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Now pc-x9801 category could have more entries!

Recently, I wrote a Python 3 script to convert Deflemask Sega Genesis module into PMD MML source. You can get it here.

Usage: python3 <input file> <output file>

Also, you still need to edit the resulting MML source to add more OPNA exclusive features and some missing supports. Don't be too lazy please :P

  • Please make sure that your module's speed is in something common such as 03/03, 04/04, 06/06 since PMD is also tick-based and I aimed for perfect tick conversion. Nonstandard speed or swings will just make the converted source harder to read.
  • Any volume or effect commands that happen in the middle of the note will restart the note. (I actually tried adding tie command (&) to these. Seems like PMD just doesn't want anything in the middle of the tie.)

The converter doesn't support these:
  • SN7 Noise Channel.
  • FM Channel 6 DAC samples. Go make separate ADPCM and rhythm channels by yourself.
  • SSG-EG. OPN2 and OPNA have different behaviors and PMD doesn't support this command.
  • Every tables in STD instrument. PMD only have parametric volume envelope and nothing else.
  • Almost every portamento, volume slide, vibrato and tremolo commands. PMD's only portamento command requires a solid target note and length and PMD could only hold at most 2 software LFOs.
  • Arpeggio (0xx)
  • Position Jump (Bxx)
  • Retrig (Cxx)
  • Most of extended commands.

But still supports these:
  • Extended CH3 mode.
  • SSG envelopes by naming the instrument as PMD's equivalent commands such as E0,-1,3,3 or @4
  • Tone Portamento (3xx, 5xx) but the target note will be played immediately without restarting.
  • Pattern Break (Dxx)
  • Fine Tune (E5xx)
  • LFO, FB, TL, MULT and AR control commands

I'm so sorry, MovieMovies1. I basically wrote this because I hate setting up OpenMPT with bunch of VOPM and manually transcribe the notes...
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post #94503 :: 2018.01.17 5:41am
Ohh wow! Thank you very much!
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post #94504 :: 2018.01.17 5:43am
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Make pc-x9801 great again

Also yes I'm still learning MML too for that, but this is very much appreciated too!
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post #94506 :: 2018.01.17 8:26am
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post #94518 :: 2018.01.17 12:05pm
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now finish dmf2devsound
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i liked what you said, but i don't like that you scratched it out for some reason.
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post #94532 :: 2018.01.17 7:17pm
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If deflemask was open source, this could have been a well integrated mod :(
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Only for Python 3.

No Python 2 available but not running on Windows XP and lot of people worked well.

I recommend to use this tool. Except Python 3 for Win7 to win10 :(

MML is hard now :(

There is no Python 2 conversion
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post #94534 :: 2018.01.17 7:19pm
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dmf2devsound is basically finished. But still need some tweaks and I don't think I could instruct people to compile a Gameboy rom with correct settings.
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post #94536 :: 2018.01.17 7:56pm

Idk how it worked.

There is not way to convert YM2612 to YM2203 with VGMTools.
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Ah damn and I was working on my own dmf2devsound.
I guarantee yours is better.
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post #95056 :: 2018.02.02 11:02pm
i was thinking the other day while using the imaging application GIMP. GIMP has integrated python plugin support. If trackers were to support this, it would be very nice.
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post #95636 :: 2018.02.08 4:32pm
If they did, what's something you might do with it?
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post #95638 :: 2018.02.08 5:45pm
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guess it would depend on the tracker and its main purpose. the python exportation potentials could open up to ideas not just of my own but community-wide.

in this particular, topic-appropriate circumstance, could be integrated into the tracker if the python path was supplied and the python script was detected as a plugin at the startup of the tracker. could be some signature information and pseudo-API stuff involved.
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post #95694 :: 2018.02.10 9:01pm
Python plugins for trackers? Finally filesize padding for SMS ROM export in Deflemask eh? XD
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post #101078 :: 2018.06.21 8:01pm
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Edit. I downloaded Old Python 3 for XP and worled ok!

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