Memorias Y movimientos MEXICAN CHIPTUNE 2017
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post #93639 :: 2017.12.26 10:55am
  mootbooxle, Quirby64 and Sinc-X liēkd this
Hello my amigos! i want to share with you guys my most recent release, its a little ep with my new chiptune structure and my most emotional tracks on LSDJ, i want to share this with you because its important to know if this will like you, with love:

Memorias y movimientos by Crab sound reconnects us to the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of human relationships. It reminds us that every link between two people is unique and constantly in motion and transformation. It is shaped by our shared memories and a common ground that unites us. In chiptune, it is the bleeps and pixels that we assemble, assimilate, and disassemble; in other walks of life, it is the way each step we take moves the life of those around us.

Guided by the nature of our intentions, we gravitate towards or away from one another at a pace that can only be described as relative; the amount of time you've been in the presence of someone does not mean you know them, but you can share feelings with someone who has only recently become part of your memory. Most of the time, we move people whom we do not know.

More often than not, our frustrations and deceptions make us travel downwards towards the noise floor. From the multiplicity and unison of our lamentations, we look for creative solutions that can give us a sense of salvation. Together yet alone, we try to escape this world, a prison we all share without knowing. But you can never be completely trapped in a dungeon filled with light.

Dominique Pelletier 2017.
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post #93654 :: 2017.12.27 8:42am
lo voy a revisar, saludos
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post #93660 :: 2017.12.27 1:07pm
That's a beautiful description, crab.
I really resonate with what you're saying!
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post #93860 :: 2018.01.01 4:49am
  crabbandicoot liēkd this
It sounds nice to me, specially the texture and frequency ranges. Everything seem to fit, tho I haven't listened to it minutely.

But I also think the tracks need some more variation, or else they get too repetitive. A nice refrain would mix things up and add some feeling, some more melodies to catch the ear, and a softer outtros to some of them.
Level 22 Mixist
post #93925 :: 2018.01.02 3:37pm
TY guys!

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