how to raise apm
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post #92796 :: 2017.12.05 12:13am
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i wanna make better music in less than an hour and i feel like this could help? ( ゚Д゚)

it takes me three hours to make a minute of content these days o<-<
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post #92818 :: 2017.12.05 6:06am
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me irl
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post #93539 :: 2017.12.23 3:55pm
What's apm?
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post #93564 :: 2017.12.24 4:54am
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Guess it's actions per minute, Schall, kinda gaymer term
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post #93568 :: 2017.12.24 6:45am
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for me it takes forever until i eventually decide its bad and drop it

BUT i've been trying harder, hopefully i can get out of that loop
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post #93590 :: 2017.12.24 5:32pm
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play moar starcraft n00bs
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post #93640 :: 2017.12.26 11:41am
I wouldnt worry too much about one hour expectations of reallllly neeeeeding to do good, after all you don't have to prove anything to anyone. I tend to see it as an opportunity to try something new/fun/weird
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post #93651 :: 2017.12.27 3:10am
take the opposite-quadrant approach; develop a composing style where each note says a lot, so that u dont have to type so many of them out for a good song
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post #93652 :: 2017.12.27 3:11am
(this is secretly behind a lot of my music development)
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post #93658 :: 2017.12.27 10:51am :: edit 2017.12.27 10:51am
I think my OHB APM was at its peak around 5-10 years ago. I'll be the first to admit I prefer allgears so I can lean on the production quite a bit. I think most of my OHB stuff from back then was excessively chaotic. Obviously, it would be nice to work faster, but I think it can come at the cost of not being mindful about what you're doing. The only thing I can suggest is try some OHBs where you think as little as possible and just do to see what happens.

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