I have 2 favourites from the same person
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post #93403 :: 2017.12.19 3:32pm
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As much I love getting favourites, I'm guessing quirby64 was looking to favourite the once :)
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post #93411 :: 2017.12.19 5:57pm :: edit 2017.12.19 6:02pm
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must have hella loved that tune =0
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post #93412 :: 2017.12.19 5:58pm :: edit 2017.12.19 6:02pm
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[This n00b mashed the button twice - ViL]
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post #93419 :: 2017.12.19 8:31pm
also I swear I might have done this before but I forget to what
I think it was a hes track or something? idk
either way I have no clue how it happened either time, or how I haven't seen it happen to others. *discord thinking emoji intensifies*
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post #93427 :: 2017.12.20 3:26am :: edit 2017.12.20 3:28am
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i think i've seen Flaminglog fav the same entry thrice
, however it was probably just a client-side glitch, as i don't see it anymore (and i don't remember seeing it outside of his screenshot).
here's the entry btw
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post #93431 :: 2017.12.20 8:34am :: edit 2017.12.20 8:36am
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post #116960 :: 2020.01.13 12:20am
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hi just to mention that it happened again with this entry of mine
with a double favourite from kleeder

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