libdmf - A C library for parsing .dmf files!
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post #95950 :: 2018.02.14 12:28am :: edit 2018.02.17 1:58am
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This took far too long. But now I'm pleased to announce libdmf! A fully fledged dmf reader/writer, for any value in a deflemask file you can think of, for any console.

As a demo project (and because th4d34d requested I did it), I made a program that changes the volume of every note of a dmf by a certain amount capping at that systems highest volume. Find it here:

Please message me if you need something cleared up on discord Minerscale#9319 :D/

Github repo:
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post #95972 :: 2018.02.14 9:50am
this is really amazing and impressive! you are awesome, Minerscale! thanks you so much for making this! :D

hopefully this also helps for someone to make a dmf files playback, can you imagine how amazing it could be for demoscene? =' D aside you could even have a music driven demo using your reader features! that would be legendary imo!~ x3

so much respect, man; thaanks for the huge gift you made to the chiptune community!~ =' D i appreciate it a lot!~ x3
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post #95997 :: 2018.02.14 1:39pm
urrm, I thought I typed a message out and posted it.

Apparently not? I may have not hit save comment, or it's a bug D:

So in regards to demoscene stuff, old consoles? out of the question, the dmf format is just too shite D:

But PC demos? Fair game! I (if I wanted to) write a OSS deflemask

HOWEVER!! If anyone wants to write OSS deflemask, then... please make it
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post #96114 :: 2018.02.16 6:02pm
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rewriting dmf2esf now

esf being pretty much the format for megadrive/genesis homebrews out there.

Whilst the tool already exists, it's not very good :(
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post #96339 :: 2018.02.19 4:45am
another megadrive format is SGDK's .xgm format, see
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post #96525 :: 2018.02.20 2:33am :: edit 2018.02.20 2:33am
The reason why I don't use XGM is because it is HUUUUUGE. And Echo isn't. :D
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post #97659 :: 2018.03.19 10:04am

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post #97683 :: 2018.03.19 10:52pm
I think it's better to just write a proper player for sid dmf.

Also yeah I don't think Genesis can do zlib decompression on dmf files so including the module file right away is out of the question. The best way to do this is to convert it into a file that's optimized for playback.

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