Chips Cacaophony - Multi-Round music contest!
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post #96026 :: 2018.02.15 9:01am :: edit 2018.02.15 10:31am
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Hi guys!

I'm running a multi round music competition called the CACAOPHONY. It starts March 3. You're invited! :)

Sign up here if you're interested:


Your goal in the CACAOPHONY is to write original music, qualify into the final round, and win!

The way that you qualify is to score over 100 points combined in all the songs you submit to the qualification rounds.

In the qualifications rounds, you’ll write a song. Once the deadline is up, everyone will listen and vote on everyone’s songs. I will announce the results after the deadline is over, and the top 15 or so scorers will receive points based on how well they did.


There are two types of rounds:

1. Normal rounds, where you write any type of song.

2. BONUS ROUNDS, which have stupid or nonsensical requirements and will give you some trivial amount of points for winning.


Main Round 1 (3/3 - 3/11)
Bonus Round! (3/12 - 3/16)
Main Round 2 (3/17 - 3/25)
Bonus Round! 2 (3/26 - 3/30)
Main round 3 (3/31 - 4/8)
Bonus Round! 3 (4/9 - 4/13)

[100 points required from here]

Final (Bonus) Round (4/16-4/19)
FINAL ROUND (4/12-5/5) (two weeks!)


Are collabs allowed? YES, up to two people!

Can I submit 500 songs? No.

Can I submit more than 1 song? Still no.

Can I use an old project, or borrow a melody, or... All songs must be original and made from scratch! Evidence of the contrary will be a ban, or maybe a DQ if the judges feel generous!


Here's the official page, which will fill out as the competition gets underway!
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post #96034 :: 2018.02.15 10:33am
  johnfn liēkd this
I like this a lot! Sign meeeeee right up
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post #96645 :: 2018.02.21 11:38pm
  mootbooxle liēkd this
Why doesn't anyone care about this? Did it just whiz past everyone's head? This sounds pretty dang sweet! :S
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post #96673 :: 2018.02.22 4:30am
  johnfn liēkd this
I'm into this, but what's the format?
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post #96679 :: 2018.02.22 5:35am
  johnfn and mootbooxle liēkd this
There are no restrictions on format
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post #96739 :: 2018.02.24 11:30am
  A-zu-ra, mootbooxle and Minerscale liēkd this
@Minerscale we actually have about 60 sign ups so far from a bunch of different places :)

I assume that it's a little quiet here because I'm not super well known in this community (though I lurk here all the time ;-)).
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post #97063 :: 2018.03.02 4:06pm
The first round is starting now!!

Also moot I couldn't find any contact for you, but yeah, it's starting. :)

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