kPMML - PseudoMML Synthesizer (WIP)
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it's crape but I wanna post it so you guys know I finally have it actually working

it compiles the music against a WIP synth library I'm also working on (which is about half the size of the already kind of small compiler)

I will post a code spec and an executable when I think it's ready for usage, for now here's a clip showing off the square-saw morph which I made accidentally trying to make a non-piecewise pulse function.

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post #95868 :: 2018.02.12 11:08am :: edit 2018.02.12 11:08am
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neat. another fsound! hope you're having fun with this and other projects. :)
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post #95900 :: 2018.02.12 7:36pm
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Initial version release!

Please someone help me making documentation and demos!

Note that note times are in FRAMES, not in standard note lengths! Keep your refresh rate in mind!
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post #95912 :: 2018.02.13 4:52am
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Hello I keep getting an error about not finding "Compiler.netmodule" when trying to run it
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post #95917 :: 2018.02.13 9:43am

fixed it, redownload
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post #96007 :: 2018.02.14 5:52pm
New relase!
FM, in-line loops, and music macros (not usable in loops or internally loopable :c)!

Code from b01 will not work with b02, but all you need to do is add an /fm section between /wav and the first /mu

I really should make a documentation soon but I am really bad at this, if anyone would like to help me do so please tell me!
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post #96084 :: 2018.02.16 9:41am
New relase! b03.

This release marks near completion of the original code spec. All that is missing is Xx notes (previous note retrigger).

New features:

- Arbitrary recursive looping. Loops within loops! (slightly buggy still)
- You can now add blank lines without crashing the compiler!
- Sine works properly!
- Triangle +inf issue has been fixed!
- Lots of other things I forgot!

someone please help me with documentation ;-;
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post #96328 :: 2018.02.18 10:05pm
New release! b04.

This release brings a bunch of bugfixes, and adds filters.
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post #97940 :: 2018.03.26 4:31pm
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Sorry for no updates! Currently porting the entire project to a language I like more and completely reworking the code.

The C# version will stay in its own git repo but is officially abandonded-by-developer. I will provide no further feature updates or releases of the C# version but will still help users with running it until the new version is up.
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post #100657 :: 2018.06.08 7:57am
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I'm so sorry guys!!!!!!!!!!

The nim version's source was completely lost in an emergency reformat!!!!!!!!!! I hadn't gotten much done on it though, I've been very busy lately and have been stressed as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will try to do better for you guys, I know you guys liked some of the features quite a bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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post #100682 :: 2018.06.08 9:12pm :: edit 2018.06.08 9:14pm
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Hello, when trying to compile one of the example songs with the appropriate sample rate, i get this error:

Unhandled Exception: System.IO.IOException: The pipe has been ended.

at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
at System.IO.FileStream.WriteCore(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 count)
at kPMML.kPMML.Main(String[] args)

here's what i put in the command prompt:
kPMML BotB27490gaybabylango.txt 44100
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post #100689 :: 2018.06.09 4:34am
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that's an issue with my implementation for ffmpeg on windows, i have no idea how to fix and dont plan to fix the c# version since im working on the nim version which implements everything much better anyways
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post #100693 :: 2018.06.09 8:11am
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oh, okay.

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