangler!
the virgin light swing vs THE CHAD PENTUPLET SWANG

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