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post #94609 :: 2018.01.19 8:01pm :: edit 2018.01.22 9:27am
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hey y'all,

since disabling the socialism thread of y'all obamist extremists, the site performance has drastically improved.

here at botb, we want you to have a fruitful career as exhibitionists and promiscuous media harlots. however, we must do that and evade unwanted attention from patriarchially-oppressive botnets. we must conceal our links in tasteful hijabs.

for instance, if i were a noisycumulus user, i would express it as so, and provide a link shortener to refer to it. (do the same for disgracebook and clitter...)

previously we were being overwhelmed by scrapist spiders and poor aunty dreamhost couldn't keep lubricated quick enough for the job.

(...even now the bots are still attracted to the disabled thread because of the words in the title.)

as uncle linux beard puke-sama has previously stated many times, we have a good thing here at botb with how dreamhost will practically host all our glorious shit. let's do our part to obfuscate social media references and assure they use ad-free/javascript minimal link shorteners.

if you aren't sure what ad-free and javascript minimal mean, we as a community will be cute (as uncle strobe says) and provide one another the best providers of such services.

lub j00 all; and thanks for helping botb,

uncle b
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post #94610 :: 2018.01.19 8:20pm :: edit 2018.01.19 8:21pm
Are there any link shorteners so ubiquitous that even potential clients won't think it's a virus?

I've seen people on the internet scared of fucking TINYURL.
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post #94611 :: 2018.01.19 8:22pm
Also I went looking for a socialism thread to laugh at people before I realized what you were talking about.
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post #94613 :: 2018.01.19 10:10pm
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i too love to laugh at things that (ha HA) i am definitely not (ha ha) afraid of (hhaha) on an unnerving, sexual level (ha h a)
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post #94615 :: 2018.01.20 12:20am
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can you rephrase that
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post #94617 :: 2018.01.20 1:18am
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for sake of refacete, if you link to social media and music distribution websites that could potentially get a lot of botnet scraping attention, reword the branded names of the websites and link to them with link shortening referrals. thanks.
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post #94619 :: 2018.01.20 1:25am :: edit 2018.01.20 1:25am
would f b . c o be ok for shitbook? :D or is fb just as interesting as the full name?
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post #94621 :: 2018.01.20 2:00am
just don't use the actual names or links, please. :)
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post #94625 :: 2018.01.20 3:04am :: edit 2018.01.20 3:40am
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These names totally won't make it worse, pls use whenever possible:

As a libtard I don't like socialist media in general, tho the anarchy of Clitter excites me and the degenerate authoritarian state of LubeTube is...uh...a thing to behold!

What about links going to BotB shared on soshiaru medja?
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post #94661 :: 2018.01.21 5:08am :: edit 2018.01.21 5:09am
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i don't think there's anything to be done about bots hitting botb via links on social media. getting hit by bots is just the price you always pay with exposure. but while the thread was open, almost all of the "guest" traffic on the website was on that page, even though presumably very little links directly to it.
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post #94662 :: 2018.01.21 5:41am :: edit 2018.01.21 5:46am
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Wait a second, i think i only got the meaning now. By performance You guys refer to how long it took to load any page here? Because it seems to load almost instantly now, which it doesn't always xDD
What kind of thread was it even? I'm still a noob when it comes to deeper internet technological aspects, my tech knowledge is purely low level and regarding internet it's pretty much limited to data transfer and what ASCII is =PP

Can You find out 'where' the bots are 'coming from'? Again, i have next to zero knowledge on that topic - all i know is that w e b a r c h i v e o r g works because of crawlers =O Could it be a botnet? Are we getting PHASED? OK Sorry.
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post #94663 :: 2018.01.21 6:58am :: edit 2018.01.21 11:22am
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what if BotB is miscalling bots to join

it should be changed to BoBt
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post #94674 :: 2018.01.21 12:41pm
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I think they mean the 'post links to yer media socialistica' thread
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post #94677 :: 2018.01.21 2:09pm
ahhhhhh that makes a ton of sense now
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post #94681 :: 2018.01.21 3:23pm :: edit 2018.01.21 3:24pm
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the bots were mostly from like china

edit: actually i'm not sure of this and have no evidence. sorry china
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post #94683 :: 2018.01.21 5:31pm
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Chinese Prime Minister Furious Over "Unsubstantiated Claims, Libel, Deceit" On Obscure Music Forum
Level 21 Mixist
post #94684 :: 2018.01.21 7:07pm
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u joke but i could legitimately see someone in china's government furious over something like that
Level 27 Renderist
post #94685 :: 2018.01.21 9:46pm
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bots were from "france", "america", and "china".
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post #94687 :: 2018.01.22 4:00am
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At least I still can say..
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post #94690 :: 2018.01.22 8:43am
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I have to have my China
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post #94695 :: 2018.01.22 12:43pm
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did my dooty, well i just delteeted thethings instead of replacing them :) ill put them back if i ever need help on my 'how laser pens can make me love much longer' assignment
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post #94698 :: 2018.01.22 1:02pm :: edit 2018.01.22 1:02pm
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i use, and unicode smallcaps. check my profile fellas
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post #94699 :: 2018.01.22 1:05pm
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What about bondcamp? Is it mainstream enough to require shortening bread?
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post #94725 :: 2018.01.23 2:45am :: edit 2018.01.23 2:48am
Should it also be applied to the dedicated "home page" links on every user's profile? Dang, I hate both URL shorteners (for security reasons) and scraping bots, it's like choosing between the lesser and greater evil lmao (pls recommend a shortener that ALWAYS shows a preview of target URL and asks for one's consent before actually redirecting)

BTW i love the name of this little
polish shortnener (those who know polish will know why)
Level 27 Renderist
post #94734 :: 2018.01.23 9:19am
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doxic: i thought about that. probably should for good measure. botnets usually scrape to build metadata profiles on individuals to sell information to corporations in the event that other agencies wish to buy the information from them. information is currency nowadays more than ever.

midori: which is why i made mention of "javascript minimal". if people don't know if a site is using javascript or not, just install "noscript" plugin (or something similar) and see if the link will redirect without javascript enabled. you bring up a valid concern. javascript's function at the moment seems to entirely be about metadata collection and nefarious access.

don't really want to be in a position where i'm a messenger of inconvenience for us. pretty sure the small inconvenience of this is better than having a laggy or unresponsive website due to its attractiveness to swarms of botnets. try to make some fun, creative ways to express your social links; and make a challenge of it. we're here for each other.

<rant>javascript wasn't all that important with websites in the past; and it's not as integral as people make it seem now. it's become a boon to business; and dickfuckerassholes don't want to convenience your safety and personal integrity in order to make a profit. however, metadata is becoming increasingly cheap to purchase, more expensive to store and keep powered. eventually these slime will know it's a resource-laden effort to seemingly maintain economic relevancy concurrently.

why would someone want to waste thousands of dollars keeping track of cat videos, anime, and twitter shitposting of millennials anyway?</rant>
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post #94750 :: 2018.01.23 9:42am
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Couldn't agree more with the JS rant (although there are legit use cases, where sites really gain functionality that would be hard or impossible to implement otherwise, more often than not it's just being used as a way to fill pages with purely bussiness- and marketing-related contraptions, that will also make their best efforts to fingerprint your shit and maybe even attempt to push some malware for a good measure. Not even mentioning the computational loads imposed - just make a comparison by loading any major site normally and then with full NoScript/uMatrix blocking enabled)
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post #94752 :: 2018.01.23 9:43am
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Forgot to mention the latest MeltDown issues - it's exploitable via JS as well and it's pretty horrible
Level 27 Renderist
post #94761 :: 2018.01.23 11:31am
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(i really like that uses very little javascript.)
Level 11 Chipist
post #94793 :: 2018.01.24 6:02am
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JavaScript will be a superpower by 2020 just wait
Level 24 Mixist
post #94802 :: 2018.01.24 12:10pm
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I'm just stumbling on this thread without prior context, and I don't have a clear picture of what's going on even after reading the posts above. Am I supposed to obfuscate links from BotB to social media, or vice-versa? Or both?

I don't think I understand enough about the problem (aside from "bots are showing up somehow") to really know what the correct course of action is.
Level 27 Hostist
post #94804 :: 2018.01.24 12:41pm
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you obfuscate the links from the bots so they...
Level 19 Criticist
post #94816 :: 2018.01.24 7:12pm :: edit 2018.01.24 7:12pm
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That didn't help. I don't work with bots. I am not a bot. Are they here because a "post your social media profiles" thread is honey for the flies and likewise, whatever links on our botb profile pages. Or if the link on my twitter profile to botb that no one pays attention to is what makes bots come here.
Level 27 Chipist
post #94817 :: 2018.01.24 8:29pm
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the former
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post #95014 :: 2018.02.02 5:20am :: edit 2018.02.02 5:21am
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not to give add to puke7 work :c i'm sorry for giving ideas ;-;

maybe converting all the url links to, for example or so whenever someone post a link

the tinyurl redirects to the url is supposed to go, maybe that could solve it? o_O O_o
Level 14 Playa
post #95016 :: 2018.02.02 5:28am
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n00bs should be responsible to ascend in status and become mature BotBrs
Level 17 Chipist
post #95022 :: 2018.02.02 8:18am
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>noobs >responsible
Wähle 1
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post #95918 :: 2018.02.13 10:59am
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Guys. The name of this place is botb. The bots probably think this is their place to b.
Level 26 Chipist
post #95919 :: 2018.02.13 11:46am
Do you think there Chinese secret agents posting music on here too?
Level 25 Mixist
post #96150 :: 2018.02.17 6:45pm
would it be a good idea to use rot13 to obfuscate the ting


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