[Demotool] uFMOD example for Code::Blocks
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post #95074 :: 2018.02.03 8:02am :: edit 2018.02.03 3:36pm
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While coding our first prod; we had a hard time to make music work on uFMOD! turns out we couldn't use the WinMM.lib library that comes with uFMOD, instead we had to download the "Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1"
and use it's WinMM.Lib for uFMOD to playback; so it was a lot of research to make it work!, so to make things easier for you; here's a simple, almost-ready-to-compile Code::Blocks project with a example xm and everything in place! builds are inside too! x3

Instructions to compile:

1 - If you haven't, you need to download the Code::Blocks mingw
release to compile

Since i used absolute paths for the ufmon.lib and WinMM.Lib you must use your own full paths! here's how:

2 - Open the uFMOD_example4CodeBlocks.cbp project
3 - Click on the Project tab
4 - Click on Build options...
5 - Click on Linker Libraries
6 - Delete both ufmod.lib and WinMM.Lib paths i used
7 - Add your own absolute paths for both
8 - Click on the OK Button
9 - Compile and enjoy!


Click here
to download directly!

Why uFMOD? it is very lightweight and it allows you to use anything on the xm to trigger a program function! so you can have a music driven demo! x3

Hopefully this helps more botbr to become demosceners! x3

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post #95608 :: 2018.02.08 10:27am
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That's so copyleft of You =/3 Good job! I'm sure many sexmodit botbers will absolutely love You for it haha

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